VariousRaving Mad

Various - Raving Mad album cover


Urban HypeA Trip To Trumpton
Smart E'sSesame's Treet
RatpackSearching For My Rizla
Rhythm QuestCloser To All Your Dreams
MessiahTemple Of Dreams
NinoThe Gun
Progression (2)On A Rubbish Trip
The Future Sound Of LondonPapau New Guinea
New DecadeGet The Message (Remix)
N.A.M.Hot Chilli
The NightbreedNo Other (Native Breed Volume 1)
HumanoidStakker Humanoid (Cobain Mix '94)
Little JackWhat´s E For Dad
AcenTrip II The Moon, The Dark Side (Part 2)
Output (3)Reset
Tequila CarterFeel The Vibe


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    Cover of Raving Mad, 1992-07-27, CDRaving Mad
    CD, Compilation
    Elevate – CDELV01, Elevate – CDEL V01UK1992UK1992
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    Cover of Raving Mad, 1992, VinylRaving Mad
    2×LP, Compilation
    Elevate – LPELV01UK1992UK1992
    Cover of Raving Mad, 1992, CassetteRaving Mad
    Cassette, Compilation
    Elevate – MCELV01UK1992UK1992
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    • breakbeatscientist's avatar
      Edited 3 months ago
      "Raving Mad" was one of the very first compilations to kick off my rave vinyl obsession after picking up the LP from Our Price back in the day. I finally got round to grabbing the CD version a few years back just for the sheer nostalgia contained.

      I was always on the lookout for any Production House tunes back in 1993/1994 when I started buying vinyl, and this was a must have just for the Acen and Nino tracks. I however fell in love with The Nightbreed, F.S.O.L., Progression and New Decade tracks too.

      Despite containing a few duds near the end of the album and a few of the more populist rave tracks of the time (Smart E's, Urban Hype, Messiah, etc. Not that there's anything wrong with them!), "Raving Mad" contains a fair few oldschool hardcore rarities in digital format.

      An excellent snapshot of 1992 rave classics.
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        This remix of Get The Message is exclusive of this release (the Blind Vision EP remix is not this one)

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