Ran KirlianFormations

Ran Kirlian - Formations album cover
Style:Ambient, Tribal


First Hours4:13
Crimson Trees14:05
Formations I8:43
Dark Territories11:41
Forgotten Survivor6:11
Quh Ong I8:43
Quh Ong II6:52

Credits (2)

  • Ran Kirlian
    Ran Kirlian
    Composed By, Performer, Producer, Recorded By, Synthesizer [Korg Z1, Access Virus Indigo, Access Virus Indigo 2 Redback, Ensoniq Fizmo, Alesis Ion, Oberheim OB12, Quasimidi Polymorph, Clavia NordRack 2x, DSI Mono Evolver, Korg Triton TR61, Roland JP 8080, Waldorf Microwave XT, Waldorf Q Rack, Roland VP 900], Overtone Voice, Flute, Chimes [Wind Chimes], Bells, Percussion, Sounds [Rocks, Sand And Found Sounds]
  • Ran Kirlian
    Ran Kirlian
    Photography By, Layout, Design


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    • richardgurtler's avatar
      Edited 10 years ago
      Ran Kirlian "Formations" CDr

      Spaniard Ran Kirlian, one of the driving forces behind Altera Orbe label, has released in October 2012 his third official solo CDr release "Formations", mostly based on live improvisations during 2009 and 2011. After dark ambient styled "Dissolution" and deep space-infused "Continuum" Ran Kirlian now delves into mysteriously fragranced and uniquely shaped sonic terrains, masterfully bridging deep organic mindscapes with delicate tribal groove escapades. The most challenging part of this blend is the use of overtone voices, which adds a quite distinctive dimension to already hauntingly immersing soundsculpting. "First Hours" ignite this mystifying journey with stunningly expressive overtone magics intriguing with intensely primordial ambience. Top-notch intro!!! Cavernous rumbles enrich eerie voice drones on "Aerthanna", later smooth and slightly cyber-tech flavored tribals step in, superiorly blending primitive culture with modern sound wizardry. Another massively absorbing expedition, bravo, Ran!!! Ancient woods are calling, "Crimson Trees" keep the path, with 14 minutes the longest "Formation". Again strangely flavored and hauntingly tapestried with few elusive melodic passages for fully intense shaman's healing journey. This is Ran Kirlian at his most organic and magical!!! The next piece, "Formations I", shifts to more serene and aerial spheres, gently expanding and drifting into more massive panoramas, enriched on the back by few distant cybernetic fragments. The gates of "Dark Territories" are unlocked and the listener is taken into fascinating nocturnal, deeply contemplative sceneries, which later percolate into lushly vibrant tribal canvas. "Forgotten Survivor" calms down at the beginning with darker drones, but later mild downtempos join the stage, expanding and relieving at the same time. "Quh Ong I" reveals with monstrous drone, that quickly steps down into quieter zone, but soon the ghostly overtone dissonances intertwine. Immense, rough, excessive, shrilling, but always deeply mesmerizing and transcendental, an "all-inclusive" bliss designed for your nightly musings!!! Once again, bravo!!! Expansive drone landscapes lead "Quh Ong II" until radiant shamanistic tribals invade, coalesce and encompass us with its hypnotic rite. Highly effective finale!!! Ran Kirlian has ventured with "Formations" into incredibly spectacular spirited terrains, quite uncharted when comparing to his previous two albums. More spins are required, but as soon you reach your deep immersion, all the mysteries behind "Formations" are revealed. Max Corbacho gets credit for the final mastering job. A superb performance by Ran Kirlian!!!

      Richard Gürtler (Apr 23, 2013, Bratislava, Slovakia)

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