Blur She's So High 4:46
Blur Bang 3:37
Blur Slow Down 3:11
Blur Repetition 5:25
Blur Bad Day 4:24
Blur Sing 6:01
Blur There's No Other Way 3:24
Blur Fool 3:14
Blur Come Together 3:52
Blur High Cool 3:37
Blur Birthday 3:49
Blur Wear Me Down 4:51
Leisure Bonus Material
From 'She's So High / I Know' Single (October 1990)
Blur I Know (Extended Mix) 6:31
Blur Down 5:58
From 'There's No Other Way' Single (April 1991)
Blur There's No Other Way (Extended Version) 3:58
Blur Inertia 3:49
Blur Mr Briggs 3:58
Blur I'm All Over 2:00
Blur Won't Do It 3:20
Blur Day Upon Day (Live) 4:14
Blur There's No Other Way (Blur Remix) 4:56
From 'Bang' Single (July 1991)
Blur Bang (Extended Version) 4:25
Blur Explain 2:45
Blur Luminous 3:14
Blur Berserk 6:43
Blur Uncle Love 2:31
Fan Club Single (October 1997)
Blur I Love Her (Demo) 3:36
Fan Club Single (November 1998)
Blur Close 3:02
Modern Life Is Rubbish
Blur For Tomorrow 4:21
Blur Advert 3:45
Blur Colin Zeal 3:16
Blur Pressure On Julian 3:31
Blur Star Shaped 3:26
Blur Blue Jeans 3:54
Blur Chemical World / Intermission 6:33
Blur Sunday Sunday 2:38
Blur Oily Water 5:01
Blur Miss America 5:35
Blur Villa Rosie 3:54
Blur Coping 3:24
Blur Turn It Up 3:22
Blur Resigned / Commercial Break 6:12
Modern Life Is Rubbish Bonus Material
From 'Popscene' Single (March 1992)
Blur Popscene 3:14
Blur Mace 3:25
Blur Badgeman Brown 4:48
Blur I'm Fine 3:03
Blur Garden Central 6:00
From 'For Tomorrow' Single (April 1993
Blur For Tomorrow (Visit To Primrose Hill Extended) 6:01
Blur Into Another 3:55
Blur Peach 3:57
Blur Bone Bag 4:04
Blur Hanging Over 4:27
Blur When The Cows Come Home 3:50
Blur Beachcoma 3:38
From 'Chemical World' Single (June 1993)
Blur Chemical World (Reworked) 3:44
Blur Es Schmecht 3:36
Blur Young And Lovely 5:03
Blur Maggie May 4:06
Blur My Ark 5:57
From 'The Sunday Sunday Popular Community Song CD' Single (October 1993)
Blur Daisy Bell (A Bicycle Made For Two) 2:48
Blur Let's All Go Down The Strand 3:41
Blur Girls & Boys 4:51
Blur Tracy Jacks 4:19
Blur End Of The Century 2:45
Blur Parklife 3:05
Blur Bank Holiday 1:42
Blur Badhead 3:25
Blur The Debt Collector 2:10
Blur Far Out 1:37
Blur To The End 4:04
Blur London Loves 4:15
Blur Trouble In The Message Centre 4:09
Blur Clover Over Dover 3:22
Blur Magic America 3:37
Blur Jubilee 2:47
Blur This Is A Low 5:16
Blur Lot 105 1:19
Parklife Bonus Material
From 'Girls And Boys' Single (March 1994)
Blur Magpie 4:16
Blur Anniversary Waltz 1:22
Blur People In Europe 3:28
Blur Peter Panic 4:21
From 'To The End' Single (May 1994)
Blur Girls & Boys (Pet Shop Boys 12" Remix) 7:16
Blur Threadneedle Street 3:18
Blur Got Yer ! 1:48
From 'Parklife' Single (August 1994)
Blur Beard 1:44
Blur To The End (French Version) 4:05
Blur Supa Shoppa 3:02
Blur Theme From An Imaginary Film 3:34
From 'End Of A Century' Single (November 1994)
Blur Red Necks 2:53
Blur Alex's Song 2:45
BBC Radio 1 - Simon Mayo, 1994 - Previously Unreleased
Blur Jubilee (Acoustic BBC Live Version) 2:32
Blur Parklife (Acoustic BBC Live Version) 2:59
From 'End Of A Century' Spanish CD Promo
Blur End Of A Century (Acoustic Version) 2:44
The Great Escape
Blur Stereotypes 3:11
Blur Country House 3:57
