VariousCircuit D'Actes 2


:codesShadow Coat
Ssleeping desiresSOf Lovers
NihiltronixHey Jesu
Makina GirgirVie Absurde
Former AirlineOktober
Ssleeping desiresSThis Age
:codesNekra Fylla
Makina GirgirChimère
Former AirlineLet's Have A Party

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    Cover of Circuit D'Actes 2, 2011, VinylCircuit D'Actes 2
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    La Forme Lente – LFL 4France2011France2011
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    La Forme Lente – LFL4France2011France2011
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    • sweetsurprise's avatar
      Edited 12 years ago
      Igloo Magazine - 26-06-2011

      La Forme Lente‘s Circuit D’Actes was not only one of the stand out synth wave compilations of 2010, it was one of the most prophetic. The French imprint chose four artists for this 12” ensemble, two of which (Automelodi and Frank (just Frank) have since been picked up by New York’s excellent Wierd Records and another (Dolina) has just released on Germany’s Treue Um Treue. La Forme Lente has stuck to the same formula for Circuit D’Acts 2, but doubled the output with two tracks per contributor. So, what has this label managed to find this time?

      :Codes open the LP. :Codes are no stranger to the compilation business, it appears to be their bread and butter with appearances on Kommando6 and Enfant Terrible. For La Forme Lente :Codes give up the parred back minimal “Shadow Coat.” The track is a measured and cold piece of modern wave music, aching for abandonment. Next we’re off to the US for Ssleeping DesiresS and their catchy synth pop style. “Of Lovers” has a balance of warm analogue tones and disinterested and removed lyrics. The track stems from the Wierd sound, dejected in one breath and accepting in the next. Nilhiltronix introduces the billowing chimney stacks and stained metal of post punk industrialism, angst ridden and harsh. The best known, for me anyway, is up next; Makina Girgir with “Vie Absurde.” The track is full of the goodness previously served up by this French synth zealot and boss of Falco Invernale Records. Now across to the UK for Former Airline and “Oktober.” The group, with a handful of appearances and a self released cassette under their belts, offer up a melt of traditional sound dripping with alienation and some electronic abstractions. By the B-Side it’s become apparent that LFL are displaying some of their favourite genres, retrospective synth pop and disenfranchised strings. The flip opens with “This Age” by Ssleeping DesiresS which blends a modern electro disco synthline with lumbering and sorrow-filled vocals. :Codes return with “Nekra Fylla” and a real stomper of an industrial piece. Slow and cumbersome with female vocals adding ballast to the dense sounds, wonderful piece.

      Nilhiltronix brings the cheerful “Emptiness” to the the B-Side. The track is drenched in a dismal industrial drear, with tortured strings stretched and wrenched before distant vocals enter. A very dark piece of minimalism indeed. Synths take centre stage once more with Makina Girgir and “Chimère.” A tempered and dark piece of electro pop with rich and textured analogue tones. The fuselage clatter and engine distortion of Former Airline lead the LP to a close with twisted strings and muffled vocals.

      Circuits D’Actes was a succinct and balanced compilation of upcoming artists with an ear for electro pop and synth wave. Circuits D’Actes 2 has followed on from where its older brother left off. The cast is new, but nonetheless just as ground-breaking. The latest compilation has wandered into the realms of industrial and post punk, but has again focussed on exciting new synthesizer acts. LFL’s latest has build on the last. A modern snapshot of what is happening across the globe in the synth wave scene. Time will tell whether this follow up compilation will be as prophetic as its predecessor; either way it’s hit the right notes.

      Circuit D’Actes 2 is out now on La Forme Lente.
      • sweetsurprise's avatar
        Edited 12 years ago
        X Wave blog - 19-06-2011

        Released in April 2011, this compilation with a beautiful DIY cover is the latest great release from La Forme Lente, a label from the shouth of France really worth keeping an eye on.

        The selection contains 10 titles from : codes (Belgium), Nihiltronix (France), Former Airline (UK), Makina Girgir (France) and Ssleeping desiresS (USA). What makes this compilation so special is not only the selection quality, but also the fact that all of these artists never released much material before.

        Both : codes songs are very cold and solemn, with industrial drums, heavy bass pads and catchy sequences. Shadow Coat has a man vocal while Nekra Fylla is sang by a female. I didn’t really know about : codes before getting this record and I am anxiously waiting for new recordings to get my hands on. This is definitely one of my favorite new project out there.

        If I didn’t discover Ssleeping desiresS tracks through this release, I would have thought they are vintage recordings. This is typical synth wave, very cold, haunting and danceable; just the way I like it. Worth mentioning, the lyrics are excellent; very intelligent and poetic.

        As you might have read in this review, I was already fervent about Nihiltronix, but I got totally blown away by Hey Jesu. Blaspheming distorted and demented vocals with squealing noises over a kick ass bass and drum beat. Wow, this is really rock n’ roll! The other track is a little more quiet with a repetitive pattern, more weird noises and the same demented vocal, very far in the the background.

        Then comes Makina Girgir that is another big revelation for me. Think of a dreamy atmosphere with beautiful analog sounds, addictive melodies and a very sweet female vocal. I couldn’t ask for any better! Being more accessible, I think this project might reach a larger audience.

        Both Former Airline tracks are quite different. Oktober is more electronic, with experimental sounds and abstract guitar melodies while Let’s Have a Party has more guitars and is a little more upbeat. I find they sound like a mix between Cheveu, The Fall and early Cabaret Voltaire. Both titles are kind of abstract, industrial and experimental, but nothing harsh with just enough weirdness.

        Congratulation to La Forme Lente for this perfect compilation. So far, this is sincerely my favorite release of the year. Hurry up while their is still a few copies left!

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