Dave Clarke ‎– Devil's Advocate



Way Of Life 6:05
She's In Parties 4:41
The Wiggle 5:57
Blue On Blue 4:53
Deo Gratias 3:51
Stay Out Of The Light 6:01
Just Ride 5:06
Dirt Box 3:27
Disgraceland 3:27
The Wolf 4:08
Addendum 6:09

Versions (14)

Cat# Artist Title (Format) Label Cat# Country Year
BRASSIC 31CD Dave Clarke Devil's Advocate(CD, Album) Skint BRASSIC 31CD UK 2003 Sell This Version
none Dave Clarke Devil's Advocate LP Sampler(CDr, Smplr) Skint none UK 2003 Sell This Version
SKI 513611 1 Dave Clarke Devil's Advocate(2xLP) Skint SKI 513611 1 UK 2003 Sell This Version
BRASSIC 31LP Dave Clarke Devil's Advocate(2xLP, Album) Skint BRASSIC 31LP UK 2003 Sell This Version
BRASSIC 31LP Dave Clarke Devil's Advocate(2xLP, Album, Ltd, Hea) Skint BRASSIC 31LP UK 2003 Sell This Version
BRASSIC 31 LP Dave Clarke Devil's Advocate(2xLP, W/Lbl, Sti) Skint BRASSIC 31 LP UK 2003 Sell This Version
BRASSIC31CD Dave Clarke Devil's Advocate(CD, Album) Skint BRASSIC31CD UK 2003 Sell This Version
BRASSIC31CDUS Dave Clarke Devil's Advocate(CD, Album) Skint BRASSIC31CDUS US 2003 Sell This Version
SKI 513611 2 Dave Clarke Devil's Advocate(CD, Album) Skint SKI 513611 2 UK 2003 Sell This Version
5136112000 Dave Clarke Devil's Advocate(CD, Album) Skint 5136112000 Australia 2003 Sell This Version
BRASSIC 31CDX Dave Clarke Devil's Advocate(CD, Album, Ltd) Skint BRASSIC 31CDX UK 2003 Sell This Version
none Dave Clarke Devil's Advocate(CD, Album, Unofficial) Polydor (2), Island Records (2), Universal (3) none Russia 2003 Sell This Version
BRASSIC31CDP Dave Clarke Devil's Advocate(CD, Promo, Album) Skint BRASSIC31CDP UK 2003 Sell This Version
none Dave Clarke Devil's Advocate(CDr, Album, Promo) Skint none Europe 2003 Sell This Version


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June 10, 2012
edited over 4 years ago
referencing Devil's Advocate, CD, Album, BRASSIC 31CD

Well this was disappointing. I was used to Dave Clarke's more "purist" productions from the 90s, and they've mostly been blistering floor techno mixed with some feisty electro. I'm left wondering, listening to Devil's Advocate, if he's writing music for himself here, or if Skint "requested" he go more "street hip", diversify, but also simplify. Gimmick techno is the only way I can describe the result.

The album is front-loaded with some absolute stinkers. The Wiggle is a fairly embarrassing ghetto-disco-house tune, with some irritating detuned leads and synth blasts. It doesn't go anywhere, just repeat the same idiotic bassline and "off kilter Commodore synth". Similar problems with Way Of Life, with its rather generic stabs backing DJ Rush's club talk, which lasts far too long without developing further. The Chicks on Speed provide vocals on What Was Her Name? and while the track is otherwise a decent grimey-techno piece, they take the screeching a few steps too far for my liking. Most of the album has similar issues.

Even when I do find something to enjoy in - say - Deo Gratias, with its evocative arpeggios underpinned by some nice pads, it blunders slightly with some dodgy organ sounds and over-"sequenced" strings. Or Just Ride where a fairly decent piece of club techno is nearly ruined by a few dodgy vocal samples.

Disgraceland is more successful though, I find the Chicks on Speed provide some appropriately trashy spoken word parts here. The fast guitar parts, incessant rising bassline and huge snare come across rather twisted, off-kilter. Ideal length too. Stay Out Of The Light has some pretty nice delayed synth leads set to a darker atmosphere, and some cool filtered plips and wipes. The Wolf and Dirtbox are pretty hard, dirty techno workouts that aren't too bad. But the damage is done, really. There's too much weak, undercomposed material here. The hideously simplistic and annoying melodies on the sub-par electro workout Addendum and the completely unnecessary hip hop piece "Blue on Blue" don't help matters, sticking out like sore thumbs. Suffice to say, I'm not going to be rushing back to hear this album again any time soon.