Blur Best Days 4:49
Blur Charmless Man 3:34
Blur Fade Away 4:18
Blur Top Man 4:00
Blur The Universal 3:58
Blur Mr. Robinson's Quango 4:00
Blur He Thought Of Cars 4:16
Blur It Could Be You 3:12
Blur Ernold Same 2:07
Blur Globe Alone 2:23
Blur Dan Abnormal 3:23
Blur Entertain Me 4:19
Blur Yuko And Hiro 5:24
The Great Escape Bonus Material
From 'Country House' Single (August 1995)
Blur One Born Every Minute 2:18
Blur To The End (La Comédie Featuring Françoise Hardy) 5:05
From 'The Universal' Single (November 1995)
Blur Ultranol 2:42
Blur No Monsters In Me 3:38
Blur Entertain Me (Live It!) Remix 7:17
From 'Stereotypes' Single (February 1996)
Blur The Man Who Lost Himself 3:22
Blur Tame 4:47
Blur Ludwig 2:24
From 'Charmless Man' Single (April 1996)
Blur The Horrors 3:18
Blur A Song 1:45
Blur St Louis 3:13
From 'Country House' Single (August 1995)
Blur Country House (Live At Mile End) 4:57
Blur Girls & Boys (Live At Mile End) 5:03
Blur Parklife (Live At Mile End) 3:42
Blur For Tomorrow (Live At Mile End) 7:02
From 'It Could Be You' Japanese Single (May 1996)
Blur Charmless Man (Live At Budokan) 3:22
Blur Chemical World (Live At Budokan) 4:12
From 'Help' War Child Compilation (September 1995)
Blur Eine Kleine Lift Musik 4:18
Blur Beetlebum 5:05
Blur Song 2 2:01
Blur Country Sad Ballad Man 4:50
Blur M.O.R. 3:27
Blur On Your Own 4:26
Blur Theme From Retro 3:36
Blur You're So Great 3:35
Blur Death Of A Party 4:33
Blur Chinese Bombs 1:24
Blur I'm Just A Killer For Your Love 4:11
Blur Look Inside America 3:50
Blur Strange News From Another Star 4:03
Blur Movin' On 3:42
Blur Essex Dogs 8:10
Blur Bonus Material
From 'Beetlebum' Single (January 1997)
Blur All Your Life 4:12
Blur A Spell (For Money) 3:30
Blur Woodpigeon Song 1:43
Blur Dancehall 3:11
From 'Song 2' Single (April 1997)
Blur Get Out Of Cities 4:02
Blur Polished Stone 2:42
Blur Bustin' + Dronin' 6:32
From 'M.O.R.' Single (September 1997)
Blur M.O.R. (Road Version) 3:01
Blur Swallows In The Heatwave 2:33
From CD Promo (December 1997) And Included On 'Midlife' Compilation
Blur Death Of A Party (7" Remix) 4:18
From 'Dead Man On Campus' Soundtrack
Blur Cowboy Song 4:07
Viva Niteclub Live Acoustic (From 'M.O.R.' Single Released In Germany)
Blur Beetlebum 4:33
Blur On Your Own 4:11
Blur Country Sad Ballad Man 4:44
Blur This Is A Low 3:31
Live In Utrecht (From Bonus Disc Of 'Blur' Album Released In Netherlands)
Blur M.O.R. 3:17
Blur Death Of A Party 4:16
Blur Song 2 2:07
Blur Tender 7:40
Blur Bugman 4:48
Blur Coffee & TV 5:58
Blur Swamp Song 4:36
Blur 1992 5:29
Blur B.L.U.R.E.M.I. 2:52
Blur Battle 7:43
Blur Mellow Song 3:56
Blur Trailerpark 4:26
Blur Caramel 7:38
Blur Trimm Trabb 5:37
Blur No Distance Left To Run 3:28
Blur Optigan 1 2:34
13 Bonus Material
From 'Tender' Single (February 1999)
Blur French Song 8:20
Blur All We Want 4:32
Blur Mellow Jam 3:56
From 'Coffee & TV' Single (June 1999)
Blur X-Offender (Damon/Control Freak's Bugman Remix) 5:38
Blur Coyote (Dave's Bugman Remix) 3:50
Blur Trade Stylee (Alex's Bugman Remix) 5:58
Blur Metal Hip Slop (Graham's Bugman Remix) 4:16
From 'No Distance Left To Run' Single (November 1999)
Blur So You 4:11
Blur Beagle 2 2:54
