R.E.M.Return Of The Rickenbackers

Genre:Rock, Pop
Style:Alternative Rock


Seven Chinese Bros
Sitting Still
Pretty Persuasions
West Of The Fields
Radio Free Europe
Ages Of You
We Walk
Then She Goes Again
California Dreamin'


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    Cover of Return Of The Rickenbackers, 1984, VinylReturn Of The Rickenbackers
    LP, Unofficial Release
    Kabjdo Records – noneUS1984US1984
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    Cover of The Return Of Rickenbacker, 1986, VinylThe Return Of Rickenbacker
    LP, Unofficial Release
    Not On Label (R.E.M.) – noneItaly1986Italy1986
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    Cover of The Return Of Rockenbacker, , CassetteThe Return Of Rockenbacker
    Cassette, Unofficial Release, C60
    Not On Label – noneUSUS
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    • tenorvossa's avatar
      Have one avail if someone is looking for a copy. great era concert and good performance of the California Dreamin cover version! Has a great cover sleeve in a B&W photo of the band
      • Blackout-'s avatar
        Stereo Soundboard for all tracks except A6 and B4 which are stereo audience and blended in. No visual track indicators, each side looks like one giant slab of groove. Several tracks faded in and out between songs, but not all. Fairly heavily compressed suggesting FM broadcast. Sound quality is like second gen cassette...some top end but what could be described as a fairly dull/limited, ie not much above 6khz or so. Decent bottom end. Both sides play slow...requires +2% speed on playback. Cut is decent level, yellow labels are undersized ie diameter of 9cm rather than the standard 10cm... Overall its a decent release as its SBD...apart from the small issues with it, the performance is great...7.5/10
        • socalrecords's avatar
          Sound quality is average for an R.E.M. bootleg. A bit muffled but the instruments and vocals share enough of the foreground for the recording to be listenable. Note that the record is mastered a tad too slow, so the pacing is sometimes noticeably slower and Michael's voice a bit deeper than usual. It isn't enough to spoil the listening experience for me but it is noticeable. Not a 'must have' but a great pickup if you find a copy under $20 out there.
          • livesounds's avatar
            This LP was not made in the US but in Europe probably Italy.
            It had a standard printed cover. Probably only a small % came on a black album jacket with photocopied covers

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