Ram TrilogyMolten Beats

Style:Drum n Bass


Human Future5:51
Chase Scene7:31
Snake Bite5:27
No Reality5:53
Time Chamber5:55
Iron Lung5:45
Flip The Traps6:50
Terminal 26:13
Mind Overload5:52
System Error (Y2K)7:08
Time Chamber4:00
Mindscan (Ed Rush & Optical Remix)4:33
Snake Bite3:27
Flip The Traps4:22
Terminal 25:17
Both Worlds4:11
Mind Overload5:50
Iron Lung3:17
Human Future4:33
System Error (Y2K)6:11
Chase Scene7:01

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    Version DetailsData Quality
    Cover of Molten Beats, 1999-11-22, VinylMolten Beats
    5×12", 45 RPM, Album
    RAM Records – RAMM LP3UK1999UK1999
    Cover of Molten Beats, 1999-12-06, CDMolten Beats
    CD, Album; CD, Album, Mixed
    RAM Records – RAMMLP3CDUK1999UK1999
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    Cover of Molten Beats, 1999, VinylMolten Beats
    5×12", Album, White Label, Promo, 45 RPM, Stickered
    RAM Records – RAMM LP3UK1999UK1999
    Cover of Molten Beats, 1999, CDrMolten Beats
    CDr, Album, Promo
    RAM Records – noneUK1999UK1999
    New Submission
    Cover of Molten Beats, 2016-12-15, FileMolten Beats
    12×File, WAV, Album, Reissue
    RAM Records – RAMM LP3DUK2016UK2016
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Molten Beats: The Remasters, 2019-11-22, FileMolten Beats: The Remasters
    12×File, FLAC, Album, Reissue, Remastered, 16-bit, 44.1 kHz
    RAM Records – RAMMLP3DRM20192019
    New Submission
    Cover of Molten Beats, , FileMolten Beats
    12×File, MP3, Album, Reissue, 320 kbps
    RAM Records – RAMM LP3DUKUK
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    • Shoriuken's avatar
      Edited 6 months ago
      Holding a pristine copy and it is a blast.
      My daughter might put this for sale, but I ain't ded yet.
      Let this roll.
      • DrFrankenspine's avatar
        Definitely a classic. Worth every penny you pay for it. You'll get plenty of play out of all of these tracks.
        • noxon's avatar
          This vinyl is mutch fatter than mother. A all time classic.
          • vinylisticadventures's avatar
            You like dnb? yes? you dont own this recod at least 5 times? no so poke yourself in the eye and grap some its so worth playing the record will wear out after 2 days!
            • scoundrel's avatar
              The straight up rhythms that kick off Ram Trilogy's MOLTEN BEATS, in the form of "Evolution," showcase some fine drum 'n' bass production. The darker atmosphere that starts off "Chase Scene" carries into the twisty melody, while "Gridlock" carries a bit of mystery in its groove. All throughout, though, the snares are crisp and quick and the beats and sharply honed, and are also adept and using more industrial tones too, as on "Time Chamber." They bring a growling aggression to "Iron Lung" and a density to "Flip The Traps." By the time the closer, "System Error (Y2K)," rolls around, you know you've been in good hands.
              • evilnecrosis's avatar
                This is... This is just amazing. It's so good I bought the CD as well as the records :D This has to be my favourite release by anyone ever. I keep playing it over and over and over again. I implore you to check it out :D
                • Komakino's avatar
                  Edited 14 years ago
                  For me, the highlight[s] of this album are the initial first few tracks (as is generally the case with many drum and bass artist albums). 'Evolution', 'Gridlock' (both containing, as a rarity, female vocals, albeit somewhat unintelligibly), 'No Reality' and the standout 'Human Future' all lock into the future tech/darkstep/sci-fi niche, yet also have (as do all the twelve tracks on the album) a stone-cold groove about them, giving them a funkiness that isn't immediately apparent on initial exposure.
                  • djjobrky's avatar
                    What can I say, simply one of the best drum n bass albums in my opinion since the inception of the music. Andy C, Ant Miles and Shimon at their very best with very high standards of production indeed. Hard hitting dark beats with the atmospherics and feel making you come back to this time and time again. Will be in my box for a very long time. Let's hope one day Ram Trilogy follow this up, exceptional music.

                    • iqoruvuc's avatar
                      Edited 12 years ago
                      This album captivates the Drum n Bass of my era: solid beat/bass driven music that moved the dancefloors. Not as seminal as Ed Rush & Optical's Wormhole, but not as cold either, and the one I listened to more.

                      Many good tracks on here with Mind Overload, Terminal 2 and Snake Bite being the highlights for me

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