DJ SprinklesWhere Dancefloors Stand Still


Braxton Holmes12 Inches Of Pleasure (Ron's Foreplay)6:14
Alex DanilovDeep S4:28
Sound MechanixI Can't Forget3:23
The Rhythm SlavesThe Light You Will See (Trentemoller's Deep Dub Mix)5:08
LectroluvIf We Try (Ambient Dub)4:24
Manoo & François A*The Deep7:20
Classic ManRapid Winds (75 Mph Mix)6:00
UnderstarsForestfunk I (No Damkkb Mix)6:48
Gene FarrisGood Feeling5:36
The Rude AwakeningThe Dip (5 AM Dipsco Mix)6:48
MyMy*Everybody's Talkin' (Original Mix)4:16
Choo-AblesHard To Get (BT's Massive Groove)6:48
Fingers Inc.Never No More Lonely5:40
Keys & Tronics Ensemble*Calypso Of House (Paradise Version) 6:47

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    Cover of Where Dancefloors Stand Still, 2013-02-17, CDWhere Dancefloors Stand Still
    CD, Compilation, Mixed
    Mule Musiq – mmcd41Japan2013Japan2013
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    Cover of Where Dancefloors Stand Still, 2013-03-00, VinylWhere Dancefloors Stand Still
    2×12", Compilation
    Mule Musiq – mule musiq 158Japan2013Japan2013
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    Cover of Where Dancefloors Stand Still, 2013-03-18, FileWhere Dancefloors Stand Still
    14×File, MP3, Compilation, Stereo, 320 kbps
    Mule Musiq – MULEMUSIQCD041DJapan2013Japan2013
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    • ludwg's avatar
      this is the last record i will ever sale - 10/10 compilation, all killers no fillers

      Just need to find the damn thing
      •'s avatar
        Edited 5 months ago
        I remember back in '13 or so when me the Siberian outsider counter-cultcha boy was at uni furiously spending the scholarship muneh on Comatonse releases through Terre's website, I mistakenly got this double pack instead of a CD. Terre was kind enough to let things slide, I ended up buying the CD as well regardless. I still remember the feeling of bringing the thick cardboard pizza-box packages with Japanese post stamps & hieroglyphs on it to my dorm room. One day he unearthed a long lost copy of revered K-SHE's remix of Morning Grow by Juzu from the closet, just for me, what were the chances? I used to buy plenty of wax, despite not having a record player, don't ask me why. He used to aromatize the Deeperama CDrs with a pleasant flavour (anyone?). We would chat a bit back and forth via email. What a guy! Good times of the pain-in-the-ass-free trade between Russia and West (in this case East, heh).
        • friulchingo's avatar
          Edited one year ago
          If anybody will ever ask me "What's deep house?", "Listen to Where Dancefloors Stand Still" would be my reply.

          Simply essential.
          • YolandaHayes's avatar
            Everything about this release - the selections, the pressing, the artwork - is totally flawless. I'm saving up for a second copy so I can have one to wear out a bit more. The pressing quality is probably the highest of all the records I own and you'd never know that the A1 is a vinyl rip straight from Terre's copy!
            • logan3's avatar
              Great mix and compilation. I like how I keep hearing/feeling new things each time I listen. It gets better with each listen. Only part I don't like are the vocals from "Gene Farris - Good Feeling" -- they end up grating on me after a few repetitions so now I usually skip the track. Can't wait for Terre's next mix!
              • Latiif's avatar
                with this compilation sprinkles delivers one of the best DJ-compatible deep house compilations through mule music. can only agree with what others already wrote here: unmixed records, beautiful artwork, excellent sound quality and superb selection. it rarely leaves my bag. so many good tracks worth to buy it (classic man, braxton holmes, calypso of house paradise version....). luckily i bought this when it came out - now the prices are up.
                if you like original, true, early 90s, NYC'ish, classic (deep) house music, you wont regret buying this stunning compilation.
                highly recommended.
                • smileman's avatar
                  Kisses for Terre, what a super music collection <3
                  • panne's avatar
                    Probably the best deephouse-compilation ever...

                    Respect Mr Sprinkles...
                    • viveknandur's avatar
                      Damn am I happy to own this piece of GOLD. Anyone who calls themselves a deep house enthusiast should be jumping out of their chairs to get their credit cards right now to buy this. Seriously it's that good. So many killer cuts yet such diversity. Just YouTube Classic man - rapid winds for proof. Then buy this. You're welcome.

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