Pharoahe MonchInternal Affairs

Genre:Hip Hop


Behind Closed Doors3:11
Simon Says2:53
No Mercy4:29
Right Here2:56
The Next Shit3:20
The Ass3:27
The Light3:36
God Send3:16
The Truth3:56
Simon Says (Remix)6:15

Credits (16)

  • Clabazitzaz*
    Art Direction
  • Nobody Creative
    Art Direction
  • As1
  • Lee Stone
    Executive Producer
  • Pharoahe Monch
    Executive Producer
  • Rene John-Sandy II
    Executive Producer


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    Cover of Internal Affairs, 1999, CDInternal Affairs
    CD, Album
    Rawkus – P2 50137US1999US1999
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Internal Affairs (Instrumentals), 1999, VinylInternal Affairs (Instrumentals)
    Rawkus – RWK 1174US1999US1999
    Cover of Internal Affairs, 1999-10-25, VinylInternal Affairs
    2×LP, Album
    Rawkus – RWK 1170US1999US1999
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Internal Affairs, 1999, CDInternal Affairs
    CD, Album
    Virgin Music Canada – V2 50137Canada1999Canada1999
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Internal Affairs, 1999, CassetteInternal Affairs
    Cassette, Album
    Rawkus – P4 50137US1999US1999
    New Submission
    Cover of Internal Affairs, 1999-10-19, CDInternal Affairs
    CD, Album
    Clean Version
    Rawkus – P2 50138, Rawkus – 04992 50138 25US1999US1999
    New Submission
    Cover of Internal Affairs, 1999-10-18, CDrInternal Affairs
    CDr, Album, Promo
    Rawkus – noneUK1999UK1999
    New Submission
    Cover of Internal Affairs, 1999, CDInternal Affairs
    CD, Album
    Rawkus – P2 50137, Rawkus – 04992 50137 26US1999US1999
    New Submission
    Cover of Internal Affairs, 2000, CDInternal Affairs
    CD, Album, Reissue
    Rawkus – P2 50137, [PIAS] – 723.1170.20Europe2000Europe2000
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Internal Affairs, 2020-06-05, VinylInternal Affairs
    2×LP, Album, Limited Edition, Reissue, Remastered
    Red/Orange Swirl
    Trescadecaphobia – WM0002US2020US2020
    New Submission
    Cover of Internal Affairs, 2021, VinylInternal Affairs
    2×LP, Album, Limited Edition, Reissue, Remastered
    Orange/Black split
    Trescadecaphobia – WM0002US2021US2021
    New Submission
    Cover of Internal Affairs, , VinylInternal Affairs
    2×LP, Album, Reissue
    Rawkus – RWK 1170USUS
    New Submission
    • tinfoilrecordshop's avatar
      all i can say is this pressing sounds incredible. no issues just a great press.
      • VinylandKicks86's avatar
        great sounding pressing definitely worth picking up. . . .
        • williamschrisam's avatar
          Sound quality on this is really good, nice flat heavy weight vinyl too.
          My copy does seem to have a bit of surface noise and some clicks in places but nothing too significant - fairly typical of coloured vinyls
          • dicedpeas's avatar
            Edited one year ago
            Sounds awesome, bass is full, no major complaints on this pressing. Side C/D suffers from some inner groove distortion, but nothing too awful. Looks nice too.

