ExtractLine Of Depth

Style:Trance, Acid


Prince Side
The Story8:33
Picture Side
Line Of Depth7:24

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    Cover of Line Of Depth, 1994, VinylLine Of Depth
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM, 45 RPM
    Le Petit Prince – Prince 94/14Germany1994Germany1994
    Cover of Line Of Depth, 1994, CDLine Of Depth
    CD, EP, Single
    Le Petit Prince – PRINCD 94/14Germany1994Germany1994
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    Line Of Depth
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM, 45 RPM, White Label
    Le Petit Prince – Prince 94/14Germany1994Germany1994
    New Submission
    Cover of Line Of Depth, 2018-08-10, FileLine Of Depth
    3×File, MP3
    320 kbps
    Le Petit Prince – PRINCE9414Germany2018Germany2018
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    • Weareonenation303's avatar
      Edited 10 years ago
      Nice acid trance by Jurgen Dressen and Carsten Bleekman (Acrid Abeyance)
      "Line Of Depth" has some nice crawling acid sounds in the intro and later some nice 303 sounds. Only thing I didn't like much is the vocal samples used in this track. Goes more to the acid techno side. "The Story" is a more melodic piece with a nice intro featuring nice warmpads and a simple acid string playing with some nice acid sounds and a trancier center melody."Affinity" is my favorite track in this ep. And is the most melodic piece. Intro has some nice stomping drums (Don't know from what drum machine.) This track has a more "progressive" feel than the outer two cuts. Main melody is similar to "The Story" less acid, more trance. Not the best from Jurgen for my hearing but good enough.

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