Laurent GarnierExcess Luggage


Mix At Sonar, Barcelona, June 20001:16:31
Blake BaxterWhen We Used To Play3:02
ESP*It's You2:45
Nick HolderErotic Illusions2:44
SandeeNotice Me4:49
Pierre's Pfantasy ClubDream Girl1:59
Joe SmoothPromised Land2:51
Kenny K Collins*Beat My House3:38
Freestyle OrchestraDon't Tell Me4:50
Point G* Aka DJ GregoryUnderwater4:42
RevelationFirst Power (Domination Dub)4:57
Maurice Joshua With Hot Hands Hula*This Is Acid2:28
E Dancer*Feel The Mood (N.Y. Groove Mix)3:06
Inner CityGood Life3:41
DavinaDon't You Want It5:08
Fast Eddie*Acid Thunder2:41
Steve PoindexterComputer Madness3:00
MaydayNude Photo5:30
Joeski (2)My English Lover5:00
PhortuneString Free (Club Leray Mix)4:38
Mix In Detroit, December 20021:15:18
Galaxy 2 GalaxyHi-Tech Jazz4:47
Vince WatsonAurelon3:38
Just JackParadise (Lost & Found)2:54
Radioactiveman*Bassick Element2:10
Electric Soul2:52
Mark BroomSomewhere3:35
SlamBass Addiction (Envoy Vocal Remix)6:06
Moody PreachersAbuses On Rachel4:34
Hutton DriveIt's Dark But I'm Not Afraid4:47
John ThomasWorking Night (Rolando Remix)3:21
Heiko LauxSouldancer3:35
Alaska Aka Laurent GarnierReturning Back To Sirius3:41
Laurent GarnierThe Man With The Red Face9:13
WarFlying Machine (The Chase)7:00
No ArtistUntitled0:56
PBB Late Night Mix From Pedro's Broadcasting Basement, Anytime, Anywhere1:11:55
ConsoleEmile Zapotek'526:47
Vista Le VieRefuse Resist (Part 2 Demo Version)4:12
Sidsel Endressen* & Bugge WesseltoftHeartbeat4:17
Alain BashungMadame Rêve4:58
Lily MargotSoundtrack "17 Fois Cécile Cassard" - 24 Choses1:03
Lily MargotSoundtrack "17 Fois Cécile Cassard" - Je Ne Parle Pas2:51
Lowtech*Mitre Peak6:28
TindersticksA Night In6:21
Asa Chang & Junray*Hana6:26
SquarepusherPlaistow Flex Out4:12
John MartynStrange Fruit3:54
Claude ChalhoubRed Dessert6:43
PnauThe Last Track6:22

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    Cover of Excess Luggage, 2003, CDExcess Luggage
    3×CD, Enhanced, Mixed, Digipak
    F Communications – F 187 3CDBOX, F Communications – 137.0187.025France2003France2003
    Cover of Excess Luggage, 2003-10-00, CDExcess Luggage
    2×CD, Enhanced, Mixed, Compilation
    F Communications – F 188 DCDLTD, F Communications – 137.0188.023France2003France2003
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    Cover of PBB Mix Disc 03, 2003, CDPBB Mix Disc 03
    CD, Compilation, Mixed, Unofficial Release
    F Communications – F 187 3CDBOX, F Communications – 137.0187.025Russia2003Russia2003
    New Submission
    Excess Luggage
    3×CD, Compilation, Promo
    F Communications – F 187 3CDBOXFrance2003France2003
    New Submission
    Cover of Excess Luggage, 2003, CDExcess Luggage
    2×CD, Compilation, Enhanced, Mixed, Unofficial Release
    F Communications – F 188 DCDRussia2003Russia2003
    New Submission
    Cover of Mix In Detroit Disc 02, 2003, CDMix In Detroit Disc 02
    CD, Compilation, Enhanced, Mixed, Unofficial Release
    F Communications (2) – F 187 3CDBOXRussia2003Russia2003
    New Submission
    Cover of Excess Luggage, 2003, CDExcess Luggage
    3×CD, Compilation, Promo
    F Communications – F 187 3CDBOXGermany2003Germany2003
    New Submission
    Cover of Excess Luggage, 2004-07-24, CDExcess Luggage
    2×CD, Mixed, Compilation
    F Communications – F 188 DCDFrance2004France2004
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    • oHTeK's avatar
      Edited 3 months ago
      In late 2023, to me, "Detroit mix" is, as case is with "Sonar mix", quite boring. Only interesting thing is Mad Mike himself( if I'am not wrong) in spoken interludes during this "D" mix. Funky/jazzy hidden track at the end ruined still watered and dragged selection, although mixing itself is almost perfect. Seems to me that most forward thinking and interesting from the bunch is "Basement" mix.
      •'s avatar
        Edited 6 years ago
        in case someone (like me) was wondering: the uncredited track in the end of Detroit 2002 mix (CD 2) is War - Flying Machine (The Chase)
        • marsl2's avatar
          Perhaps the best introduction to techno and djaying. The five mixes are incredible (detroit mix is legendary) and shows LG is not only a techno DJ.
          • Pseventeen's avatar
            Edited 19 years ago
            For anyone who wants to hear what the true definition of a dj should be, one should listen to this collection. As is his custom, Laurent takes you on a musical voyage, this time spanning three cds (five if you have the ltd edition 2 disc set that you can only get through the FComm label). Featuring incredible techno, proper acid house and deep soulful and emotional downtempo beats; Laurent takes mixed compilations to another level, showing why he is one of the best in the world.
            A cool sidebar feature to his Detroit mix in the three disc set, is soundbites of the environment (airport intercoms, club announcements, human interaction and club announcements) as well as soundbytes coming from, (if I'm not mistaken) a very well known yet low key Detroit producer who likes to lurk below the radar. Can't wait to see what his next mixed compilation will be like, I just hope I don't have to wait as long for it to come out.
            • alant1000's avatar
              One of the reasons i like techno DJ's is because (some of the time) they do not confine themselves to a certian sound, unlike other dance genre DJ's. Listening to all 5 of the cd's on this Excess Luggage mix pack proves this point. Laurent dares mix in detroit, blues, arabic world music, house, chicago and soundtrack. In fact Laurent has often said that he isn't really a techno DJ at all, but a DJ who simply plays good music. The PBB mix of this set is for after hours only, and may seem a bit flat and tame for those expecting techno as most of it is blues and off beat soundtracks and stuff, but highlights like Claude Chalhoub help broadminded people like me constantly discover new types of music that i would never have looked into before, and thats why this mix pack is both important and almost ground breaking.
              • Swain's avatar
                Mix recorded for Annie On One was originally entitled "Inspirations And Reactions mix" when broadcast on radio 1.

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