Captain RockCosmic Blast

Genre:Hip Hop


Cosmic Blast6:20
The Pure3:20
Cosmic Blast (Dub)6:18

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    Cover of Cosmic Blast, 1984, VinylCosmic Blast
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Stereo
    NIA Records – NI 1244US1984US1984
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    Cover of Cosmic Blast, 1984, VinylCosmic Blast
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Promo
    NIA Records – NI 1244US1984US1984
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    Cover of Cosmic Blast, 1984, VinylCosmic Blast
    7", 45 RPM
    NIA Records – NI-12444US1984US1984
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    Cover of Cosmic Blast, 1984, VinylCosmic Blast
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Test Pressing
    NIA Records – NI 1244US1984US1984
    Cover of Cosmic Blast, 2020, VinylCosmic Blast
    7", 45 RPM, Reissue
    Fraternity Music Group – FMG-124US2020US2020
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    • Fizza's avatar
      Cosmic Blast is one of the greatest tracks of this period and one of my personal favorites of all time. As noted by other reviewers, I also was introduced to this via Electro 6 in a slightly remixed form, which became my default choice to play once I had a couple of copies of this. Everything about it is amazing, the hook, melody, chorus, verses, beats, scratches, beatbox... everything, maybe apart from the guitar at the end lol. It was a switch in tempo from the previous hits of his I knew; Return of Captain Rock & Future Shock, both tracks I also highly rate, but Cosmic Blast is likely to stand as Captain Rock's greatest work. Captain Rock was not prolific with his releases, which is more the shame as an LP on the heels of Cosmic Blast I'm sure would have been very well received, though it is to be said that what we got was of sufficiently high caliber and of classic status. One Love, RIP to the Captain.
      • STEADYLEE's avatar
        Easily the best track the Captain ever recorded. A lot of cats in the UK were introduced to this gem via Streetsounds Electro 6. Very proud to own this sublime track. Flawless. I salute you Captain!
        • creature130870's avatar
          HUGE 12", essential for every oldschool electro/hip-hop fan! The Captain ROCKS!!
          • 89to92's avatar
            A = Side 1, B = Side 2
            glad someone put that on i took the record out and lost my MIND!!! didn`t know which side to choose.
            • dylaf's avatar
              Edited 10 months ago
              Perhaps the Captain's finest moment. That chorus melody melts me into tears, it is the definitive sound of when everything truly was 'all good'. Treasured gem!

              Looking back 39 years to the release date, I was 9 years old & likely waited a year or so before hearing the Street Sounds version. I bought them all on sight; used to save my school dinner money, steal my lunch & buy every electro/Hip Hop/house record I could on Saturday. still the greatest era, still a B- Boy at heart & still surprised this & so many electro 12"s command such a feeble fee today...
              • MusicalManiac's avatar
                The electro of the coolest old school I've heard so far ... Piece of tunes man
                • MISTER_DIA-TRIBE_73's avatar
                  UK FRESH 1986.....I wasn't there! My paper round didn't strecth to those kind of funds back then....Regret! But I tuned into Mike Allen and all was cool!....Vocal version rocks the spot!
                  • tangee's avatar
                    The Absolute Bollocks..As Soon As I Discovered Electro I was Hooked..My Mum Hated It!!!
                    • infamous31's avatar
                      Contrary to Internet rumor, the beat boxer on "Cosmic Blast" is Richie Rich, not Marley Marl associate and future star Biz Markie.
                      • REENO's avatar
                        all 3 tracks on here are great....CLASSIC essential early hip hop/electro.

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