CrotaphytusCnemidophorus Sexlineatus (The Mr. Pauli Monster Bass Guitar Remix)4:09
Tommy Four SevenArmed 34:22
Marc Romboy Vs. Paris The Black FuDark N Lovely (Kenny Larkin Remix)5:20
Ray 7 & Malik AlstonI.D.F.D.F.I.3:06
Cristiano BalducciPride6:09
Cute HeelsSilence Complot4:39
Stephane SignoreSacrifice (Radical G - 2k11 Edit)4:05
Scape OneTime Falls (Dynarec Remix)4:16
ExzaktClarity (Lethal Agent Remix)4:16
Sync 24We Rock Non-Stop (Heuristic Audio Remix)4:14
Heliopause (2)Destination Planet Earth4:03
Dez WilliamsForeign Object3:35
W1b0Alternate Sequence5:50
Baz ReznikThe Attic5:30

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    Cover of Fabric 60, 2011-10-17, CDFabric 60
    CD, Mixed
    Fabric (2) – fabric119UK, Europe & US2011UK, Europe & US2011
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    Cover of Fabric 60, 2011-10-17, CDrFabric 60
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    Fabric (2) – fabric119pUK, Europe & US2011UK, Europe & US2011
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    Cover of Fabric 60, 2011-10-17, FileFabric 60
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    Fabric (2) – FABRIC119DXUK2011UK2011
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    • BRUSSELSLAWYER's avatar
      Best tracks unavailable elsewhere on CD : 2 Crotophytus - Cnemidophorus Sexlineatus (The Mr Pauli Monster Bass Guitare Remix) - 7 Cute Heels - Silence Complot - 9 Gesaffelstein - Aufstand - 16 w1bo - Alternate Sequence
      • Jarren's avatar
        Edited 10 years ago
        A concrete mix of Electro here, with a little bit of Techno woven into the middle.

        Those expecting a banging 4/4 set should stay well clear, as what Dave provides here is a decent exploration of modern Electro which still retains that classic early 80's vibe.

        Sure, it's futuristic as you'd expect. Half of the tracks would fit in Blade Runner. The mix certainly does not fall short in terms of atmosphere.

        Unfortunately, it does lack excitement. You may find yourself bored while listening to this. The tracks are good, but there's only so many breakbeat electro sounds you can appreciate before you crave a thumping 4/4.

        As it stands, this mix is weighted far too heavily on the side of Electro. I would have much preferred Dave to have alternated between Techno & Electro to keep things vibrant, instead of letting the mix fade away into the mist.
        • PeterRogueElement's avatar
          Don't get me wrong, in my opinion Dave is a legend but, this mix is formulaic of the Fabric mix output and I'm somewhat dissapointed that Dave agreed to do it. I had a's ok. It seems the slogan Dave once proudly wore "don'd suck corporate c**k" has gone out of the window.
          • Bitshifter's avatar
            It has been a while but fabric has done it again - Dave Clarke provides us with a magnificent mix of some of the best heavy tunes out there. This masterpiece is a rare gem in the fabric collection (going back to Fabriclive 48 and Fabriclive 34) and is a tough match between the legendary Fabric 08 by Radioactive man.
            Notable tracks include Silence Complot and Aufstand.
            This is not your usual slow beats techno fabric series mix. This is a vibrant, invigorating pumping conglomerate of beautiful beats woven together

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