Style:Trance, Techno


Shinny (Harmony Mix)7:57
Shinny (To Germany With Love Mix)7:23
Shinny (Heaven Edit)6:15

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    Cover of Shinny, 1994, VinylShinny
    12", 45 RPM, 33 ⅓ RPM
    React – 12 REACT 36UK1994UK1994
    Cover of Shinny, 1994, VinylShinny
    12", 45 RPM, 33 ⅓ RPM, White Label, Promo
    React – 12 REACT 36UK1994UK1994
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    • Gibz73's avatar
      Harmony Mix. If you were at that picnic area at Ponsticill Resevoir, you know :)
      •'s avatar
        Edited 7 years ago
        Absolute classic of the highest degree, a time when this kind of trance was new and fresh and truly uplifting trance. A defining tune that captures an amazing era for this type of music and feeling there was in the mid 90's. Up there with the likes of Energy 52 - Cafe Del Mar (DJ Kid Paul Mix) and Cygnus X - The Orange Theme, Sourmash - Pilgrimage To Paradise, Li Kwan - Point Zero and many other great tracks around this time. All over 20 years old and still sounding great today.
        • mallam's avatar
          the peak time of start of uk energetic uplifting as fuck tunage by mr raect himself back in the day stupidly hands in the air rushing material that i used to hear in my local nightclub kellys n ireland back in the day pure happy upliftage aswell as bn wicked trance...we also have the 2nd movement ep which was pure class also...

          • Hando_Jin's avatar
            Nu NRG lol
            • Universe's avatar
              Edited 16 years ago
              Taking it's inspiration from German 'oompah' traditions and records like 'Schöneberg' by Marmion, 'Shinny' witnessed the birth of the UK nu-nrg movement. This type of sound really came into it's own during 1995.

              The 'Harmony Mix' is the best known, and not without reason. It's a barrage of energy from start to finish. It starts with tight trancey beats fused with crunchy acid in a manner that probably owes a debt of gratitude to 'An Accident In Paradise' (Original Mix) by Sven Väth, but performs key changes along the way. This simplicity in itself will have you jumping about all over the place. Eventually symphonic chords start creeping in, until they take over on the majestic breakdown to probably reveal why this track is indeed titled 'Shinny' The track then continues with an additional 'smaller' breakdown later on, and comes to a logical conclusion with the melody bringing the track to an end. Never has Euro Trance sounded so inspirational.

              The 'To Germany With Love' mix takes a harder and more industrial approach at the expense of the melody. This works as a bruising complement to the more distinctive 'Harmony' mix.

              Despite being so obviously uplifting, this is the type of release that will have the most ardent trance cynic secretly craving from a severe bout of jealousy.

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