VariousThe Anniversary EP


Duo PennottiAddicted 2 Raves (Buzz Fuzz Remix)4:29
DJ Weirdo & DJ SimKick This Muthaf@%ka (DJ Jordens Remix)4:17
DJ Weirdo & DJ SimIt's Gonna Be Allright (Bass-D & King Matthew Remix)5:01
Bass-D & King MatthewThe Witch (DJ Promo Remix)6:20

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  • Maarten De Boer
    Lacquer Cut By


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    Cover of The Anniversary EP, 1995, VinylThe Anniversary EP
    12", Picture Disc, EP, 45 RPM
    Bad Vibes Records – BAD 010Netherlands1995Netherlands1995
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    The Anniversary EP
    12", White Label, Test Pressing
    Bad Vibes Records – BAD 010Netherlands1995Netherlands1995
    Cover of The Anniversary EP, 2020-07-08, FileThe Anniversary EP
    4×File, MP3, EP, 320 kbps
    Derailed Traxx.Black – DTBC072DNetherlands2020Netherlands2020
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    • 2Styliztik's avatar
      The Anniversary seems to be referring to the 10th release on DJ Weirdo's Bad Vibes Records.

      I first heard Addicted 2 Raves (Buzz Fuzz Remix) on Thunderdome X, I instantly loved it and was my first reason for wanting this record. With its long intro and Buzz Fuzz's trademark lengthy outros, the remix feels quite spaced out and that might have something to do with the soft dreamy riff that drifts along those sections of the remix. The main riff is fast paced, sharp and well produced. The bridge of the song three quarters in is a nice little section with it's high speed build up that must be over 1000 bpm. Also the kicking hi-hats in the background is only something I picked up on recently. Top notch remix by Buzzy! I always wanted to know who Duo Pennotti were, if it wasn't for Discogs, I would never have guessed it would be DJ Pavo and DJ Jordens. Speaking of DJ Jordens......

      Kick This Muthaf@%ka (DJ Jordens Remix) is the least interesting remix of the four presented on this picture disc. The fast breakbeats are good, but the kickdrum is lacking a bit. The main synth riff is fairly serviceable but the odd Arcade game riff in the middle is kinda ugly. Once again the bridge of the track is quite decent, a decent bassline synth, tight Hip Hop beat from the original and those rolling Breakbeats. It's an OK remix that might have been good on Point 44 Records but unfortunately it's surrounded by far superior remixes. It's weird that I wrote that, because DJ Jordens eventually wrote a song one year later called Superior on the sub label of Point 44, Darryl's Choice.

      Over the years, I have really grown to love It's Gonna Be Allright (Bass-D & King Matthew Remix), to the point that I think it's the best remix on the record, sorry Buzzy! I'd go so far and say it's one of the best things Bass D and King Matthew ever did! Normally I find their blunt kickdrum very basic but somehow it really shines through here, the Breakbeats help but there is a coarse bassline underneath that I like. The original and this remix is based off a famous melody from the House track, Toxic Two - Chemical Reaction. Even though it's sped up, it sounds damn good here. The middle section has a lovely Saxophone sound and those Fat Boys samples work a treat here, even though they are also sped up, somehow they sound better and the overall impact is awesome. ONCE AGAIN, the bridge of the remix might be my favourite part, the Fat Boys sample does its thing then there's this fucking harsh head nodding synth line, loud-ish percussion and the glorious Chemical Reaction melody pops up again. Well done Eugenio and Matthijs.

      The last remix was done by 18 year old DJ Promo, this was his first solo production. Like the original, the remix is based on the classic Euro Dance sound of Hex - Alright To Love. Like the previous remix, the faster version still sounds really good. What's interesting is the kickdrum has an almost Neophyte feel to it, before he perfected his own legendary drum patterns! A bit like some PCP tracks, the melody tends to get a bit repetitive. The middle breakdown is nice. A good start for an artist who would become a Hardcore legend.

      The artwork on the vinyl is awesome, but the sound quality is not so awesome. Nonetheless, a tremendous Gabber record. I thought BAD 010 was the best release on this Alkmaar label, then I heard BAD 011!!

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