Shimon & Andy C* - Body Rock spl3nd1d

August 20, 2016
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If you are going thru the comments section, you probably already figured out that this is THE love / hate track of drum and bass.

I think it is funny or even absurd that this was the "hot shit" track of 2001 - in the era of Bad Company, Kemal & Rob Data, Universal Project, a very strong Hardware lineup and alike...even after almost 15 years, this just does not make any sense, but I was not there, so I would not know...

Shimon & Andy C* - Body Rock rwlocky

January 10, 2016
referencing Body Rock, 12", RAMM34, Ramm34
Totally ridiculous but we all bought it and went mad to it at raves. Not sure its aged that well and I certainly don't play it these days. I think it got about a million rewinds the first night i heard it. Still not sure whether I love it or hate it.

Shimon & Andy C* - Body Rock dj_sinister

April 11, 2016
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still hate it lol, very unique but it was pants

Shimon & Andy C* - Body Rock as reviewed by 1gary.major

August 12, 2015
referencing Body Rock, 12", RAMM34, Ramm34
Rave was always about progression, not standing still pushing musical boundaries,
Sometimes they got it wrong but mostly they got it spot on. What a lot of later D'n'B so called fans who take it far too serious forget that RAVING whatever stlye of dance music you follow is about having FUN!! , so embrace the sillieness dance like a nuttah and forget the bulls**t attitude that made so many oldskool junglists turn away from D'n'B, . P.L.U.R. To all ravers who know the score!.

Shimon & Andy C* - Body Rock beat.marshall

August 5, 2014
referencing Body Rock, 12", RAMM34, Ramm34

I remember this track clearing the dancefloor on every occasion. Over hyped garbage. A real low point in dnb for me

Shimon & Andy C* - Body Rock AAUNO

September 19, 2014
referencing Body Rock, 12", RAMM34, Ramm34
Spot on. The beginning of the end. Thanks bc!

Shimon & Andy C* - Body Rock as reviewed by JohnnyMassacre

December 29, 2011
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referencing Body Rock, 12", RAMM34, Ramm34

I have never, ever known a track to have as much buzz about it as "Body Rock" did.

I remember specifically the first time I heard it – probably the first time Andy C ever played it – at Movement at Bar Rumba, as the last tune. The build up with the flanged, filtered drum loop, it had the dance floor captivated. We knew something special was about to go down. And when it dropped it got the biggest reaction I have ever seen from a drum & bass tune.

It was all in the swing beat of course, never ever used before in a hardcore/jungle/d&b tune. They achieved the beat using what's known as the "Beat Munger" processing effect in the E-MU sampler. The swing gives the beat a very special rhythm that crowds can connect with.

Roni Size once said "Body Rock" got rewound EIGHT times at a summer festival – it was that big. There's also a rumour that it was rewound 17 times at fabric by Grooverider, although I find this hard to believe. "Body Rock" got to No. 28 in the UK Top 40 without a music video. Shimon once said to me that if one of his tracks ever was that successful he would "never go up on stage" to keep his credibility, and he kept his word.

"Body Rock" is not to everyone's taste, as you can see from some comments below. Most criticisms about "Body Rock" are not of the track itself but of the influence it had on other producers. DJ 808 calls the beat "negative" which seems to be a comment stemming from his frustration with the drum & bass scene in general, not the actual track. The beat is in no way "negative" in and of itself, in fact, it's positively upbeat. To recap – "Body Rock" got the biggest reaction of any drum & bass tune in history, and at the time it felt like some kind of revolution. It was controversial back then too. People were divided over how good "Body Rock" really was, with half the people saying it was the start of a new era, and the rest thinking it was throwaway. For me, I thought it would bring in a revolution and a new splinter genre, such were the reactions it was getting.

The revolution never happened, and the "gimmick" got old fast. "Body Rock" spawned other swing beat tracks, easily made without a "Beat Munger", using a sequencer's quantise functions, like "Space Hopper" by Fresh (amazing), and "Lazy Bones" by Moving Fusion (a big track in its day). The swing beat style pioneered by "Body Rock" found its way into Pendulum's breakthrough "Vault" track (on a brief drum edit after the tune dropped that sent the crowd nuts and caused instant rewinds), and later on their ridiculous "Another Planet" anthem during the mid-section. More recently Sub Focus and other newer artists have used swing beats in their productions blatantly influenced by the one that started it all; specifically in tracks re-imagined from the minimal and tech-house world.

"Body Rock" was basically the peak of Andy C's production career, before records stopped selling and making money and he turned to the more lucrative DJing full time, later falling out with Ant Miles and Shimon. For me, it was an irresistible dance-floor track – a circus ride on stereo. I don't think it is "clown step". I think the original tracks that kick-started "clown step" were all quality, and "clown step" was created by the sheep mentality of the D&B scene, where producers tried en masse to imitate these original tracks. [Another track that could have created "clown step" is the excellent heavyweight "Twist 'Em Out" by Dillinja.]

Unknown fact: After hearing this at Bar Rumba for the first time, I went to Ram Records at The End club the next day to catch another Andy C set. I caught a glimpse of the dub-plate of "Body Rock". What was written on the white label? The word "Triplets". I wish they would have kept this name; I thought this was the perfect name for the track. With hindsight it was a reference to the rhythmic pattern but at the time I thought it was a reference to three identical kids, which I think would have been a weird and wonderful name especially in comparison to the generic title "Body Rock".

