FKN Featuring JahalaStill Time / Can You Feel Me

FKN - Still Time / Can You Feel Me album cover


Still Time (Aly & Fila Remix)8:13
Still Time (Corderoy Remix)7:16
Still Time (Genix Dubtek Remix)7:20
Still Time (Original Mix)7:49
Still Time (Corderoy Dub Mix)7:16
Still Time (Original Dub Mix)7:49
Can You Feel Me (Original Mix)5:41
Can You Feel Me (Philippe El Sisi Remix)7:05
Can You Feel Me (Shifted Reality Remix)7:11

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    Cover of Still Time / Can You Feel Me, 2009-02-23, FileStill Time / Can You Feel Me
    9×File, MP3, 320 kbps
    Deepblue Records – DEEP26UK2009UK2009
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    Can You Feel Me / Still Time (Disc One)
    CDr, Single
    Deepblue Records – DEEP26CD1UK2009UK2009



    • Mr.Confidence's avatar
      As the above reviewer said, the remix package is insipid. It was from the moment Aly & Fila submitted their beautiful remix, and it's skillfully done too.

      I've been noticing their remixes since they did the Sunlounger "Lost" remix, and this one tops that. I think i first heard Judge Jules play it on his BBC Radio 1 show where he played 2 mixes of it back to back.

      The most striking thing about this record is the chords and the changes - especially in the breakdown. They are beautiful chords, and below the chords is a very nice bassline too when the track gets going, but when that breakdown hits you just dont want it to stop.

      It's quite a simple track by todays standard, no flash production trickery, just a well written piano hook and lush chords - sometimes it's all you need. I'm not normally a fan of male vocals in trance tracks, but here it really fits to give the track an emotional feel. I would absolutely love to hear this played out.

      With recent trance tracks i have got bored of them quickly, but this is one that will stay.

      This is a superb remix, highly recommended and easily, so far this year the best record released.
      • LilTheater's avatar
        This is quite a bulky release that favours quantity over quality but there is some gold to be found here, namely the Aly & Fila remix of "Still Time". It's no exaggeration to say I fell in love with this track when I first heard it on ASOT 374 and its appeal never lessened, even after excessive relistening of the set rip. Aly & Fila have really raised the bar in their recent remixes and it's easy to notice on this one, if only because they got rid of those rather irritating snares they liked to use in their older productions.

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