Blind Side5:02
Still Here7:18
It's Getting Late6:16
Second Blood7:17
Night Of The Maniac6:44
Quiet Life3:31

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    Cover of Reform Club, 2012-04-23, CDReform Club
    CD, Album
    Delsin – 92DSR/CLR-CD1Netherlands2012Netherlands2012
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    Cover of Reform Club, 2012-04-23, VinylReform Club
    2×12", Limited Edition, Album, White; 10", White
    Delsin – 92DSR/CLR-LP1Netherlands2012Netherlands2012
    Cover of Reform Club, 2012-04-23, VinylReform Club
    2×12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Album
    Delsin – 92DSR/CLR-LP1Netherlands2012Netherlands2012
    New Submission
    Cover of Reform Club, 2012-05-07, FileReform Club
    9×File, MP3, Album, 320 kbps
    Delsin – 92dsrNetherlands2012Netherlands2012
    New Submission
    Cover of Reform Club, 2012-05-07, FileReform Club
    9×File, WAV, Album
    Delsin – 92DSR_CLR-D1Netherlands2012Netherlands2012
    New Submission



    • Orb_'s avatar
      Pretty decent pressing. My copy is a bit noisy but I have a feeling it got lots of use prior to my second-hand pruchase of it. No serious complaints, but there's no doubt the digital versions do sound better.
      • yourdadsbff's avatar
        Years later, after all the world has been through......this still slaps.
        • manorexic's avatar
          rpm info?
          • scoundrel's avatar
            Claro Intelecto make the jomp from Modern Love to Dutch techno stalwart Delsin with REFORM CLUB. "Reformed" shows them going full Detroit with smooth string synths and a solid beat, while "Blind Side" and "Control" slide beneath thick layers of sweep. But the more delicate tones of "Still Here" lead us back into some slower dub techno tinged with sadness. An outstanding track, matching in quality by "Seoond Blood," with its deep bass hits and haunting strings. "It's Getting Late" brings the tempo back up, and "Night of the Maniac" keeps it apace. But "Quiet Life" takes the album out on a twinkling, ambient note. All hail the reformation!
            • TIM's avatar
              Edited 11 years ago
              This might be the best techno album of the year. Especially after you hear the first handful of songs. There is surprisingly more melody here than one might think. with just the right enough tech. Going into this you know the depth and baselines will win you over. But it's done subliminally, creatively and it's done at a tempo that either a house or techno fan can enjoy. Still Here and Second Blood have to be the majority favorites on here. My only gripe is no filler tracks to bridge them. But this plays more like a 2x12 then a LP. The album does run out of steam after the first four tracks besides Second Blood. A few more winners and a better album theme and we may have had the best techno album of 2012 perhaps...Still for those 5 tracks, this album is still ranked 5/5 for me
              • Bell_03's avatar
                Edited 12 years ago
                Finally a new album by Claro Intelecto and well worth the wait. Sure it is a really nostalgic take one things, but the way it is done... staying true to the/his roots this album is nothing but reassuring, Techno music is very much alive and emotional electronic music lives alongside it.

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