C.J. Bolland*Electronic Highway


The Tower Of Naphtali7:14
Con Spirito7:41
Nec Plus Ultra11:12
Spoof (Remix)7:02
Neural Paradox9:19
Drum Tower5:15

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    Cover of Electronic Highway, 1995-11-06, CDElectronic Highway
    CD, Album
    R & S Records – RS 95011 CDBelgium1995Belgium1995
    Cover of Electronic Highway, 1995-11-06, VinylElectronic Highway
    2×LP, Album
    R & S Records – RS 95011Europe1995Europe1995
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    Cover of Electronic Highway, 1995, CDElectronic Highway
    CD, Album
    Rough Trade – RTD119.3107.2, R & S Records – RS 95011 CDGermany1995Germany1995
    Recently Edited
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    Electronic Highway
    Cassette, Advance, Album, Promo
    R & S Records – noneEurope1995Europe1995
    New Submission
    Cover of Electronic Highway, 1996-03-01, CDElectronic Highway
    CD, Album
    R & S Records – SRCS 7957Japan1996Japan1996
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Electronic Highway, , CassetteElectronic Highway
    Cassette, Album, Unofficial Release
    Not On Label (CJ Bolland) – noneUkraineUkraine
    New Submission
    Cover of Electronic Highway, , CDElectronic Highway
    R & S Records – RS 95011 CDAustriaAustria
    New Submission


    • gavman's avatar
      This is an excellent album, the A side is good, very evocative, ethereal and trancey, but the creme de la creme is the longest track: B1, Nec Plus Ultra.
      A true musical journey, for me this is electronica at it's finest, like Orbital but with more drive and complexity, like Underworld but more ethereal, it sends shivers up and down my spine
      A genuine classic that, like all the best stuff ftom the 90's, sounds as fresh today as it did back then. You need this record in your collection☺
      • Cardia1's avatar
        In my opinion his best album, tracks sound very hypnotic and some of them have powerful deep melodies that reminds me a but Nostrum tunes. My top track here is "The Tower Of Naphtali", i also love "Con Spirito" by Vangelis and "Bones".
        • lixenixen's avatar
          The melody of "Con Spirito" is lifted straight from Vangelis's "Heaven and Hell (Part 2)" without giving him any credit. Shame on you, Mr. Bolland!
          • afstoffer's avatar
            Just listen to con spirito and be amazed by Cj’s production.
            • Livysound's avatar
              A truly fantastic album from One of techno's unsung heroes!!!!!
              • Workshy's avatar
                If old skool hardcore hadn't splintered into happy hardcore and drum 'n' bass /jungle etc. i hope it would have sounded similar to this album. Brilliant and underrated.
                • AlexisNembrode's avatar
                  We have to choose the words wisely to review this album. After the mastodontic classic "4th sign", it was very hard to achieve the same brilliance and solid structure that his previous works had. So, can this album be considered as a classic as well? Yes. Absolutely. From the first second, when the first drops of sound hit your ears, and the trancey techno break beats fill your brain, you can immediatly understand why Bolland couldnt be anything else but an electronic musician. Everything was done right. The breaks, the melodies, the structures... Even the artwork is amazing. This release is a lot more melodic than Cj's previous releases, and the rhythms are a lot more complex, dipped into strong flavours of Drum and Bass, carefully sliced by those melodic breaks, that Cristopher does like no one else.
                  • EDJ303's avatar
                    On Electronic Highway, CJ Bolland distances himself from the stark acid-techno and trance of his early career with a set of emotive, symphonic tracks. Though Bolland's rhythms are just as driving, and his use of percussion just as heavy as before, most of the squelchy acid effects have been replaced. On "The Tower of Naphtali" he uses toybox melodies to soften the blow, while a few faraway vintage synth lines spice "Con Spirito" and the highlight "Zenith." With help on engineering from David Morley, Bolland also added breakbeats, and the result is the solid early ambient drum'n'bass piece, "Bones." Cisco Ferreira also helps out on two tracks, a remix of "Spoof" and "Drum Tower."
                    • Spartacus's avatar
                      Songs 1,3 and 5 are solid rock. These three stand for me as the best of Bolland-sound. Melodies flow, beat goes on in its own way and the result is a winner.
                      • Portis's avatar
                        Contains a few excellent, melodic techno tracks. The first three tracks are still fabulous today. It's about the best example of splitting listening and dancing capabilities down the middle.

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