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Robert Hood - Motor: Nighttime World 3 album cover

Robert HoodMotor: Nighttime World 3

Style:Techno, House


The Exodos5:54
Motor City7:05
Better Life7:16
The Wheel5:04
Black Technician10:56
Drive (The Age Of Automation)5:55
Torque One6:17
Hate Transmissions10:16
Slow Motion Katrina6:03
A Time To Rebuild5:59

Credits (3)


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Cover of Motor: Nighttime World 3, 2012-08-15, CDMotor: Nighttime World 3
CD, Album
Music Man Records – MMCD038, Octave Lab – OTLCD1842Japan2012Japan2012
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Cover of Motor: Nighttime World 3, 2012-08-00, CDMotor: Nighttime World 3
CD, Album
Music Man Records – MMCD038Belgium2012Belgium2012
Cover of Motor: Nighttime World 3, 2012, VinylMotor: Nighttime World 3
3×12", Album, 33 ⅓ RPM; CD, Album
Music Man Records – MMLP038Belgium2012Belgium2012
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Cover of Motor: Nighttime World 3, 2012-07-06, FileMotor: Nighttime World 3
12×File, MP3, Promo, Album
320 kbps
Music Man Records – MMCD038DBelgium2012Belgium2012
Cover of Motor: Nighttime World 3, 2012, CDMotor: Nighttime World 3
CD, Album, Promo
Music Man Records – MMCD038Belgium2012Belgium2012
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Cover of Motor: Nighttime World 3, 2012-09-00, FileMotor: Nighttime World 3
12×File, FLAC, Album
Music Man Records – MMCD038DBelgium2012Belgium2012
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  • volcanoworship's avatar
    Not every copy of this came with the CD. I bought it sealed when it came out and it certainly didn't, and I'm pretty sure one of my friends said his didn't either.
    • SirRob's avatar
      Definitely the best techno album 2012 for me, there is an outstanding level of detroit history refacturing on this release. robert hoods best techno album ever and a reference for all upcoming releases in this genre. detroit at his best...
      • jiggawhat's avatar
        Edited 9 years ago
        I can certainly picture myself driving down the freeway at night with this playing, getting lost in the music. MNTW3 is a mesmerizing, soulful release from one of the genre's masters - the best album from Robert Hood to date. "Torque One" and "Hate Transmissions" are the pivotal moments of this journey.
        • DanseSounz's avatar
          Awesome, eclectic electronic beatz for funky headz & feet...
          • mauretto's avatar
            Robert Hood is simply a guarantee of high quality techno music! Amazing release!!
            • Klaus151's avatar
              Edited 9 years ago
              Robert Hood finally releases the much anticipated and long-awaited third episode in the already namesake 'Nighttime World' series. Drawing on inspirations from Julien Temples highly recommendable documentary 'Requiem For Detroit?', Hood once again investigates the very template he created back in 1994, with the release of 'Minimal Nation' on Axis.

              On 'Nighttime World 3', Robert Hood meticulously examines and reproduces his personal reflections over Detroit's shambolic past, but at the same time, he reaches out to offer a better way for the city he grew up in. What so distinctively sets Hood apart from all the people doing so-called minimalism within electronic music is not only his fine tuned ear, his individual sound or the elements he inserts into the music. It's the unique, conceptual take on Detroit Techno, which he patented almost 20 years ago.

              As a firm believer of music to be the focal point of the experience in favor of concepts coming in second, I usually avoid paying too much attention to the aforementioned element. However, Robert Hood belongs to the select few artists who with ease can imbue his thoughts and emotion into a wholesome and thus master the art of creating an album with total fluidity.

              Fluid and flowing is what the first track 'The Exodos' brings to the table. A subtle, thoughtful and gently rubbing affair with a delicate mood thanks to the engulfment of lavishing strings and perfectly timed plunging effects.

              'Motor City' is an obvious testament to Detroit, which features the classic signatures of Hood's yet relaxed but powerful aesthetics. Sparkling bass lines, piano stabs and with the ever present feel of suspense only to finally release it towards the last 3 minutes of the track.

              'The Wheel' is mandatory 'Nighttime World' material. Turning slowly (yes, like a wheel) and gradually revealing jazzy elements of emotional piano chords, vocal bits and rattling hi-hat fractures. The atmosphere seems like it has almost been captured at closing time in one of Detroit's car factories as the workers wind down for the day only to start the identical process over again the following day.

              'Black Technician' seems so deliciously effortless in its structure and dramaturgy. A pool of bass synth modulation dominates the track in its entirety as the same synth floods the soundscape in a higher octave. Yet again there's this utterly provocative suspense for the first half of the track, which is thankfully released to the fullest as Hood unleashes the auspicious glockenspiel in a triumphant march towards completion.

              On the aptly titled 'Drive' the pulsating arpeggio structure of the bass and relentlessly shattering hi-hats truly justifies the very meaning of the word. An electrified high way ride into the unknown and ultimately perfected as Hood implements his glorious string arrangements.

              'Slow Motion Katrina' rolls in slowly and with adept contemplation reproduces the swirling hurricane in a beautiful commemoration of those who fell victim of Katrina in 2005.

              The album is concluded with mechanical precision through 'A Time To Rebuild', which is also what Detroit needs to overcome its past in order move forward. It's indeed time for a new beginning but in a new direction as everything that initially shaped the city has changed.

              So, is the third episode of 'Nighttime World' superior or subpar compared to the previous two volumes? It's something quite different as the music is born from a different perspective, which accounts for Hood and Detroit both. Hood's heritage remains although he resided to Alabama quite some time ago, which he has definitely benefitted from in the respect of being able to focus more on his music without distraction. To me it seems like he's now more suitable of conducting and interpreting his vision to the fullest. A vision that would've come out quite differently had he still been a citizen of his native Detroit.
              • player's avatar
                Edited 6 years ago
                One of the best techno albums of this year(2012)so-far! This is music that will take you on a journey to the past, present, and future. As a album NTW3 fuses incredibly well togethe using and combining various influences and ideas with excellent direction as heard in Robert's previous quality albums: Nighttime World Vol 1&2, Internal Empire, Point Blank, Wire To Wire, and his lesser known Monobox 'Molecule' album. It's from these album influences that can be heard creating a great fusion of retro/modern techno that's deep, thoughtful, minimalistic, hard-driven, funky, futuristic, old-school and modern. Every element from rhythms to beats, loops to melodies, are all executed with amazing mathematical Hood precision as he uses his masterful skill knowing how to work and push the boundaries within minimal-techno further while still managing to remain to its truer original Detroit/UR techno roots. Each track is a individually absorbing listen that builds upon its main loops and rhythms while adding, taking away, and manipulating them creating a change and variation in its approach and techno rooted structure that also. at times, add moments of acid, Detroit tech-jazz, si-fi like ambient, raw techno, and some wonderful piano moments all thanks to Robert's excellence in timing and introduction with the execution of sounds at precise right moments. This is s moody yet captivating album that brings atmosphere and techno climax to each track, while maintaining momentum, a good pace, and balance across the album.. A diverse and intelligent and wonderful techno listen that could very well be Robert's most diverse album so-far!