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Ashtray Wasp11:45


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7 versions
Cover of Kindred EP, 2012-02-12, FileKindred EP
3×File, WAV, EP
Hyperdub – HDB059B20122012
Cover of Kindred EP, 2012-02-12, FileKindred EP
3×File, MP3, EP
320 kbps
Hyperdub – HDB05920122012
Cover of Kindred EP, 2012-02-15, FileKindred EP
3×File, FLAC, EP
Hyperdub – HDB05920122012
Cover of Kindred, 2012-03-07, VinylKindred
12", 33 ⅓ RPM, EP
Hyperdub – HDB059UK2012UK2012
Cover of Kindred, 2012-02-15, FileKindred
3×File, AAC, EP
Hyperdub – HDB059UK2012UK2012
New Submission
Cover of Kindred, 2017-03-28, VinylKindred
12", 33 ⅓ RPM, EP, Repress
Hyperdub – HDB059UK2017UK2017
New Submission
Cover of Kindred, 2019, VinylKindred
12", 33 ⅓ RPM, EP, Reissue
Hyperdub – HDB059UK2019UK2019
New Submission
dicedpeas's avatar
A+ pressing, mine was not dirty and has played perfectly since I got it.
fuzzymctiger's avatar
Bought direct from Burial's Bandcamp. Arrived as one of the filthiest brand new records I've ever bought. Covered in dust and fibres, super staticy, hairs raising away from my arms just while holding it.

After heavy cleaning however, it sounds absoutely perfect. For the price he sells it for as well, I absolutely cannot complain.
Rarephylia's avatar
This is the highest peak Burial has ever reached in an EP so far at the time of writing.

Three tracks that stands out on their own; Kindred is my personal favourite, with his moody-junglish twisting and sketchy bass dazzling all around, an intricate nearly - twelve minutes arabesque that reflects the love for underground poetic of Bevan. Both vocal sample here and the outro are crazily outstanding.

Loner is a more quiet, dark, atmospheric, classic UKG cut, perfect all around.

Ashtray Wasp it's again a more cinematic long take, with an absolutely ascending outro that fits greatly for ending this work.

moltisantilegend1's avatar
Not happy at all with this pressing. Cd compressed and the b side has the defect that others have complained about there. xx
remok's avatar
This record broke my stylus. Now my brand new vinyl sounds old and crackly.
Exide's avatar
Speechless. Burial can unconsciously access our subconscious with extremely complex and non-standard tracks. Genius!
dandanglover's avatar
Moody, beautiful record. Great quality, I haven't noticed any mispressing. Love it.
jondavey's avatar
Too much. There are only sometimes when I know I can listen to this. Very special.
heds777's avatar
Magnificently moody and mellow, Burial new EP is incredible, drowning in emotion and reverb he has shown he can adapt upon his at times tiring formula to better even more powerful places. Close your eyes, stick on some headphones and prepared to be taken somewhere amazing.

Although the EP only containing three tracks, the run time clocks in at thirty minutes and all the tracks transform and progress so that you aren’t disappointed. To sustain a track over three or four minutes with the same emotional intensity is a difficult task but to do it for eleven minutes like on the title track Kindred, it is nothing short of spectacular. Instantly recognisable as a Burial track by the beat this track the heavier bass sounds add to the intensity of the track emphasised by the beautiful vocal, seeping in Burial touches. Just weeping in sorrow and quite angst Kindred really is brilliant.

The second track, Loner, changes up the beat and there is defiantly a strong house influence coming through here. Unlike previous explorations into this more conventional beat, Burial really gets it right here. A superlative sucker it really demonstrates Burials range as a producer. The first half of the last track, Astray Wasp which is another eleven minute whopper, feels weak in comparison with the rest of the EP though. The house influence continues but it fails to take off like on Loner. That is until halfway through that is when the first half decays into fuzz to then rise again in a new form, the descending tinkling and mesmerizing vocal sample leave one in a state of awe. The thirty minute fly past and just leave you wanting to listen to it again.

The crackling and buzzing old record player like filter layered over the top that just accentuates the atmosphere Burial has masterfully created. His secrecy and masked character only adds to the strength of the music, all the communication is coming from directly from the haunting music. I overuse the word transporting, but this EP really is. This deserves to be listened to in a with eyes closed with no distraction. If you do you will be rewarded with a fantastic and all-encompassing musical gem.

hunterhill's avatar
I've found a slight mispress on A1, but sort and did the same as Pediluvio666 and tried it on two different records. I'm in North America, so maybe there is a difference..

These tracks are amazing regardless of any slight defect.