Blur Tender (Cornelius Remix) 5:23
Blur Far Out (Beagle 2 Remix) 3:57
Bonus Track To Japanese Version Of '13'
Blur I Got Law (Demo) 2:42
From 'Music Is My Radar' Single (October 2000)
Blur Music Is My Radar 5:29
Blur Black Book 8:30
Think Tank
Blur Ambulance 5:09
Blur Out Of Time 3:51
Blur Crazy Beat 3:14
Blur Good Song 3:08
Blur On The Way To The Club 3:48
Blur Brothers And Sisters 3:47
Blur Caravan 4:35
Blur We've Got A File On You 1:02
Blur Moroccan Peoples Revolutionary Bowls Club 3:02
Blur Sweet Song 4:01
Blur Jets 6:25
Blur Gene By Gene 3:48
Blur Battery In Your Leg 11:35
Think Tank Bonus Material
From 'Out Of Time' Single (April 2003)
Blur Money Makes Me Crazy (Marrakech Mix) 2:52
Blur Tune 2 3:47
From 'Crazy Beat' Single (July 2003)
Blur The Outsider 5:14
Blur Don't Be 2:40
From 'Good Song' Single (October 2003)
Blur Morricone 4:50
Blur Me, White Noise (Alternate Version) 6:44
Fan Club Single (December 2003)
Blur Some Glad Morning 4:18
Released On The Observer Covermount CD (September 2003)
Blur Don't Be (Acoustic Mix) 2:39
Blur Sweet Song (Demo) 3:50
Zoë Ball XFM Session (8 October 2003)
Blur Caravan 4:15
Blur End Of A Century 2:40
Blur Good Song 3:31
Blur Out Of Time 3:36
Blur Tender 6:21
Rarities One
Seymour & Leisure Era Rarities
Seymour Dizzy (Seymour Rehearsal & Demo) 3:34
Seymour Mixed Up (Seymour Rehearsal & Demo) 3:51
Seymour Birthday (Seymour Demo) 4:32
Seymour Sing (To Me) (Sing Demo, Released To Fan Club Dec 1999) 5:28
Seymour Fool (Seymour 4 Track Demo, 30 July 1999) 2:36
Seymour She's So High (Seymour Rehearsal) 11:33
Blur Won't Do It (Demo Released To Fan Club April 2002) 3:12
Blur I Know (Falconer Studio Demo) 3:55
Blur Repetition (Falconer Studio Demo) 5:13
Blur High Cool (7" Master) 3:39
Blur Always (I'm Fine Early Version) 2:58
Blur Come Together (Demo, Released To Fan Club April 2002) 3:34
Blur I'm All Over (Demo) 1:52
Blur Wear Me Down (Demo) 5:32
Modern Life Is Rubbish Era Rarities
Blur I Love Her (Alternate Version) 3:39
Blur Popscene (1991 Demo) 3:45
Blur Beached Whale (4 Track Demo June 1992) 3:23
Blur Death Of A Party (Demo Released To Fan Club August 1996) 3:40
Blur Pap Pop (4 Track Demo Recorded June 1992) 2:24
Blur Pressure On Julian (Demo) 4:26
Blur Colin Zeal (Demo) 3:32
Blur Sunday Sunday (Demo) 2:12
Blur Never Clever (Demo, Released On Food Compilation "Food 100" In 1997) 2:52
Blur Advert (Demo) 3:45
Blur Star Shaped (Demo) 3:05
Blur She Don't Mind (Blue Jeans Demo) 3:52
Blur Coping (Andy Partridge Version) 3:22
Blur Sunday Sleep (Sunday Sunday Andy Partridge Version) 3:31
Blur Seven Days (Andy Partridge Version) 3:41
Blur Kazoo (Turn It Up Early Version) 3:15
Blur The Wassailing Song (7" Giveway At Hibernian Club Gig, Fulham On 16 December 1992) 3:24
Blur When The Cows Come Home (Demo) 3:26
Blur For Tomorrow (Mix 1 - Early Demo) 4:14
Blur Magpie (Early Demo) 2:05
Rarities Two
Parklife & The Great Escape Era Rarities
Blur Parklife (Demo) 3:08
Blur Clover Over Dover (Demo) 2:54
Blur Jubilee (Demo) 2:51
Blur One A Minute (One Born Every Minute Demo) 2:13
Blur Badhead (Demo) 3:07
Blur Far Out (Demo, Electric Version) 3:17
Blur The Debt Collector (Demo) 2:11
Blur Trouble In The Message Centre (Demo) 3:37
