Feel The Ultimate Joy Towards The Resolve Of Pillar Being Shattered Within You Again And Again And Again23:42
Not A Joy To Come Closer But So-called A Sacred Insanity Has Finally Appeared9:47
Getting A Bit Blurry Brush Up Your Cartel And Devote It To Something21:52
Not To Leave Everything To The Light Outside Of You But To Be Aware Of The Prayer "What Do I Want To Do?" That Exists Inside You, And Let That Go Out Of You As A Light, Or Things Might Get Worse, No?16:34

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    Cover of Nazoranai, 2012, VinylNazoranai
    Ideologic Organ – SOMA009Austria2012Austria2012
    Cover of Nazoranai, 2012, CDNazoranai
    CD, Album
    Ideologic Organ – SOMA009CD, Editions Mego – SOMA009CDAustria2012Austria2012
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    • cosmic.trips's avatar
      Excellent! Vinyl plays great, nice bass and full sound. One of my favourite Keiji Haino releases, it's heavy!
      • DJGM01's avatar
        I am usually skeptical of "supergroups" but I will make an exception in Nazoranai's case. Every bit as heavy and bludgeoning as you would think it would be considering the lineup, but at the same time almost fragile as genuine emotion pours through. I have a pile of records with Keiji Haino on them (97 according to Discogs, but I doubt I have them all catalogued). This is easily in my Top 5 for this prolific artist.

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