Spanish Harlem4:30
Flightcase Pour Criquets5:54
Lost In Palavas5:23
Anxious Boy5:00
Doutes Et Certitudes5:27
Friperie Connection5:56
Abusive Melody5:37
Dub Cham Mé4:36

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    Cover of Lemonorange, 2001-11-00, CDLemonorange
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    F Communications – F 144 CD, F Communications – 137.0144.020France2001France2001
    CD, Album
    Creative Vibes – CVOS 1044Australia2001Australia2001
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    Cover of Lemonorange, 2001, CDLemonorange
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    F Communications – F 144 CD, F Communications – 137.0144.020France2001France2001
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    Cover of Lemonorange, 2001, CDLemonorange
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    F Communications – MCD 169, MCD World Music – 7898060831695Brazil2001Brazil2001
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    Cover of Lemonorange, 2001-10-00, CDLemonorange
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    F Communications – F 144 CDFrance2001France2001


    • AlgyTaylor's avatar
      Spanish Harlem. What a tune that is. The first time i heard it was through cheap headphones, and I thought it was possibly the worst bit of techno I'd heard. Then you hear the same track on a big soundsystem, and perceptions change. It's a monster. It's the aural equivalent of when you're in a homemade go kart, speeding down a hill with no breaks. It's relentless ... it feels like it's going to topple over any moment ... you've no control over it at all ... but my word, what a rush of energy, of adrenaline, of emotion. It's everything I love about techno.
      • roldrake's avatar
        I agreeeeeeee
        • scoundrel's avatar
          Edited 10 years ago
          Great solid French electronic music. (I hesitate to say 'techno,' because several genres are represented here.) Suffice it to say, when everyone else was all about the filtered disco, the Youngsters never let their eyes off the techno ball. "Illogique," for instance, has an undeniable drive, while "Flightcase Pour Criquets" approaches things from a more mellow stance. "Lost In Palavas" brings in some jazz breaks, but it's "Choose" that brings in the Detroit melody and solid beats. "Doutes et Certitudes" starts with a spacious feel, letting the breaks and alarm clock fall in as a wake-up mechanism, and despite the promises of "Abusive Melody," it's not quite as pummeling as you'd expect. The cut-up of "Dub Cham Me" has a sparse jazzed-up charm, and the final track, "Smile" delves into shiny tech-house. A genre-straddling work, with a few genres turning out better than others.
          • behemoth's avatar
            This album is the best thing out of France since Daft Punk's "Homework". A fantastic album from start to finish, I really can't fault it. "Illogique" is just unspeakably brilliant, a brooding techno monster with a well-used vocoder (no, really). "Spanish Harlem" bangs relentlessly, "Choose" is rather uplifting, "Anxious Boy" has quite delicious synths, "Friperie Connection" is a mental breaks number with an evil streak, and "Abusive Melody" is rather overwhelming (which is great). Every track is superbly and innovately produced, and it's just a fantastic album that everyone from hardcore techno addicts to jazzmongers should love. FANTASTIQUÉ!

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