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VariousThe Rubble Collection Volumes 11-20


Adventures In The Mist
The AccentWind Of Change
The Poets (2)Wooden Spoon
Felius AndromedaCheadle Heath Delusions
The Plague (2)Looking For The Sun
The FairytaleListen To Mary Cry
Fire (6)Treacle Toffee World
The Attack (2)Colour Of My Mind
The CaliforniansFollow Me
The FairytaleGuess I Was Dreaming
Felius AndromedaMeditations
The Sauterelles*Dream Machine
The Attack (2)Lady Orange Peel
The Poets (2)In Your Tower
Turquoise (3)Woodstock
Cherry SmashFade Away Maureen
The Ice*Iceman
Staircase To Nowhere
Bulldog BreedPortcullis Gate
Virgin Sleep*Secret
Tintern AbbeyVacuum Cleaner
23rd Turnoff*Michaelangelo
Human Instinct*A Day In My Minds Mind
East Of Eden (2)Northern Hemisphere
World Of Oz*Peter's Birthday (Black & White Rainbows)
Denny LaineCatherine's Wheel
Tintern AbbeyBeeside
Human Instinct*Pink Dawn
TimeboxGone Is The Sad Man
People (10)Glastonbury
The Outer LimitsHelp Me Please
World Of Oz*Like A Tear
Warm SoundsNite-Is-A-Comin' / Smeta Murgaty
Freak Beat Fantoms
The Buzz (2)You're Holding Me Down
Les Fleur De LysGong With A Luminous Nose
The Boys BlueTake A Heart
The DeejaysBlackeyed Woman
Southern SoundJust The Same As You
The Act (3)Just A Little Bit
Force Five (2)Yeah, I'm Waiting
The AnswersJust A Fear
The French Revolution*9 'Til 5
Arizona Swamp CompanyTrain Keeps Rollin'
Southern SoundI Don't Wanna Go
The AttractionShe's A Girl
The Game (4)Help Me Mummy's Gone
The Boys BlueYou Got What I Want
The Peep ShowMazy
George Gallagher* & The Pathfinders (2)Dawn
The Magic Rocking Horse
Esprit De CorpsIf (Would It Turn Out Wrong)
The Truth (5)Sueno
Our Plastic DreamA Little Bit Of Shangri-La
Rupert's PeopleI Can Show You
The Groove (3)The Wind
Curiosity ShoppeBaby I Need You
The Ghost (2)The Castle Has Fallen
Nirvana (2)June
Pinkerton's Colours*Magic Rocking Horse
Boeing Duveen & The Beautiful Soup*Jabberwock
Rupert's PeopleDream On My Mind
Strawberry ChildrenLove Years Coming
Science PoptionYou Got Me High
Our Plastic DreamEncapsulated Marygold
The SynGrounded
The SubMa-Mari-Huana
5000 Seconds Over Toyland
Noah's ArkPaper Man
The State Of Mickey & Tommy*Nobody Knows Where You've Been
The ZippsWhen You Tell It, Tell It Well
The Pretty ThingsEagles Son
House Of Lords (5)In The Land Of Dreams
John Fitch & AssociatesRomantic Attitude
Tuesdays Children*Strange Light From The East
Jason CrestTurquoise Tandem Cycle
The Pretty ThingsAlexander
The JackpotsJack In The Box
Sound Barrier (2)Groovin' Slow
Rupert's PeopleI've Got The Love
Wallace CollectionMy Way Of Loving You
The State Of Mickey & Tommy*With Love From 1 To 5
Wonderland (8)Moscow
The Pretty ThingsBlow Your Mind
Glass Orchid Aftermath
Gary Walker & The RainFrancis
John Bromley & Fleur De Lys*So Many Things
The Lovin'All You've Lost
The Chasers (2)Inspiration
St. Valentines Day Massacre*Brother Can You Spend A Dime
The Sea-DersUndecidedly
Dreams (2)Softly, Softly
Ace Kefford Stand*Gravy Booby Jamm
The Remo FourLive Like A Lady
Eyes Of BlueQIII
The Sea-DersThanks A Lot
The Lovin'Keep In Believin'
The Pretty ThingsGrey Skies
Caarriage Company*Feel Right
Staccatos*Butchers & Bakers
Mint (15)Love By Numbers
A Trip In A Painted World
The Fox (3)Seek And You Find
The BarrierSpot The Lights
The CaliforniansGolden Apples
The Oscar Bicycles*The Room Revolves Around Me
Gentle InfluenceEasy To Know
Andwella's Dream*Sunday
A New GenerationShe's A Soldier Boy
Christopher ColtVirgin Sunrise
The Lion TamersLight
The Act (3)The Remedies Of Doctor Brohnicoy
The Fox (3)Hey Mr. Carpenter
Philamore LincolnRunning By The River
The AfexShe's Got The Time
Spice (15)In Love
Nicky JamesSilver Butterfly
Wild SilkToymaker
Rainbow Thyme Wynders
Acid GalleryDance 'Round The Maypole
Calum BryceLove-Maker
Lyons & MaloneDr. Gentle
The Fruit MachineThe Wall
Andy ForrayDream With Me
Pregnant InsomniaWallapaper
Russell MorrisThe Real Thing (Parts 1 & 2)
Octopus (9)The River
Doomsday Machine (2)Ain't Nobody Else
Infantes JubilateExploding Galaxy
Still Life (29)My Kingdom Cannot Loose
Dee & The Quotum*Someday You'll Need Someone
St. David's RoadStrange Loves Of Gwyneth
Octopus (9)The Thief
Time Machine (9)Turn Back Time / Bird On The Wind
Eiderdown Mindfog
Rameses & Selket*(In My) Mind's Eye
The Lions Of Judah*Katja
Lyons & MaloneShe's Alright
The Moving FingerPain Of My Misfortune
The BarrierDawn Breaks Through
Cinnamon QuillCandy
The Scots Of St. JamesTimothy
Icarus (9)The Devil Rides Out
The Fourmyula*Honey Chile
Portebello ExplosionWe Can Fly
Rameses & Selket*Crazy One
Hayden WoodThe House Beside The Mine
The Scots Of St. JamesElderdown Clown
Together (13)Memories Of Melinda
Sheridan* - Price*Tracey Smith
The Cymbeline*Fire
Thrice Upon A Time (Nothing Is Real)
Blossom ToesWhat On Earth
The Apple*Buffalo Billy Can
Soft MachineLove Makes Sweet Music
Boeing Duveen & The Beautiful Soup*Which Dreamed It
The David*Light Of Your Mind
Kate (14)Don't Make A Sound
ArgosyMr. Boyd
The Bump*Winston Built A Bridge
Adjeef The PoetIEEK! I'm A Freak
Pandemonium*The Sun Shines From His Eyes
Chapter FourIn My Life
Fleur De Lys*Mud In Your Eye
Crazy World Of Arther Brown*Devil's Grip
The Beautiful*Walter's Dream
Art (2)Supernatural Fairytales
The BeatstalkersSilver Tree Top Scholl For Boys

