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We All Die!7:07
Bang Your Head!5:37
Don't Lie, White Girl!4:35
Fire Bombing4:17
I Just Wanna Destroy…4:51
Bonus Beats4:03
Nobody Gets Out Alive!5:34
My Body Cannot Die4:25
The Peak3:54
Heartbeat That Isn't There3:08
I Don't Care What Happens5:11
My Face Would Crack6:46
Pleasure Is Our Business (Live!)7:48

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The US versions of the album contain modified artwork, a different track order as well as 3 new tracks from 1997 releases substituting 3 previous ones.


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Cover of The Destroyer, 1996-06-00, CDThe Destroyer
CD, Album
Digital Hardcore Recordings (DHR) – DHR CD 4UK1996UK1996
Cover of The Destroyer, 1996-06-00, VinylThe Destroyer
2×LP, Album
Digital Hardcore Recordings (DHR) – DHR LP 4UK1996UK1996
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Cover of The Destroyer, 1997, CassetteThe Destroyer
Cassette, Album, Unofficial Release
Not On Label (Alec Empire) – noneBulgaria1997Bulgaria1997
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Cover of The Destroyer, 1998-00-00, VinylThe Destroyer
2×LP, Album
Digital Hardcore Recordings (DHR) – DHR LP 16US1998US1998
Cover of The Destroyer, 1998, CDThe Destroyer
CD, Album
Digital Hardcore Recordings (DHR) – DHR CD 16US1998US1998
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Cover of The Destroyer, 2008-11-11, FileThe Destroyer
16×File, MP3, Album, Reissue
320 kbps
Eat Your Heart Out – EYHOMP300720082008
Cover of The Destroyer, 2013-02-21, FileThe Destroyer
File, ALAC, Album, Reissue
Digital Hardcore Recordings (DHR) – noneGermany2013Germany2013
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Diabolick's avatar
on sample digging there is tons sampled from the first 2 episodes of the original English dub of 3x3 Eyes on this album. Empire would sample this anime numerous times, as dialogue also appears on "The Destroyer part 2" and atari teenage riot's debut album.

that said this is as quoted below a good starting point for those willing to check out the harder variant of drum n bass and is the pinnacle of the breakcore genre. with The Destroyer, Alec drops off possibly one of his most angry assaults on the listener, not heard until later on his "DJ 6666" album. The Peak been a stand out of this and is one of his more extreme breakcore records, with machinegun like amen breaks throughout. Alec would later carry this on until retiring it in 2003 with his final sendoff been his utterly hilarious Elvis tribute LP. not for everyone, but if you like your amen breaks carried to an extreme BPM i recommend giving this LP a spin.
EarlyIsTimeless's avatar
'Hard Like Its A Pose' and 'Down With The Shit' where previously released on 'Death Funk - Funk Riot Beat', 'What Are You Talkin About' was previously released on 'No Safety Pin Sex ‎- No Savety Pin Sex E.P.', and the rest of the tracks where previously released on 'Alec Empire ‎– The Destroyer' (DHR LP 4, 1996).
Acidtabloid's avatar
Essential digital breakcore!!!

Harsh foundations. Noisy as fuck - Empire style. Maxed out, jacked up on pills and sleepless nights. This could be your entry drug into gabber, digital hardcore, fringe jungle and most definitely breakcore!
Amazingly brutal release. combining the aggro of punk, the energetic styling of rave and old jungle and a very fetal essence of breakcore and you get the destroyer. from the intro of the Empire's popular sampling of 3x3 eyes, It opens with "We all die!" which is a no holds barred attack on the ears renders the listener into a violent world of molotov cocktails, before leading to the dance floor for "Suicide". the aggro continues thru out, leading up to "The Peak", which is nosebleedingly fast, with the amen break never sounding so hardcore!

amidst the chaos, the samples are quite interesting too- halfway thru the ultimately aggressive "The Peak" Empire took time to sample scumpunk GG Allin's final interview on american television, cutting in the finest bits of the Gravediggaz's first LP and various screams from the german dub of Child's Play. Definitely one that set the bar. own it.
Numanoid's avatar
[quote Alec's liner notes]"I hate people who romanticise [sic] death - this is not what it's all about! At the end of all this we all gonna die and that's it! Not more and not less! You f**king religious idiots stupid like shit".[/end quote] Just purchased this CD earlier this week, haven't got the time to listen to it yet, but this quote gave me at least an hors d'oeuvre laugh out loud value for my money. Man Alec, how hardcore can you get?
Chimiel's avatar
It is indeed a cool release. I even took a time to get used to the music but it is very nice, and the names of the titles are cool. I got familliar with the track "Suicide" and after listening I was very curious to the whole album and I am happy to buy it soon.
Burninate's avatar
Without a doubt one of the most blood boiling and angry records i have ever heard, not even topped by the intensity of many extreme metal acts, this album is his finest solo release beyond a shadow of a doubt. Many claim this to be the first "breakcore" album, and if this is true. breakcore's first release is also it's finest.
thezovietdada's avatar
Edited 16 years ago
An absolutely raw and groundbreaking release. Such an uncompromisingly intense album must have been revolutionary in its day. Works rather well because of its minimalism and primitivism, a real punk jungle album. As intense as any modern "powernoize" album with the wreckage of rave/jungle culture to give it a tasteful edge. Alec always appears more focused and balanced when working solo as opposed to his ATR outings, especially before ATR's demise (when his sound took many of ATR's pretensions), and this is the most shining album I've seen from him.