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Anomaly Calling Your Name9:54

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    Cover of Earoica / Anomaly Calling Your Name, 1995, VinylEaroica / Anomaly Calling Your Name
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM
    Musicnow Records – MNR-008US1995US1995
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    Cover of Earoica / Anomaly Calling Your Name, 1995, VinylEaroica / Anomaly Calling Your Name
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM, White Label
    Musicnow Records – MNR 008US1995US1995


    • djclockwork's avatar
      Anyone notice their copy with labels backwards? I have two copies so I will have to dig out my other copy to see if backwards on that one also.

      Also why no love for Earoica? That track stuck with me more than calling your name over the years. Yes calling your name is also a great track but Earoica has that deep acid trip warehouse vibe. It has that deep bouncy space vibe as it washes you with waves of deep growing vibes before building into an acid craze before taking you yet a notch higher before backing you off gently and dropping you back into the waves for a few moments before the end. Dj's better have your shit together if your going ride this ride to the end. You better have a great track to carry this momentum as its a builder track. Perfect Dj tool.

      Its far more unique than calling your name imo. I also vividly remember the first time I heard this on an old acid mixed tape back in late 95. First time I heard it at a party was in early 96' took another decade to track it down. I put this up there with Call of the Lorelei and tracks of the like.
      • sy1975's avatar
        I remember picking this up in HMV in Oxford street, I was draw to the packaging initially and then noticed it was produced by BT (I had picked up his casa d x project from Unity records and loved that tribal trance sound). Got it home stuck it on the 1210's and was blow away....this sound went on to be described as epic (Sasha playing a hour set with 5 records) but for me this was pure progressive. Just a great track, perfect beautiful breakdown and with the right crowd I would still drop out today in 2020.

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