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    Khaled Aker4:12
    Beaufort 123:28
    Bionic Impression5:59

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    Cover of Sojus, 2006-10-02, CDSojus
    CD, Album
    Black Rain – BR 030Germany2006Germany2006
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    Cover of Sojus, 2006, CDSojus
    CD, Album; CD, Limited Edition
    Black Rain – BR 030Germany2006Germany2006
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    Cover of Sojus, 2008-11-18, FileSojus
    21×File, WAV, Album
    Black Rain – BR 030Germany2008Germany2008
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    Cover of Sojus, 2008-11-18, FileSojus
    21×File, MP3, Album
    Black Rain – BR 030Germany2008Germany2008
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    pawlowski's avatar
    If you're on the look for some of the best aggro-dark-electro since Suicide Commando shaped this genre with grace and fury, look no further and grab this new offering by Tyske Ludder. Back in the mid-nineties, this German act seemed like the next big thing. Churning out three album in the space of two years, they quickly gained recognition. Then nothing for ten years.

    Until Soyuz hit the streets like a blitz out of a clear sky. 11 tracks of relentless beats, cutting edge synth basslines and dark synth lines painting an upbeat world of mad stomping and inhospitable bleakness. Soyuz is a fully danceable album of state of the art electronics, coming in a time when it pretty much looked as the majority of the bands venturing in this musical direction were little more than Suicide Commando monotonic clones. Tyske Ludder come through with a punchy sound of their own, aggressive and atmospheric at the same time, giving bands like VNV Nation and all those who started out promising, only to decade in the cheesy mess that future pop was, a run for their money.

    But that's not all. Multiply that by 2 in fact, as the release includes a full album seeing 10 different artists, giving their blueprint to the album tracks. Bionic Impression, the catchy track, clear-cut to become a dancefloor classic, is given the Feindflug treatment, for example, making it an obligatory stop for DJs for years to come. In fact, virtually all the remixes add something well worth to the original tracks, making Soyuz an outstanding release in all respects. After all, Black Rain hhave established themselves by bringing out exclusively high quality acts, and this release is no exception.