Laurie SpiegelThe Expanding Universe


Old Wave6:47
The Expanding Universe28:32

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    Cover of The Expanding Universe, 1980, VinylThe Expanding Universe
    LP, Album
    Philo – 9003, Philo – PH9003US1980US1980
    Cover of The Expanding Universe, 2012-09-00, CDThe Expanding Universe
    2×CD, Album, Reissue
    Unseen Worlds – UW09US2012US2012
    Cover of The Expanding Universe, 2012-10-00, VinylThe Expanding Universe
    LP, Album, Reissue, Limited Edition
    Unseen Worlds – UW09US2012US2012
    Recently Edited
    Cover of The Expanding Universe, 2012-09-00, FileThe Expanding Universe
    19×File, MP3, Album, Reissue
    320 kbps
    Unseen Worlds – UW09US2012US2012
    New Submission
    Cover of The Expanding Universe, 2013-03-00, VinylThe Expanding Universe
    LP, Album, Reissue
    Unseen Worlds – UW09US2013US2013
    Recently Edited
    Cover of The Expanding Universe, 2018, CDThe Expanding Universe
    2×CD, Album, Reissue
    Unseen Worlds – AMIP-0156Japan2018Japan2018
    New Submission
    Cover of The Expanding Universe, 2019-01-18, CDThe Expanding Universe
    2×CD, Album, Reissue
    Unseen Worlds – UW19USA & Canada2019USA & Canada2019
    Cover of The Expanding Universe, 2019-01-18, VinylThe Expanding Universe
    3×LP, Album, Reissue, Stereo
    Unseen Worlds – UW19LP, Unseen Worlds – UW 19, Unseen Worlds – UW19
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    • skye7's avatar
      Edited one month ago
      Based on description of the tracklist from Spiegel's site, it seems that the titles "Old Wave" and "Pentachrome" were somehow switched. Surprising, if I'm right, that this was never fixed. (scroll down to "Notes on the pieces")
      • ativandracula's avatar
        Weirdest inner sleeve ever. Takes me a few minutes every time to figure out which side it opens on...
        • DenverDude's avatar
          Impressive pressing. After an initial cleaning of the vinyl, there are no pops/clicks and the discs are super flat and quiet (which is important because of the ambient nature and silences within the recordings). Packaging is also very sturdy and matches the vitality of the music inside. And whoa, what an amazing immersive experience this seminal work is. Highly recommended.
          • WhiteyLawless's avatar
            Collector Frenzy? Um, one should consider feeding the sharks for an original true analog pressing. Modern expanded offerings are best enjoyed in mp3 or cd format. Modern Vinyl reissues of primitive digital compositions are the real bait. Hope 100% recycled materials are used. I’m sure your friends will be impressed tho.
            • Expansive09's avatar
              Spiegel the unsung early electronic genius! Brilliant 2 cd set worth of twisting, melodic analog synth music 100% accessible. This isn't dark, avant or sterile clinical electronic music instead much of this is along the trance/minimalist side of music think Terry Riley at his best moments circa Rainbow in Curved Air! Beautiful phased and filtered modulated music derived from diodes and silicon chips!
              • All_sales_are_vinyl's avatar
                My copy is very noisy. Especially the 3rd LP. Hard to listen to. Not very impressed
                • raphtaph's avatar
                  This 2019 pressing sounds wonderful. Liner notes on every track. Beautiful and sturdy sleeve. Even comes with a postcard style download card! 4 out of 19 cd tracks were not included. Despite the omissions, I highly recommend it.
                  • oliverlarking's avatar
                    Emailed Unseen Worlds and a repress is on the way so don't feed the sharks.
                    • GreenPower's avatar
                      jesus christ when did this get so expensive? just saw it in a shop a few months back
                      • michael.saul's avatar
                        Edited 5 years ago
                        The same conclusions were reached here as were reached by Juan Atkins a good while later, and to outstanding effect. Here, Laurie Anderson pretty much intuits the whole structure of techno by herself, 6 years prior to Cybotron's first release. It is somewhat striking she gets so little attention even in retrospect. Beautiful throughout, her debut LP The Expanding Universe reveals plainly and simply the fact that Techno cannot be conceived of as other to women as if they didn't play a role in its emergence and later its subsequent forms. Through Laurie, we recognise Techno' emergence through a multiplicity of distinct origins. It didn't come from any one person, crew, scene, night city, but is derived collectively through shared artistic and cultural endeavour, and experimentation with machines often very demanding and foreign in nature. Laurie was unique in being among those who properly domesticated technology to her own ends: she bent the Groove Synthesiser into a shape that through the work of others such as Jeff Mills or Robert Hood on altogether different machines, would later come to be known as techno. Her work sits alongside pioneers like Chris Carter, Craig Leon, In Aeternam Vale, Terry Riley, La Monte Young, whose power of vision sat exactly in proportion enormity of scale at which some of the producers delivering over the same period.

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