Venetian SnaresWinnipeg Is A Frozen Shithole


Winnipeg Is A Frozen Shithole4:32
Winnipeg Is A Dogshit Dildo3:53
Winnipeg Is Fucking Over6:25
Winnipeg Is Steven Stapleton's Armpit2:52
Die Winnipeg Die Die Die Fuckers Die7:01
Winnipeg As Mandatory Scat Feed6:49
Winnie The Dog Pooh (Not Half Remix)4:06
Winnipeg Is A Boiling Pot Of Cranberries (Fanny Remix)4:21
Die Winnipeg Die Die Die Fuckers Die (Spreading The Hepatitis SKM-ETR Style)5:17

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    Cover of Winnipeg Is A Frozen Shithole, 2005, CDWinnipeg Is A Frozen Shithole
    CD, Album
    Sublight Records – SLR203Canada2005Canada2005
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    Cover of Winnipeg Is A Frozen Shithole .EP, 2005-03-01, VinylWinnipeg Is A Frozen Shithole .EP
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM, EP, Special Cut
    Bang A Rang – bag03France2005France2005
    Cover of Winnipeg Is A Frozen Shithole .EP Vol.2, 2005-03-15, VinylWinnipeg Is A Frozen Shithole .EP Vol.2
    12", 45 RPM, EP, Special Cut
    Bang A Rang – bag04France2005France2005
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    Cover of Winnipeg Is A Frozen Shithole, 2005-01-20, FileWinnipeg Is A Frozen Shithole
    9×File, MP3, Album, 320 kbps
    Sublight Records – SLR203Canada2005Canada2005
    New Submission
    Cover of Winnipeg Is A Frozen Shithole, 2015-11-30, FileWinnipeg Is A Frozen Shithole
    9×File, MP3, Album, Reissue, 320 kbps
    Not On Label (Venetian Snares Self-released) – noneCanada2015Canada2015
    New Submission
    Cover of Winnipeg Is A Frozen Shithole, , VinylWinnipeg Is A Frozen Shithole
    12", EP, White Label
    Bang A Rang – bag03
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    • vwd8's avatar
      i think venetian snares hates winnipeg i dunno just a conspiracy theory
      • DagothVemyn's avatar
        Initially, I was puzzled to why the WIAFS album was split into 2 parts on vinyl. I could live with it, but it annoyed me nonetheless. When I espied part 2 for cheap on Discogs, I snapped it up. Little did I know until this arrived (go me for researching properly) that these two volumes are just two tracks a piece; one on each side. Man that sucks! I guess it was an easy way to release four singles off the record for DJ consumption, or something. But shit guys, call it something else, will ya!

        The tracks here are "Winnipeg Die Die Die Fuckers Die" and "Winnipeg as Mandatory Scat Feed"; excellent tracks in their own right but not the half an album that I was expecting. The tracks on this record seem more gabba orientated than anything. Well, when I say gabba orientated I mean that it's the usual Venetian Snares mindfuck affair with the addition of some phat, distorted 909 kick drums. Bitch please, this is hard work!

        Nevertheless, I am a sucker for aural punishment and I enjoy this release, short as it is. This seems to be out on the efforts of Bang A Rang (an imprint of Peace Off records), and I'm pleased to say has full artwork printed, unlike the Planet Mu pressings of most Venetian Snares stuff.
        • vinyl-grabber-shop's avatar
          Edited 4 years ago
          A1 to A9 doesn't exist ! / No locked groove / Think both sides playing at 45 Rpm.
          This record was only produced with A1 = Winnipeg Is A Frozen Shithole /A2 = Winnipeg Is A Dogshit Dildo /B1 = Winnipeg Is Fucking Over
          • elitist_loser's avatar
            10 years later, this release is still unbeaten for me in terms of combination of rhythmic complexity, violence, and musical dynamism (buildups).
            Overall volume is still bigger than many recent releases in spite of the neverending loudness war, and you don't have a bass squishing the rest of mix.
            My favourite tracks : Winnipeg is fucking over / Die die die winnipeg fuckers die / Winnipeg as mandatory scat feed
            • tecxx's avatar

              The track on the A side gives this word a new meaning. Without remorse and respect for anything this song smashes your brain into peaces with it's raw bassline. Afterwards it stabs your eyes out with it's razor sharp snares and kicks.
              Part time without any structure at all, then with somewhat that sounds like a 4/4 hardcore pattern this is probably the most intense experience you can get on vinyl.

              And the fact that it has an awesome buildup followed by a killer climax makes it not just top, it makes it...

              • girltaNK's avatar
                Edited 18 years ago
                personally, i think this albums funnier than it is angry. which is not to say it doesnt pound - it is gabba after all. the only thing i have against it is that the beats are a bit straighter than i expect from snares - he sticks in relatively repititive bass beats in more songs than i like, so its more pounding than spastic. that said, theres still plenty of experimentation (even some vaguely merzbow shit), some funny as samples and some mad bass. good shizz.
                • jared_lethal's avatar
                  Edited 19 years ago
                  "Winnipeg Is A Frozen Shithole" is one of the most angry and harsh gabber material I've ever listened to. Aaron Funk probably doesn't like his hometown, because this collection -- besides the track titles -- is a pure statement of hate at Winnipeg. This album, more of an EP, is living proof that Venetian Snares is versatile. He doesn't want the listener to be accommodated to his sounds.
                  With "Winnipeg..." he leaves his mark on the gabber world in a very violent way -- stabbing and castrating the genre with sharp sharp, indeed sharp knives.

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