Einladung = Invitation(20:15)
Einladung = Invitation
Zu Neuen Abenteuern = To New Adventures
Im Zauberwald Der 7 Sinne = In The Magic Forest Of The 7 Senses
Im Irrgarten Des Geistes = In The Labyrinth Of The Mind
Beim Waltzer Der Triebe = At The Waltz Of The Inclinations
Unter Dem Schwarz-Grün-Roten Banner = Under The Black-Green-Red Banner
Internationalhymne = International Anthem
Das Echo Der Gegenwart = The Echo Of The Presence(10:01)
Erwachen Am Ufer = Awaking On The Shore
Vor Dem Haus Am Fuße Des Wachsenden Berges = In Front Of The House At The Foot Of The Growing Mountain
Signale = Signals
Wissen Ist Frühling Im Herbst = Knowledge Is Spring In Autumn
Eisen-Laura Mit Der Lyra = Iron-Laura With The Lyra
Das Echo Der Zeit = The Echo Of Time(12:55)
Ich Staune = I Am Astonished
Auf Dem Schlitten = On The Sledge
Ins Echo Der Zeit = To The Echo Of Time
Regenbögen Hinab = Down The Rainbows
Durch Fühlbares, Meßbares Nichts = Through Feelable, Measurable Nothing
Ewiger Abschied Auf Lila Glut = Eternal Farewell On Lilac Ardour
Das Echo Der Zukunft = The Echo Of The Future(18:02)
Ahnungen = Suspicions
Beim Tanz Der Elektrischen Winde = At The Dance Of The Electrical Winds
Vor Der Geburt Der Neuen Dimension = Before The Birth Of The New Dimension
Interstellare Kommunikationen = Interstellar Communications
Das Öffnen Des Großen Tores = The Opening Of The Big Gate
Der Traum Vom Gleichgewicht = The Dream Of Balance
Das Echo Der Vergangenheit = The Echo Of The Past(19:25)
Erinnerungen An Übermorgen = Memories Of The Day After Tomorrow
Ad Libido
Ego Lego
Brennt Wie Ein Licht Am Ende Des Tunnels = Burns Like A Light At The End Of The Tunnel

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    Cover of Echo, 1972, VinylEcho
    2×LP, Album, Repress, Stereo
    Polydor – 2633 003Germany1972Germany1972
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    Cover of Echo, 1972, VinylEcho
    2×LP, Album, Promo
    Polydor – 2633 003Germany1972Germany1972
    New Submission
    Cover of Echo, 1972, VinylEcho
    2×LP, Album, Stereo
    Polydor – 2633 003Germany1972Germany1972
    New Submission
    Cover of Echo, 1972, VinylEcho
    Polydor – 2633 003Germany1972Germany1972
    New Submission
    Cover of Echo, 1998, CDrEcho
    CDr, Album, Promo, Reissue, Unofficial Release
    Polydor (2) – noneGermany1998Germany1998
    Needs Changes
    Cover of Echo, , CassetteEcho
    2×Cassette, Reissue, Unofficial Release, Stereo
    Akashic Dropout – 2633 420
    New Submission



    • Schallplatten4Ever's avatar
      This CD pressing was made by Julian Cope and his collaborator Thighpaulsandra.

      He admitted at the time they had to edit a few tracks to make it fit into one CD.

      I have a copy, which I won in a competition on Julian's website Headheritage just after he originally reviewed this masterpiece.
      • alreadyrichard's avatar
        The 2 CD edition Bradx mentions has Echoes: Invitation, Presence, Time & Future on CD 1 and Echoes: Past on CD 2 along with A.R.IV
        • fivekidstofeed's avatar
          If anyone knows how to obtain a copy of this please let me know, I would love to own a copy.
          • Bradx's avatar
            Edited 8 years ago
            One that passed J Cope by in his book about the German scene, but one worthy of inclusion I think.
            A double album of uber-kraut riffing and endlessly echoed guitars spiralling off towards the crab nebula.
            Not an easy album to obtain unfortunately. Apart from the original 1972 vinyl issue there appears to be a cdr 'promo' from 1998.
            But a promo for what? It's never been reissued.
            Someone should license this and put it out without delay. The only barrier might be Achim Reichel himself, I don't think he's very interested in this period anymore.

            >edit< I just noticed a double CD on Amazon which has Echo on one disc (must be edited as it's too long to fit on one CD otherwise) together with another album: A.R. IV.
            It looks like a bootleg though - the cover is suspect, there's no label listed and 'Machines' is in lower case on the front.
            £27. Might be worth a punt I suppose until a proper reissue comes along.

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