Deniz Kurtel With Tanner Ross Feat. PillowTalk*I Knew This Would Happen5:45
Deniz Kurtel With Gadi MizrahiYou Know It's True5:10
Deniz Kurtel With Wolf + LambLove Triangle3:11
Deniz Kurtel With Gadi Mizrahi Feat. Navid IzadiThe Way We Live5:08
Deniz Kurtel With Gadi MizrahiHypocrite4:25
Deniz Kurtel With Gadi Mizrahi vs Hardage Feat. Michael FrantiThere's Enough For All Of Us4:58
Deniz Kurtel With Kenny GlasgowDon't Wanna Be4:04
Deniz Kurtel With Soul Clap Feat. Navid IzadiSafe Word4:34
Deniz Kurtel With PillowTalk* & ThugfuckerWake Me Up5:18
Deniz Kurtel With PillowTalk* & ThugfuckerBlackness3:59
Deniz Kurtel With Voices Of BlackThunder Clap5:09
Deniz Kurtel With Tanner Ross Feat. Jules BornThe Beat Drops5:15

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    Cover of The Way We Live, 2012-07-15, VinylThe Way We Live
    LP, Album
    Wolf + Lamb Music – WLM025Germany2012Germany2012
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    Cover of The Way We Live, 2012-07-23, CDThe Way We Live
    CD, Album
    Wolf + Lamb Music – WLCD03US2012US2012
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    Cover of The Way We Live, 2012-07-23, CDThe Way We Live
    CD, Album, Promo
    Wolf + Lamb Music – noneUS2012US2012
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    • lptom's avatar
      My Vinyl has a 3D/lenticular cover, that is not mentioned in the description. Does it come with all Vinyls?
      • nstrmntl's avatar
        i think this release doesn´t really exist...
        i was searching for it in stores and on the web and meanwhile i have the opinion that this is the LP version of the album:

        i bought this one in a record store and there are 12 tracks listed on the cover (the same as the CD cover), but there are only ten 10 tracks on it...maybe because of that it´s wrongly listed on discogs...or there´s a different us-release with all 12 tracks....?!

        to bad that there´s at least one great track (hypocrite) missing....anyway a great album and whith a 12" "wackelbild"-cover which changes colours if you move it in the light,really nice...
        • ketelhuth's avatar
          Remembers me Massive Attack, but a little more funky.
          • OCCIDENTAL's avatar
            It's too bad there's five tracks on each side. I was hoping this was going to be split into two or three separate 12"s.
            I'd love a 12" with "Safe Word" on one side and "Wake Me Up" on the flip, cut at 45rpm.
            That'd be absolutely perfect.

            Good album overall. Smooth production.

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