Shimon & Andy C* - Body Rock benjamin_brown

June 26, 2010
referencing Body Rock, 12", RAMM34, Ramm34
I remember being at Legends of the Dark Black when Andy C dropped this-----the reaction of everyone (I have goosebumps while writing this and remembering), and I mean everyone, was like no other dnb tune I have known since. This did something that was so different in sound as to what everyone else was making that it just blew the crowd's mind. You can say what you like about it, and there is no denying that anyone who knows nothing about dnb loves this tune, but even if you don't like hearing it on it's own, it can still be mixed with quite a lot of records to make something quite astounding.

Shimon & Andy C* - Body Rock djduff

September 21, 2011
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Also, you are clearly Ben Brown of CounterStriking fame, Styleeeeeee

Shimon & Andy C* - Body Rock the_vinyl_hunta

May 3, 2011
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legends massive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :))))))

Shimon & Andy C* - Body Rock as reviewed by bobbykipper

January 1, 2009
referencing Body Rock, 12", RAMM34, Ramm34
What the reviewer above doesn't realise is that when it comes to dance music, sometimes a simple yet banging track is perfect for raving to and that is what this record is. Simple, syncopated rhythm with a massive bassline guaranteed to rock any club to the ground and it did for many years. Drum n Bass does not all have to be amazingly complex production and cool people. Sometimes it's good to have something to dance to and as a producer if you make a phat beat that you know will rock the crowd then you press it up and play it out and rock them. Get off your high horse, this is a classic, cheesy or not.

Shimon & Andy C* - Body Rock as reviewed by dj_808

September 26, 2008
referencing Body Rock, 12", RAMM34, Ramm34

Shameful dnb tune. Extremely repetitive, lame beat, limp sounding synth. I guess its fun to bounce around to like a tool when you're high. I'm still puzzled as to why so many people enjoy it when it's the complete opposite of what a really good dnb track is. This alone proves that you can make utter poo gold if you're popular enough. I'm making myself depressed just thinking about it. Too bad there's a 75-word minimum review rule, because you could really just sum up Body Rock in two words: "utter shite".

Shimon & Andy C* - Body Rock robsol

September 22, 2010
referencing Body Rock, 12", RAMM34, Ramm34
I assume you were not listening to dnb when this tune dropped. When we got this into the store I worked at, everyone turned their heads; dnb djs, breaks djs, house djs, everyone stopped and listened. Sure, "it's repetitive" but now you sound like my grandma talking about rock n roll. Essentially, that's what drives us all, something new and different, and that's what Body Rock was when it came out.

Shimon & Andy C* - Body Rock as reviewed by ReDrum213

May 13, 2007
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referencing Body Rock, 12", RAMM34, Ramm34
Body Rock, yes unique at the time of released and the sound was then dubbed clownstep. The name originated from producer Dylan. Dylan created the term as a description due to its swingbeat sound that inspired an image of clowns dancing. The phrase was then popularised by Dylan on the drum & bass webforum Dogs On Acid. The phrase was censored by the site's moderators, appearing in posts as "*********", due to its derogatory usage. A "clownsteppa" smiley was spawned, and now appears in DNB-related forums worldwide.

Shimon & Andy C* - Body Rock as reviewed by mudslut23

August 26, 2003
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Super funky! This track just came out of left field and threw everyone for a loop with it's odd tempo. I got into it immediately, and it seems like alot of the DNB guard figured out that they have to be on top of their game, because trax just seemed to get better afterwards. Great dancefloor material. And that's not a bad thing!!

Shimon & Andy C* - Body Rock as reviewed by mr.bounce

August 3, 2003
referencing Body Rock, 12", RAMM34, Ramm34
Bodyrock is track that created a new type of drum'n'bass... in the Netherlands it is called clownstep. Don't know who invented that term but is sums up the feel of this track pretty good in my opinion... never the less is can give a nice twist to a party where much of the same style drum'n'bass is played. The effect on the floor is the proof. I hope more will follow Andy C's example of making deviating types of drum'n'bass.

Shimon & Andy C* - Body Rock as reviewed by slabface

May 23, 2003
referencing Body Rock, 12", RAMM34, Ramm34

Don't believe the hype. This tune was a bit mad the first time you heard it. That's it. Totally gimmicky and, I reckon, the most overrated record in Drum and Bass, ever.

Orient Express is a good solid tune from Ram.

Shimon & Andy C* - Body Rock as reviewed by behemoth

July 31, 2002
referencing Body Rock, 12", RAMM34, Ramm34

You know this tune. It's an utterly stupid, fucked piece of genius. A monster track that apparently got 17 rewinds at Fabric once - i'm not surprised. If this doesn't make dance like a fool, nothing will.

Shimon & Andy C* - Body Rock as reviewed by

September 30, 2001
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referencing Body Rock, 12", RAMM34, Ramm34
Buy this record. All around awesome track to dance and to listen too!
I would compare it to Brown paper bag, in terms of quality and last appeal. Enjoy this one.

On the flip side, orient express is also a sweet track. Nice complement to body rock. All around solid D&B.