Ran KirlianContinuum



Amos Neheran Arr3:47
Ikuinen Mitätön9:51
Messier 834:45
Stella Ignea10:10

Credits (2)

  • Ran Kirlian
    Ran Kirlian
    Artwork [Cover Layout And Digital Images]
  • Ran Kirlian
    Ran Kirlian
    Composed By, Performer, Producer, Recorded By, Synthesizer [Analog And Digital], Sounds [Treated Sounds, Field Recordings]


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    Altera Orbe – AOR0008Spain2012Spain2012
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    Cover of Continuum, 2012-06-00, FileContinuum
    8×File, MP3, Album, 256 kbps
    Altera Orbe – AOR0008Spain2012Spain2012
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    • richardgurtler's avatar
      Edited 10 years ago
      Ran Kirlian "Continuum" CDr

      Busy release schedule of Altera Orbe label has brought to us during June 2012 another thrilling release by Ran Kirlian, in Castellón, Spain based ambient sculptor, entitled "Continuum". As indicated by its title and really gorgeous cover images, Ran Kirlian this time, when comparing with his previous "Dissolution" album, ventures into profoundly celestial domains. All tracks on "Continuum" were recorded during the period 2005-2010. Ultra deep drone wizardry is immediately unveiled on "Amos Neheran Arr", rather shorter invitation to take absolutely spectacular journey to leave the Earth's surface. "Apeiron" continues on enormously transporting continuous flow of stellar dronescapes precisely embellished by assorted industrial and organic rumbling sounds. Ran Kirlian offers here a truly mindscaping sonic odyssey, the gates to The Void are unlocked!!! The next composition, "Ikuinen Mitätön", slowly expands into more massive wall of drones, graciously drifting through spacial emptiness. English translation from Finnish is "Eternal Void", this is another precisely fitting track title. "Messier 83" enters into slightly more quiet spaces with conspicuously swirling washes with heavenly choirs. The title composition, "Continuum" is the longest piece on this journey, getting over a 15-minute mark. It glides colossally through smoothly expanding subtlety and stillness and captures immensely beautiful dimensions. "Stella Ignea" clocks over 10 minutes and dives promptly into more monumental soundworlds, flavored with various high-tech fragments and metallic rumbles. Another hugely visualizing and immersing listening experience!!! "Órbita" returns to rather tranquil and organic soundscaping, quite cinematic, although the end of the track progresses into more massive and intense passages. "Momentum" closes this voyage with another batch of monstrously invasive and evolving, nearly otherworldly dronescapes, lasting 13 minutes. If you prefer your intergalactic voyage darker than the darkest and deeper than the deepest, then "Continuum" is made just for you!!! And by the time I am posting this review, a new album by Ran Kirlian "Formations" is available via Altera Orbe, so stay tuned...

      Richard Gürtler (Nov 01, 2012, Bratislava, Slovakia)

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