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Lil Ugly Mane - Mista Thug Isolation album cover

Lil Ugly ManeMista Thug Isolation

Genre:Hip Hop
Style:Thug Rap, Gangsta


Mista Thug Isolation (12th Movement)2:48
Serious Shit3:36
Maniac Drug Dealer III2:07
Radiation (Lung Pollution)4:31
Slick Rick4:15
Alone And Suffering (Interlude)1:51
Bitch I'm Lugubrious4:32
Cup Fulla Beetlejuice3:30
Breezem Out3:36
Hoeish Ass Bitch3:56
Mona Lisa Overdrive3:30
No Slack In My Mack5:30
Lookin 4 Tha Suckin3:00
Lean Got Me Fucked Up4:12
Throw Dem Gunz3:27
Last Breath (Outroduction)1:45
Bitch I'm Lugubrious (Cold Shoulder Edit)3:48
Send Em 2 Tha Essence5:24

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6 versions
Cover of Mista Thug Isolation, 2012, CassetteMista Thug Isolation
Cassette, Album, Limited Edition
Ormolycka – oo46US2012US2012
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Cover of Mista Thug Isolation, 2012-02-11, FileMista Thug Isolation
20×File, MP3, Album
320 kbps
Not On Label (Lil Ugly Mane Self-Released) – noneUS2012US2012
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Cover of Mista Thug Isolation, 2012-12-10, VinylMista Thug Isolation
2×LP, Album, Limited Edition, Remastered
Hundebiss – H018Italy2012Italy2012
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Cover of Mista Thug Isolation, 2014, VinylMista Thug Isolation
2×LP, Album, Reissue
Hundebiss – H018Italy2014Italy2014
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Cover of Mista Thug Isolation, 2017-04-11, VinylMista Thug Isolation
2×LP, Album, Limited Edition, Reissue
Hundebiss – H018-VItaly2017Italy2017
Recently Edited
Cover of Mista Thug Isolation, 2017-04-11, VinylMista Thug Isolation
2×LP, Album, Reissue
Hundebiss – H018-VItaly2017Italy2017
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Nuzz's avatar
10th anniversary repress please (words words words words words words)
mega_2122's avatar
Edited one year ago
My copy of this sounds amazing, packaging is the coolest I own and the album itself is astounding. Shame it hasnt gotten a proper not-super-limited reissue, this album (nor Oblivion Access) deserve to be released in such low numbers. Also, wouldn't mind having a single sided 10in of that Vudmurk track, always thought that track was cool.
hateful-dead's avatar
back again askin that if anyone has just an insert floatin around please hit me up. got this way back direct from hundebiss and it was missing the insert
burninghammer85's avatar
Just to be clear this is the 2x black vinyl version right? Mine included the Slayer insert too.
Spell_Caster's avatar
Edited 7 months ago
I guess even Hundebiss couldn't tell the difference between this and the yellow vinyl. A couple weeks ago I picked up a copy of the yellow vinyl from their mini restock, and I ended up receiving the black vinyl pressing instead. I don't mind, though.
Sounds about as good as one could hope. Nice of them to include bonus tracks instead of stretching just the album across 4 sides.
Cardian's avatar
i learned what lugubrious meant from this godly album and got my phd in swag thahatantaknk thatnak mr mane
fergus_b's avatar
don't know why someone decided to hike the price but there's 1000s of these don't fall for it.
arthurlurk's avatar
Kinda sucks that there's no way of telling which color vinyl it is. Black is technically more rare but not that great of a surprise if you were hoping for yellow. Happy now that I didn't go with fatbeats
earthisntflat's avatar
Glad to have this in the collection. Modern Classic IMO. Packaging is amazing, love what they did with the sleeve on this pressing.
dopeness192's avatar
Hoping for a triple LP version. Great album, but 7 tracks on one side? 6 on the other? Bet the bass and overall volume sounds so weak because of so many tracks on each side.