            Edit: Just kidding, got a new TT and apparently I had alignment issues. No distortion at all.
            • nathanricaud's avatar
              How's the sound quality of this release? Vinyl looks amazing but want to make sure this pressing also sounds great!
              • marcoprolo's avatar
                Seems a bit heavier than usual . 180gram ? Thanks for your knowledge..!
                • DJCVR's avatar
                  Edited 2 years ago
                  A solid debut of the legendary artist who I once read Eminem speak of the way Jay-Z spoke of Common.
                  "Internal Affairs" runs off the power of it's bass - rattling single "Simon Says" and continues to thrive off of the melding of comedy and seriousness from it's lead emcee. The collaboraters comprised of other respectable artists follow the Pharoahe 's lead and what results is a cohesive tale of introspection detailing the relatable ironies of the attempts to regale truth in a reality built on lies.
                  Though Monch sounds a little too much like Sadat-X, the bars show that the delivery on this tape is only just a homage to the golden age on the precipiss of the commercial era. That said, "Internal Affairs" serves as a bridge between not only eras, but also the self and the dabblings with the external. Probably why on Monch's albums he always reveals his eyes and not the remainder of his face, as a metaphor, that the soul is the intention of what this MC intends to bear to the public, but of course never all of it. Which ilis what makes this debut, of an artist shrouded in anonymity, so shockingly open and deep when exposed to a culture that can be easily mistaken for surface level materialism.
                  • Capcussa's avatar
                    anybody know any differences between this and the reissue? i have two copies, one which i'm sure is a reissue (purchased it new from HMV about 10 years ago), also has the printed inner. my other copy is identical
                    • driver_ufo84's avatar
                      At the time of its release, Internal Affairs leaned too much towards (gasp!) club tastes for the indie hip-hop heads (Rawkus Records' bread and butter) inflicted with the humorless purism that was running rampant in the underground. Could our personal favorite MC Pharoahe Monch really be making mindless club jams like "Simon Says" and "Right Here"? How dare he! But after becoming older, wiser, and haggard by every self-conscious "true-school" snoozefest or god-awful Anticon platter of pseudo-experimentalism being pressed in the underground, Internal Affairs has held up MUCH better than every little snobby shit like me made it out to be at the time. It's a shame the arrogant "indie or die" mentality was mucking the atmosphere of the hip-hop underground since the cold shoulder from fickle backpackers probably did as much damage to the reception of this album as did Rawkus' regrettable spiral into irrelevance (Industry Rule #4080 at work, kids!). Regardless of whether or not the production was a little more club-ready (for the time anyway; nowadays, this record sounds positively heavy and hard compared to what the industry churns out at present), Monch ravages the microphone with a vigor and creativity even the best MC's are probably bitterly envious of. Whether waxing battle rhymes that never meander into cliché ("Behind Closed Doors," "The Next Shit") or crafting some bleak and gut-churning visuals ("Hell" and the disturbingly brilliant "Rape"), Monch crafts an album that's as varied sonically and lyrically as all the most treasured hip-hop classics. And I bet you can't find one head these days who will talk shit about "Simon Says" (a modern-day anthem among hip-hop fans; those like me who talked shit ended up eating our hats). The inclusion of some Rawkus-era teasers like "Mayor" and "WWIII" would have been a nice touch, but considering Monch's until recent label hassles, having a full-length from one of the most overlooked MC's of all-time was something to be treasured. Taking the intellectual and articulate concerns of Organized Konfusion's trilogy and infusing them with a lively club atmosphere, Internal Affairs is a near-classic in its own right.
                      • LyrikalSkillz's avatar
                        Edited 16 years ago
                        Beyond all reasonable doubt, this album's packed with gems. From the radio-friendly & over-played "Simon Says"...the MOP-backed Alchemist-produced "No Mercy", all the way to the tongue-twisting "Hell" which features Can-I-Bus...not once do you feel the urge to push the FFWD button! Well, except maybe to skip "Simon Says" coz I've heard it a hundred to many times! The sexual "The Ass" is a track I keep going back to...coz it's different from the usual sex-story. "Right Here" is just so ruff, rugged and raw! A Pharoahe-fuelled street anthem. With Busta on "The Next Shit", you know it's a rap! Guaranteed to get any HipHop party blazin! And for the ladies, and for fellas on those laid back days when you don't feel like bangin ya head, Pharoahe got you on lock in "The Light", and the philosophical "God Send" and "The Truth", with Common thrown in for added measure. Overall...undiluted, uncompromised HipHop at it's finest.

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