Corpus DelictiSylphes

Style:Goth Rock


The Lake...3:00
...Of All Desperations4:09
Noxious (The Demon's Game) (Remix)6:15
The Smile Of Grace3:53
Dusk Of Hallows5:09
Private Slaughter1:12
The Awakening8:03

Credits (17)

  • Chrys*
    Band [Corpus Delicti Are]
  • Jérôme Schmitt
    Band [Corpus Delicti Are]
  • Laurence Romanini
    Band [Corpus Delicti Are]
  • Sebastian*
    Band [Corpus Delicti Are]
  • Chrys*
  • Laurence Romanini
    Design [Cover Design And Booklet]


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    Cover of Sylphes, 1994, CDSylphes
    CD, Album
    Hit Import – HR 0004, Hit Import – HR0004France1994France1994
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Sylphes, 1994, CDSylphes
    CD, Album
    Glasnost Records – GLAS 25Germany1994Germany1994
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Sylphes, 1994, CDSylphes
    CD, Album, Promo
    Glasnost Records – GLAS 25 PGermany1994Germany1994
    New Submission
    Cover of A New Saraband Of Sylphes, 2007-05-00, CDA New Saraband Of Sylphes
    CD, Album, Reissue, Remastered
    D-Monic – d-m002France2007France2007
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Sylphes, 2017, VinylSylphes
    LP, Album, Limited Edition, Numbered, Stereo
    D-Monic – d-m024France2017France2017
    New Submission
    Cover of Sylphes, 2021-03-08, VinylSylphes
    LP, Album, Limited Edition, Reissue, Purple & Black Splatter
    Cleopatra – CLO1557USA & Europe2021USA & Europe2021
    New Submission
    Cover of Sylphes, 2023, VinylSylphes
    LP, Splatter-Haze
    Cleopatra – CL04210US2023US2023
    New Submission



    • UNDEAD_books_records's avatar
      This doesn't sound great either. Very harsh. It's sad. I think a CD actually might sound better here.
      • kaaos-82's avatar
        Can anyone confirm if the track listing is correct on this version? If so it should have the reissue tag.
        • kaaos-82's avatar
          Was a little late to the party getting this record (2022) and managed to get it below market value having read the pressing wasn’t the best. Side A seems fine and plays through with no issues, Side B on the first song might skip for some people but did not for me. Whilst the needle stayed in the groove throughout, tonearm was noticeably wobbling significantly more than a brand new record should. It looks like this is caused more or less by a slight warp in the record rather than a scratch, which is negligent on the part of the pressing plant than the label itself as I highly doubt this would be apparent in a test pressing. In any event, sounds pretty good, but the track listing mistake and cutting of ‘The Awakening’ is certainly not welcome. At least the reissue of Twilight doesn’t appear to have these issues.
          • aphexacid's avatar
            Best way to listen to this legendary album, is the original 1994 CD. The remastered disc and recent vinyl are shit. Just louder.
            • Volrath's avatar
              So... they even have a disclaimer on their bandcamp page (run by Cleopatra not Corpus delicti):
              "WARNING: Splatter Vinyl Disclaimer:
              Some splatter vinyl may experience minor noise issues caused during the manufacturing process. This is due to the splatter color and the melting PVC to get it to splatter. It must be done at a different temperature than the base. Exchanges can be made with splatter vinyl that has a major defect only."

              Cleopatra... come on!!! and you still charge 33$ + shipment ??!!!!! Retire that shity pressing and do it all over again in the right way...
              They dont learn.... it seems that Cleopatra ruined another release... Shame.
              • manucv_'s avatar
                The last two tracks on the B side are switched - Sylphes is the 4th track and The Awakening is 5th. Not only it is misprinted in the sleeve, the order is wrong (check the CD version, or any other version of this album for the matter). Also The Awakening seems to be badly edited, it is trimmed (quite noticeably if you are familiar with this song).
                Cleopatra ruined another release.
                • RubyGloomy's avatar
                  The B side cannot be listened, especially the 1st song. There's a light "line" on the record that make jump the whole 1st song, it's absolutely awful. Same with 2-3 other songs. Face A: there's no problem and sounds good.
                  Don't know if it's the pressing process or just bad luck. But it sucks, really.
                  • Brad.R's avatar
                    New pressing sounds good and clear! Had a couple of pops on first playthrough which was caused by little bits from the pressing process that I could remove with a fingernail. Nice to have this on vinyl at last!
                    • VincentPresley's avatar
                      Edited 4 years ago
                      This vinyl reissue cuts 3 tracks (over 13 minutes!) off of the album. Real bummer.
                      • Sinnergy29's avatar
                        Per Laurent of the D-Monic Label there will possibly be a second vinyl pressing.

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