April 3, 2012
referencing Devil's Advocate, CD, Album, BRASSIC 31CD

Dave Clarke has always been known for his sharp, hard techno, and on DEVIL'S ADVOCATE, he doesn't stray from from his tried-and-true approach (listen to "Just Ride" if you're not convinced), but he does take some interesting detours. The chanting on "She's in Parties" from Chicks on Speed, for instance, or the squealing and ghetto-effects to accompany Mr. Lif's vocals on "Blue on Blue." But better yet is when he sticks to his guns, like on the tech-house of "Stay Out of the Light" or the electro-breaks of "Addendum." The more things change...


December 28, 2011
referencing Devil's Advocate, CD, Album, Ltd, BRASSIC 31CDX
The first time I tried to put the CD back in this limited edition packaging, the entire CD split as I pushed it on to the moulded plastic button. With the replacement copy I got from the shop, the exact same thing happened. By the time I went to get a third copy, the limited edition had sold out and I ended up with the standard jewel case.

It might just have been me being cack-handed (though a similar accident has never happened with any other CD of mine) but if it was a design flaw in the packaging or a manufacturing flaw in the CD then there may well be far fewer of this limited edition in playable condition than the official release number (whatever it was) would suggest.


August 13, 2008
referencing Devil's Advocate, CD, Album, SKI 513611 2

Dave Clarke's "Devil's Advocate" suffers as it wants to mean many things to many different people. From electro, dirty and rotten hip hop, house, dance floor numbers and shots fired at the current state of the scene, Dave tries to cover it all in a little under sixty minutes. Well, he fails.
Where as certain parts of this album are great, as a whole it has no focus whatsoever. Tracks like The Wolf, which is two minutes shorter than on vinyl, Way Of Life, with DJ Rush laying some old school vocals, and Just Ride are all proven party corkers, but placed around tunes like Blue On Blue, Clarke's hip hop production for Mr. Lif's ferocious rap, mockers like Disgraceland and What Was Her Name?, both of which feature relatively interesting vocals by Chicks On Speed (until the fifth time you hear them), and a few other techno/electro clashes - and there you go - you have a little of everything amounting to nothing much.
Versatility is all over the album, but it seriously sounds like a collection of "I don't know what to do with these tracks" release, rather than a proper album. No track is atrocious or unberable, but very few will make you go back to "Devil's Advocate" as well. I'd recommend picking up the 12" releases from the album.


July 5, 2004
edited over 12 years ago
referencing Devil's Advocate, CD, Album, BRASSIC 31CD

I was rather dissapointed with this release overall. Formulaic "Red Series" synths, sampled ghetto-tek vocal loops and recycled tekno tricks are the order of the day on most of the tracks. A few exceptions attempt to revive the tired electroclash style with mixed results and the best track "Deo Gratias" only hints at the possiblility of anything remotely original from one of the most exciting tek dj's on the planet. Sub-standard in anyone's language.


March 3, 2004
edited over 6 years ago
referencing Devil's Advocate, CD, Album, BRASSIC 31CD

Although recognizable as a Dave Clarke album after exactly 1 second this is a different story as you might be used to. Trashy electro wave: an album loaded with anger against conformists ready to criticize every non-techno effort, dark as the night - Gothic typefonts on black artwork - embracing that gothrock emotion of the eighties by putting Bauhaus on a stand with the brilliant remake of "She’s In Parties" and adding raunchy hip hop and finally a statement by "Chicks On Speed" on "Disgraceland" that pretty much tells it all. Dave Clarke is pissed and this albums truly kicks in every meaning of that word.


February 2, 2004
referencing Devil's Advocate, 2xLP, Album, BRASSIC 31LP

This album portrays Dave Clarke's musical versatility. Adopting so many styles through almost 2 decades, this album would be dissappointing if it was just another techno release. Dave Clarke's productions are not only techno. Have this in mind and enjoy the ride :)