Mash Up Da Place5:47
Tiger Style6:35

Credits (2)

  • Nilesh Patel
    Lacquer Cut By
  • DJ Hype
    DJ Hype
    Written-By [Uncredited], Producer [Uncredited]


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    Version DetailsData Quality
    Cover of Volume 4, 1994, VinylVolume 4
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM
    Ganja Records – GAN 004UK1994UK1994
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    Cover of Mash Up Da Place, 1994, VinylMash Up Da Place
    12", White Label, Promo
    Ganja Records – GAN 004, Ganja Records – GAN 006UK1994UK1994
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Volume 4, 1994, VinylVolume 4
    12", White Label, Promo, Sticker
    Ganja Records – GAN 004UK1994UK1994
    New Submission
    Cover of Volume Four, 1997, VinylVolume Four
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Repress
    Ganja Records – GAN 004UK1997UK1997
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Volume 4, , VinylVolume 4
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM
    Ganja Records – GAN 004UKUK
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    • dylaf's avatar
      Edited one year ago

      2 versions of 'Mash Up Da Place' on this plate;

      Side A plays the same as the 'Volume 4' release; side AA plays the Origin Unknown mix from 'Remixes Vol 2', & a belter it is too.

      Those not so keen on the 'tribal drum' vocal will be glad to know, its further back in the mix, abstracted with cut up & effects & less frequent.

      I'm a big fan of both versions for different reasons.
      • dylaf's avatar
        Edited one year ago

        Funny, I love 'Mash Up The Place', OK the female vocals may not be its key attack ingredient, but, it is relative in a humorous way; mentioning the 'tribal drum' with DnB being its furthest removed & most distant bastard child. This is an abstract, slightly evil track that strips back the usual pace of a Hype onslaught & gets a bit wonky in the place. Still does the damage.

        Tiger style needs no introduction... I would say a classic, & therefore still holds up today for any jungle heads out there...

        • Dom_Sathanas's avatar
          Mash Up Da Place has not aged well at all. The sexy samples are cringeworthy and take an effective if workmanlike very typical 94 Hype tune and consign it to ignominy. Fortunately Tiger Style on the flip saves the day to a degree even if it's still a little bit "eh" now and hard to remember what the all the fuss was about. Not as timeless as earlier Jungle and Hardcore releases before the Wu-Tang and US hip-hop obsession took over (I like that genre and LOVED it on the dancefloor as a teenager but it's not held up too well)
          • rizllla's avatar
            For anyone interested in playing spot the sample, Mash Up Da Place features another sample from the Pacino Film 'Scarface' (2:19) Quite possibly an all time favorite film of DJ Hype?
            • breakbeatscientist's avatar
              I was never a huge fan of 'Mash Up Da Place' to be honest. It is far from being a bad tune and has all the trademarks of Hype at his best present, but didn't particularly grab me either. However this release contains one of my favourite hip-hop sampling jungle tracks ever on the flip side. 'Tiger Style' is a storming combination of Wu-Tang samples mashed into thundering breaks, reverses and booming bass. The amazing thing about this releases is that it pre-empted the 1996 jump-up fixation on using hip-hop samples by 2 years. Something which only a few 1994 tracks did during jungle's ragga phase back then (Skool Of Hard Knocks 'Kan Ya Feel It' is the only other track that springs to mind). Classic Ganja!

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