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Cover of The Rubble Collection Volumes 11-20, 2003, CDThe Rubble Collection Volumes 11-20
10×CD, Compilation, Remastered; Box Set, Compilation
Past & Present Records – PAPRBOX7UK2003UK2003
New Submission
Cover of The Rubble Collection Volumes 11-20, 2007, CDThe Rubble Collection Volumes 11-20
10×CD, Compilation; Box Set, Compilation, Limited Edition, Reissue
Fallout – FALLBOX002UK2007UK2007
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Bradx's avatar
Edited 7 years ago
Fall Out have just (as of Jan 2015) reissued the entire 20 volume set of Rubble in one box set.
As a series it's always been 50/50 hit and miss to me. There's a ton of wild UK classics on board.... but there's also a whole load of really lame bubblegum, pre-prog and otherwise cheesy pop on the albums too. The quality control wasn't set too high on a lot them. Some of it sounds like The New Seekers, some of it is just very dated harmony pop with no particular 'psychedelic' components. Some tracks are frustrating in that they have a nice loud blast of fuzz guitar riffing or whatever - and then the vocal comes in and kills it stone dead.
The best tracks are killer though which is probably why this series will always be reissued in one form or another, and sell well.

By the way - on volume 14 The Magic Rocking Horse - there's a short 2' instrumental track that's not listed (track 17). Weird little thing with a middle-eastern vibe.