Tetsu InoueWorld Receiver



Inter Link10:31
Health Loop8:15
Elevator Drops9:31
Background Story8:12
Invitable Colour8:09
Mood Swing8:46

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    Cover of World Receiver, 1996-06-11, CDWorld Receiver
    CD, Album
    Instinct Ambient – amb6002-2US1996US1996
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    Cover of World Receiver, 2006-12-15, CDWorld Receiver
    CD, Album, Reissue, Digipak
    Infraction – INFX 015US2006US2006
    Cover of World Receiver, 2007, FileWorld Receiver
    7×File, AAC, Album, 256 kbps
    Fax +49-69/450464 – PI 001Germany2007Germany2007
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    • BeatyDNA's avatar
      I wrote about Tetsu's fate awhile back. Will probably be as close as anyone gets to solving the mystery of his disappearance:
      • ArroyoHands's avatar
        PLEASE make a vinyl version of this masterpiece... 10 more words
        • Artem_Skytales's avatar
          Edited 4 years ago
          Его музыка настоящая ,живая .Она открывает двери в мир грёз и фантазий ,доставляя наивысшее удовольствие, которое только может дарить музыка.Спасибо за эти путешествия
          • streamdreama's avatar
            The absolute pinnacle of environmental ambience, a must for any self respecting music lover..
            • 2tokiislands's avatar
              I've listened Health loop from World receiver hundreds of times...never get bored of it. Unique piece of ambient there.
              • tdutym's avatar
                Edited 17 years ago
                If I were to have only one CD left, my choice would be "World Receiver" by Tetsu Inoue. This is the album I never get bored of, as it does have some unique blend of environmental recordings (from Japan, Thailand, Pakistan, Germany, U.S.A. as the inlay says), traditional Japanese melodies and vivid multilayered sonic collages, which sounds different with every listen and creates deeper understanding of human feelings and emotions. Trippy, microscopic and yet accessible, the music seems to enclose a deeper meaning, which is somehow impossible to understand up to the end, as if some details escape my attention but strangely continue to hold interest. No other ambient album has the same effect on me, so I highly recommend "World Receiver" to all lovers of intellectual electronic music. A whole lot of things it offers to discover.
                • FuzzyCogitator's avatar
                  Edited 19 years ago
                  One of my favorite ambient releases ever. The sounds here make me feel like I am a satellite orbiting in space intercepting random transmissions from all around the world. Either that or lying on my back gazing upwards drifting off into the void between levels of awareness.
                  • jm3's avatar
                    this disc, to me, defines what ambient music *is.* self-explanatory, so i won't wax on about it. as an aside, inoue has a funny cameo taking field recordings inside his apartment in the film 'modulations'.

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