Can You Feel It5:52
Washing Machine4:27
Beyond The Clouds8:10
Slam Dance5:00
Let's Dance All Night5:46
Bye Bye5:14
For So Long5:05
The Juice5:01
Mystery Of Love7:09

Credits (2)

  • D.C.S U
    Artwork By
  • Larry Heard
    Larry Heard
    Producer, Written-By, Arranged By


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    Cover of Ammnesia, 1989-04-03, VinylAmmnesia
    2×LP, Album
    Jack Trax – FING 2, Jack Trax – Fing 2UK1989UK1989
    Cover of Ammnesia, 1989-04-03, CDAmmnesia
    CD, Album
    Jack Trax – CD FING 2, Jack Trax – CD Fing 2UK1989UK1989
    Cover of Ammnesia, 1989-04-03, CassetteAmmnesia
    Cassette, Album
    Jack Trax – CFING 2, Jack Trax – CFING2UK1989UK1989
    Cover of Ammnesia, 1989, VinylAmmnesia
    2×LP, Mispress, Album
    Jack Trax – FING 2UK1989UK1989
    No image available; add an image
    2×LP, Album, Unofficial Release, White Label, Promo
    Jack Trax (2) – FING 220012001
    New Submission
    Cover of Ammnesia, 2002, VinylAmmnesia
    2×LP, Album, Unofficial Release
    Jack Trax (2) – FING 220022002
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Ammnesia, 2012-11-21, CDAmmnesia
    CD, Album, Reissue
    P-Vine Records – PCD-93617, Alleviated Records – PCD-93617Japan2012Japan2012
    Cover of Amnesia, 2022-06-27, VinylAmnesia
    3×12", Album, Limited Edition, Reissue, Remastered, Blue
    Alleviated Records – ML9002LPNetherlands2022Netherlands2022
    New Submission
    Cover of Amnesia, 2022-06-27, VinylAmnesia
    3×12", Album, Reissue, Remastered
    Alleviated Records – ML9002LPNetherlands2022Netherlands2022
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Amnesia, 2022-06-27, CDAmnesia
    CD, Album, Reissue, Remastered
    Alleviated Records – ML9002CDNetherlands2022Netherlands2022
    New Submission
    Cover of Ammnesia, , VinylAmmnesia
    2×LP, Album, Unofficial Release
    Jack Trax (2) – FING 2
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    • emerge00077's avatar
      Sounds outstanding, unfortunately there was a production defect on my copy. The lead in grooves on C1 are roughly sanded off, and the first 30 seconds of Stars is gone. :(
      • Spastmatiker's avatar
        tastefully remastered but not remastered to death. bass kicks hard now on some tracks and the highs and details are clean (there are some very silent delays on some drums i could swear i couldnt hear before on older versions). but they didnt overdo it with overcompression or cleaning it up too much so that it sounds sterile. it still has the lo-fi "crunch" and occasional glitch which are imo. part of the experience and the vibe and the just need to be there. whoever remastered this made it perfect.

        tl,dr: if you like this album get the remaster.
        • GrooveFM's avatar
          Not the best remastering job, some tracks have their character and tonal balance altered a lot from the original pressing.
          'Waterfall' for example sounds like nothing but a massive mid-range boost that sounds really over the top.
          • GuruXenu's avatar
            Was this blue pressing an exclusive or something? I ordered what I thought was a standard black copy of this from Bleep, but I got this blue one instead. Definitely not complaining, I'm just confused.
            • AdrySlow's avatar
              Why this reissue are named “Amnesia” and not “Ammnesia” ?
              • darlinghz's avatar
                The Mystery Of Love - Dub Version is the one on this much sought after, expensive 12":


                So good to have this on a great pressing at last, a landmark among landmark selections, over three pieces of vinyl. Many thanks Mr Heard
                • c.h.e.r.o.k.e.e's avatar
                  My copy showed up sealed and only had A/B.....E/F records.
                  Any one else have this issue?
                  • aairplane77's avatar
                    I'm sure someone from somewhere that isn't Chicago is going to have a different opinion but damn...this is the best I've heard these tracks sound (in my home). Can't imagine there being a more necessary reissue this year or next.
                    • My_Vinyl_Record_Box's avatar
                      Mr Fingers "Amnesia" (Alleviated Records)

                      Composed, Mixed and Produced by: Larry Heard

                      Mr Fingers is Larry Heard - deep house originator, cultural developer and a perpetual pioneer.

                      "Amnesia" was originally released in 1989 as a double album on Jack Trax. The album is a collection of Larry's work under the alias, Mr Fingers and includes some of House music's most crucial and pivotal achievements.
                      Thirty three years on we have a remastered reissue on Heards own Alleviated Records.

                      If there is one album which educates the listener about the roots and future possibilities of House Music - this is the one.

                      "In the beginning there was Larry Heard" - 10/10.
                      • tony879's avatar
                        Edited 8 months ago
                        Just got this in the U.K. direct from the wonderful Clone record shop
                        Glad I paid the extra for the postage which was about £12 on top, expensive though and I wouldn’t normally but this is a special record, historically, sonically and aesthetically in this lovely special pressing.
                        Sleeve is good quality and the vinyl is heavyweight.
                        The sound is top drawer, warm and rich and not too clinical. Be aware that the original recording is analogue and raw. There’s nothing hi fi about the music.
                        The colour of the records is something to behold though, each disc a differing shade of sky blue with darker swirls, some discs varying in shade and colour intensity.
                        A wonderful and beautiful package that does justice to a landmark record.
                        A keeper set.
                        If only all vinyl reissues were like this….

                        * at time of writing Clone still have these in stock either 500 or 300 were made *

                        Master Release


                        152 For Sale from $17.39


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