Spring Heel JackThe Sea Lettuce

Style:Dub, Drum n Bass


The Sea Lettuce Part 19:48
The Sea Lettuce Part 27:04
The Sea Lettuce Part 37:29
The Sea Lettuce Part 511:46

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    Cover of The Sea Lettuce, 1994, VinylThe Sea Lettuce
    2×12", 33 ⅓ RPM
    Rough Trade – R3248UK1994UK1994
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    Cover of The Sea Lettuce, 1994, CDThe Sea Lettuce
    CD, Single
    Rough Trade – R3243UK1994UK1994
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    • STEERSMAN's avatar
      The Spring The Heel The Jack !!!!!! remember them from back in the day and listening to them live on One In The Jungle( BBC) what a mix that was.
      • breakbeatscientist's avatar
        A very early pick up in my vinyl collecting hobby and an excellent EP's worth of aquatic tinged atmospheric jungle/drum & bass, with a little bit of techno thrown in for good measure too.

        'The Sea Lettuce (Part 1)' is the main track to go for, and is an epic right from the opening seascape sounds, rolling breakbeats - nicked from Apollo Two's 'Atlantis (I Need You) (LTJ Bukem Remix)', melancholic synths which generate a tinge of sadness and excellent use of soaring guitar licks. The bit that really gets me about this track is when it reaches it's conclusion and launches into heavy as hell dub breaks leading into the lush sounds of the sea washing upon a shore along with the creaking of tethered boats. Sublime sounds, despite the rather obvious plagiarism of breaks.

        'Part 2' is a more stripped down affair with an almost Omni Trio vibe emanating from the use breaks. It however uses a strong rising and falling, keyboard riff to great effect. 'Part 3' offers an interestingly off kilter breakbeat along with some lush synth sounds before being bookended by the outstanding, epic, tribal techno (??I think??) remix by Joi for 'Part 4'.

        An overlooked classic set of tracks on this double pack with 'The Sea Lettuce (Parts 1 & 4)' being the true stars in this collection.
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          The Sea Lettuce Part 4 is on 12" only

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