The Ron Grainer Orchestra ‎– Prisoner Themes - Original Soundtrack Music From The TV Series Starring Patrick McGoohan

First volume of a 3 volume series


Main Titles
No.6 Approaches The Escape Helicopter
Village Band March Into The Main Square
Alternative To Main Titles
A, B & C
No.6 And "B" Dance At Engadines' Party
Free For All
Escape Attempt By Moke And Speed Boat
Mechanical Band Play In The "Cat And Mouse"
The Election Won, No.6 Takes Up Office
Violence Errupts In The Rover Cave
The General
The Art Seminar Around The Fountain
Top Hats Approach Security Clearance
Villagers Celebrate Passing Their Exams
No.6 Is Taken To Meet The General
Destruction And Aftermath
Main Theme And "Fallout" Reprise
Many Happy Returns
No.6 Searches The Gunrunner Boat
Dance Of The Dead
Carnival Procession Around The Square
No.6 Steals The Lifeboat
Conspirators Attack The Searchlight Tower
Hammer Into Anvil
No.6 Is Followed To The Stone Boat
Village Band Play The Farandelle
No.14 Attacks No.6 In His House
The Girl Who Was Death
At The Cricket Match
Once Upon A Time
No.6 Is Regressed Back To Childhood...
...And Starts His Schooldays
Closing Credits


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December 15, 2021
edited about 1 month ago
referencing The Prisoner (Original Soundtrack Music From The TV Series), LP, Mono, KIRI 066

Bought this because I was obsessed with the theme song. I could listen to this all day. LOVE it. It's fascinating to listen to music for a show without the images to see how much the music impacts emotions during a show. The small marching band interludes are wonderful.


March 4, 2019
referencing The Prisoner (Original Soundtrack Music From The TV Series), LP, Mono, KIRI 066

I never heard of Ron Grainer before, but clearly, I know his music due to my obsession with the TV series "The Prisoner." I can spend hours just watching the opening credits to the show, where secret agent No. 6 (Patrick McGoohan) resigns in anger and is seen being kidnapped and taken to the island, which resembles a retirement home for lunatics. Within two minutes one has the flavor as well as the narrative of the show. Equally exciting is the soundtrack theme to "The Prisoner."

Ron Grainer wrote the central theme, and the rest of the music that was on the show is a combination of his work, and various British composers who worked in the Film Library world. At times, playful, sinister, and classic Spy theme music all rolled in one package. British sounding to the core, and not that different from the aesthetics of various English shows of the time: "The Avengers," "Saint," and even McGoohan's old show "Secret Agent Man" (or in the UK "Danger Man"). Still, this is a spy TV show that hints of the avant-garde, or the theater of the absurd. A limited run show that had a beginning, a middle, and an end. In that format, it is like a structured version of "Twin Peaks," but with the intensity of McGoohan's participation. It's odd that I have at least three albums that are based on Parick McGoohan's film/TV works. Perhaps it's not the music itself, but the presence of this great actor/producer/director.


August 3, 2017
edited over 4 years ago
referencing The Prisoner (Original Soundtrack Music From The TV Series), LP, Mono, KIRI 066
On the runout grooves part of the disc is hand etched on side one :

MPO KIRI WEBA 066 A-1 Be seeing you - on Side Two BOPPIN' BOB

and on side two :

cts WEMBLEY I am NOT a number ....!! KIRI WEBA 066 B-1 Hip Hip Hooray LOL

with "NOT" being underlined and in both cases "WEBA" is scratched.

In case this is relevant. ;)


February 23, 2013
referencing Original Soundtrack From The Prisoner, CD, Mono, RE, Unofficial, WEBA 66

This may very well be on a label, but there is none indicated on the disc or packaging.