Blur Red Necks (Take One) 2:46
Blur Red Necks (Take Two) 0:59
Blur Alex's Song (Demo) 3:09
The Great Escape
Blur Cross Channel Love (Home Demo) 3:16
Blur Ernold Same (Demo) 1:20
Blur Saturday Morning (Demo) 4:33
Blur Hope You Find Your Suburb (Eine Kleine Lift Musick Full Band Demo) 4:13
Blur Rico (Fade Away Demo) 5:08
Blur Bored House Wives (Entertain Me Early Version) 4:57
Blur, 13, Best Of & Think Tank Era Rarities
Blur Beetlebum (Demo) 3:00
Blur On Your Own (Mario Caldato Jr Mix) 4:21
Blur Woodpigeon Song (Original Full Length) 3:01
Blur Battle (Jam, Mayfair Studios 11 August 1998) 5:46
Blur Caramel (Ambient) 7:47
Blur So You (Alternative Version) 3:45
Best Of
Blur Squeezebox (Music Is My Radar Alternative Version) 6:34
Blur Jawbone (Black Book Alternative Version) 5:33
Unreleased Sessions, Recorded In June 2000
Blur "1" 3:38
Blur "3" 4:49
Think Tank
Blur Sir Elton John's Cock 1:23
Blur Avoid The Traffic 1:29
Blur Money Makes Me Crazy (Deepest Darkest Devon Mix) 2:29
Blur Don't Bomb When You're The Bomb (Previously Released On A 7" Promo) 3:59
Blur Nutter 2:42
Blur Piano 3:19
Marianne Faithfull Featuring Blur Kissing Time 5:38
Record Store Day 2010 7" Single
Blur Fool's Day 3:28
Bonus Track
Blur Under The Westway 4:17
Showtime: Live At Alexandra Palace 7 October 1994
Blur Lot 105
Blur Sunday Sunday
Blur Jubilee
Blur Tracy Jacks
Blur Magic America
Blur End Of A Century
Blur Popscene
Blur Trouble In The Message Centre
Blur She's So High
Blur Chemical World
Blur Badhead
Blur There's No Other Way
Blur To The End
Blur Advert
Blur Sup Shoppa
Blur Mr Robinson's Quango
Blur Parklife
Blur Girls & Boys
Blur Bank Holiday
Blur This Is A Low
The Single Night: Live At Wembley Arena, Saturday 11 December 1999
Blur I Know
Blur She's So High
Blur There's No Other Way
Blur Popscene
Blur For Tomorrow
Blur Chemical World
Blur Girls & Boys
Blur To The End
Blur Parklife
Blur End Of A Century
Blur Country House
Blur The Universal
Blur Charmless Man
Blur Beetlebum
Blur Song 2
Blur On My Own
Blur M.O.R.
Blur Tender
Blur Coffee & TV
Blur No Distance Left To Run
Live 13 & Bonus Footage
Blur B.L.U.R.E.M.I.
Blur No Distance Left To Run
Blur Tender
Blur Battle
Blur Beetlegum
Blur Bugman
Blur Trimm Trabb
Blur Mellow Song
Blur Song 2
Bonus Tracks
Seymour Dizzy
Blur There's No Other Way (BBC Live Version) (1st TV Performance)
Blur With Françoise Hardy To The End (La Comédie) (French Promo Video)
Blur It Could Be You (Japanese Promo Video)
Blur Music Is My Radar (Promo Video)
Blur Out Of Time (Promo Video)
Blur Crazy Beat (Promo Video)
Blur Good Song (Promo Video)
7" Vinyl
Seymour Superman

Versions (3)

Cat# Artist Title (Format) Label Cat# Country Year
BLURBOX21, 5099962491129 Blur Blur 21 (The Box)(Box, Comp, Ltd + 2xCD, Album, Comp, RE, RM + 2xCD,) Food, Parlophone BLURBOX21, 5099962491129 UK & Europe 2012 Sell This Version
TOCP-71350-67 Blur Blur 21 (The Box)(Box, Comp, Dlx + 5xCD, Album, RE, RM + 5xCD, Comp,) EMI, Food, Parlophone TOCP-71350-67 Japan 2012 Sell This Version
BLURBOXLP1, 5099962490412 Blur Blur 21(LP, Album, RE, RM + 2xLP, Album, RE, RM + 2xLP, Al) Food, Parlophone BLURBOXLP1, 5099962490412 UK & Europe 2012 Sell This Version