Kilometer (A-Trak Remix)
Kilometer (Aeroplane "Italo 84" Remix)
Kilometer (Arpanet Remix)


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    Kilometer Part 1
    5×File, MP3
    Record Makers – REC54-2France2009France2009
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    Kilometer Part 2
    5×File, MP3
    Record Makers – REC54-3France2009France2009
    Cover of Kilometer, 2009-03-05, VinylKilometer
    12", Single, 33 ⅓ RPM, Red
    Record Makers – REC 54France2009France2009
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    Cover of Kilometer, 2009-04-13, CDrKilometer
    CDr, Single, Promo, Stereo
    Lucky Number – noneUK2009UK2009
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    Cover of Kilometer, 2009, CDKilometer
    CD, Single, Promo, Cardsleeve
    Record Makers – REC 54 - 01Europe2009Europe2009
    New Submission
    Cover of Kilometer, 2009, CDKilometer
    CD, Single, Promo, Card Sleeve
    Record Makers – REC 54 - 02Europe2009Europe2009
    New Submission
    Cover of Kilometer, 2013-06-15, FileKilometer
    8×File, WAV, EP, Reissue
    Record Makers – 45033Europe2013Europe2013
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    • richtie's avatar
      Gerald Donald is obviously a genius who deserves the highest honours the music establishment has to offer.
      • W.A.N.A.R.B.'s avatar
        The Aeroplane remix started a bit of a nu-disco movement back in 2009. Huge tune!
        • musicman3's avatar
          Arpanet remix is a Killer!!
          • Sand_Leaper's avatar
            Edited 14 years ago
            Steer well clear of the original version, an absolutely horrendous exercise in the biggest cliches that italo disco and synth pop have to offer. The Aeroplane remix doesn't help the matter much, offering simply a somewhat faster and italo disco-tinged rendition of the original. A-Trak's remix doesn't fare much better either. While it does beef the original up considerably, it still retains those awful Eurovision-style vocals, and the bassline sounds like it was nicked straight from Thomas Bangalter's harddrive.

            Thus, it's Gerald Donald's job to save this release. And boy, does he ever! The Arpanet remix offers a very satisfying slice of stripped down and sleazed-out electro bliss, complete with those eerie Arpanet/Dopplereffekt-synths, a rumbling bassline and some of the better sampling of female moans on a record that I've heard for quite some time. Perhaps not the most original thing Donald has ever done, but when executed this well, I really couldn't care less.

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