Pluton And Humanoids*World Invaders

Style:Electro, Disco


World Invaders6:45
World Invaders (Instrumental)6:45

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    Cover of World Invaders, 1981, VinylWorld Invaders
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM
    V.S. Records – SV 3002Canada1981Canada1981
    Cover of World Invaders, 2012-12-00, VinylWorld Invaders
    12", 45 RPM, Reissue, Limited Edition
    V.S. Records – SV 3002, Private Records (2) – 369.009Germany2012Germany2012
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    • noxon's avatar
      Anyone have the lyrics and can post here? its important to save the planet.
      defenders of the earth
      • JamesdeJesus's avatar
        That vocoder ahead of it's time , I must to purchase it
        • sashalet's avatar
          Over 900 people want this record. But just 500 copys was produced and about 100 from...was damaged due to press defects. Therefore, only about 400 copys exist now on planet Earth. You can get it if you act now!;). Remember: 400 exist, 900 wants
          • SoundConnection's avatar
            A lot of people want the original but I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned the instrumetal yet. Completely different than the main track, a really wonderful different synth chimes in to keep the track on line and warm it up but maximize the full robotic effect. In fact, I like the instrumental better than the vocal now. Blows my mind. It's an absolute classic for me and can't imagine any italo or electro fan not wanting to track it down.
            • transairn's avatar
              I can't be bothered to flip it to the instrumental side - the vocals on this track MAKE it very enjoyable. Chorusing using vocoders gives it that much more of a atmospheric soundscape. Though the vocals go a bit off tune with each other, it makes this song that much more interesting. I've posted a video recording of the vinyl on my youtube channel (look up user discorecords). If you can, try to find this great single to add to your collection!
              • Edited 16 years ago
                The absolute essence of Italo disco. The tune is incredibly moving. Marvelous vocals (sounds like a humanoid is singing) and beautiful synths makes a real masterpiece. Beautiful.

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