VariousFahrenheit Project Part One


ATOI - Mystery School*Devotion (Intro)1:25
JaïaL'ivresse Des Profondeurs6:27
AsuraAmber Rain7:39
AsuraThey Will Come7:12
Hol BaumannAnother5:11
Solar FieldsOutlined Surfaces6:42
Chi-A.D*Slide (Limited Version)5:34
Distortion OrchestraFire Maiden7:19
Aes DanaSkyclad (High Frequencies Version)7:10
Mystical SunIn The Sky3:58
Craig PadillaBeyond Beta (Original Mix)6:01
True FrequenciesNew Indigenous Religion3:58
ATOI - Mystery School*Devotion (Extract...)1:14

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    Cover of Fahrenheit Project Part One, 2001-04-09, CDFahrenheit Project Part One
    CD, Compilation, Mixed
    Infinium Records – INRE002France2001France2001
    Cover of Fahrenheit Project (Part One), 2001-04-09, FileFahrenheit Project (Part One)
    15×File, WAV, Compilation
    Ultimae Records – inre 002France2001France2001
    New Submission
    Cover of Fahrenheit Project (Part One), 2008, CDFahrenheit Project (Part One)
    CD, Compilation, Mixed, Repress
    Ultimae Records – inre 002France2008France2008
    Cover of Fahrenheit Project (Part One), 2009, CDFahrenheit Project (Part One)
    CD, Compilation, Mixed, Reissue
    Sensorica Music – SMCD0005, Diamond Records (6) – DRCD0161Russia2009Russia2009



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        Edited 16 years ago
        The first Fahrenheit. I'd say that that the 2 Asura tracks are the standouts here and have a very magical feel to them. I'm not totally sure if Vince was still a part of the act when these tracks were done, but it doesn't matter... They are great! You'll also find a shorter version of Solar Fields' track Outlined Surfaces and an Aes Dana track. The other artists, while I know next to nothing about them, contribute very nicely to the sound and theme of the album, which is more or less downtempo ambient and trance. If you wanna see what the Fahrenheit Projects are about, then part 1 is certainly the place to start.
        • Skeleton-Man's avatar
          Edited 17 years ago
          I find chill-out releases hard to grade. If part of their mission is to send me on a silent inwards journey, the less I notice the music the more it fulfils its’ purpose? Or is it that the more I notice the music relaxes me the more it is successful?

          In any case, the music has to set some kind of a mark be it subconsciously or consciously and I’m afraid FP#1 only manages to do so part of the time. When the cd is over I can only point to a couple of tracks I noticed, yet, I cannot say that the remainder set me into any meditative state. And for the record, the ones I do notice are both with and without a 4/4 beat.

          Still, I am completely aware that I may have to stand corrected if I hear the album on a festival at the chill-out scene. The mix does have an effortlessly flow to it and at the right time might be just what the doctor would order. For home listening I am only grabbed by some 4-5 tracks, though. Besides, there are too many other Ultimae releases I appreciate far more :o)
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            Edited 18 years ago
            'Fahrenheit Project Part One' is one of the most beautiful works of art I've ever heard. The album is filled with rhythmical lines below the precious environmental dream themes mixed with basses, natural and industrial effects. The synch sequences are built in some kind of trance manner and are accurately sliced and arranged. The average quality is very high; the tracks are all approximately equal. But, my favorite track is 'In The Sky' from Mystical Sun, it seems a bit impressive...
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              This cd is actually on the Ultimae precursor label Infinium.
              Vincent Villuis, who co-compiled and mixed this cd, is part of Asura - one of the Ultimae groups featured on this cd.
              I'm personally not much for pre-mixed ambient/chill cds, but I have to say this is an exceptional disc of psyambient bliss... flowing effortlessly from track to track, it feels less like a 'mix' and more like a single work.

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