Various ‎– The Muppets (Original Walt Disney Records Soundtrack)



The Muppets The Muppet Show Theme 0:50
Walter (27) "Muppet Studios, I Can't Believe It" 0:04
Jason Segel, Amy Adams And Walter (27) Life's A Happy Song 4:29
Kermit* And Jason Segel "I Haven't Seen The Old Gang" 0:20
Kermit* And The Muppets Pictures In My Head 2:35
Kermit* And Walter (27) "We Drive" 0:11
Paul Simon Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard 2:42
80's Robot And Amy Adams "That Spells Reno" 0:18
The Moopets Rainbow Connection (The Moopets Version) 1:02
Kermit*, Fozzie*, Walter (27) And Dr. Teeth (2) "Welcome Back" 0:20
Starship (2) We Built This City 4:53
Sarah Silverman And Amy Adams "Party Of One" 0:08
Amy Adams And Miss Piggy Me Party 1:53
Kermit* And Chris Cooper (7) "We Humbly Ask" 0:08
Chris Cooper (7) Let's Talk About Me 2:32
Chris Cooper (7) And Kermit* "The Answer Is No" 0:07
Amy Adams "Are You A Man Or A Muppet" 0:08
Jason Segel And Walter (27) Man Or Muppet 2:32
Kermit* "Down At The Ole Barbershop" 0:07
The Muppet Barbershop Quartet Smells Like Teen Spirit 2:23
Kermit* "Princess Of Poultry" 0:05
Camilla And The Chickens Forget You 2:28
Kermit* And Miss Piggy "It's Time For Our Song" 0:04
The Muppets Rainbow Connection 3:08
Jason Segel "Get Over There And Help Those Guys" 0:06
Andrew Bird The Whistling Caruso 1:15
Uncle Deadly "How Charming, A Finale" 0:05
Entire Cast* Life's A Happy Song Finale 2:22
Jason Segel And Amy Adams "Mary, Marry Me" 0:08
Mahna Mahna And The Two Snowths Mah Na Mah Na 2:06