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April 12, 2019
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Depeche Mode 2LP "DELTA MACHINE"...

Ich bin wirklich glücklich dieses Album von Depeche Mode in meiner Musikkollektion zu haben, denn es enthält 2 Titel welche meiner Meinung nach defintiv super klingen, es handelt sich dabei um "HEAVEN" und "SOFT TOUCH/ RAW NERVE"!

Depeche Mode haben Alben wie "CONSTRUCTION TIME AGAIN" (1983), "SOME GREAT REWARD" (1984), "BLACK CELEBRATION" (1986), "MUSIC FOR THE MASSES" (1987), "101" (1989) und "VIOLATOR" (1990) veröffentlicht und es sind genau diese Alben, welche ich mit dieser Band in Zusammenhang bringe. Diese Alben habe ich alle auf CD/ SACD in den neueren Auflagen, welche meiner Meinung nach (digital) absolut gut klingen, bei vielen heutigen CD Produktion fliegen einem ja fast die Ohren weg, weil es zu laut, bzw. zu gleich laut ist und das schmerzt dem Gehörsinn ungemein, speziell wenn man längere Zeit hört, dass bezieht sich aber nicht nur auf Depeche Mode, sondern auch auf eine Vielzahl von Musik der heutígen Zeit.

Ich glaube auch, dass das der Hauptgrund ist, warum heute wieder viele Leute LP´s anstatt CD´s kaufen, denn die sind herstellungsbedingt weniger laut und müssen mehr musikalische Dynamik aufweisen, speziell bei den 331/3 U/min LP´s, obwohl eine CD rein theoretisch klanglich einer LP vorzuziehen ist. Eine LP ist generell zwar schöner, als eine CD, aber eben auch teurer, was meiner Meinung nach der Hauptgrund der Musikindustrie ist, die heutigen digitalen Medien in den "Loudnesswar" zu schicken, da die Umsätze doch eher gesunken sind.

Also noch einmal: "HEAVEN" und "SOFT TOUCHE/ RAW NERVE" sind für mich d-e-r Kaufgrund für die "DELTA MACHINE" 2LP von DEPECHE MODE gewesen.

...danke allen Lesern, vielleicht hilfts beim Kauf - aber wer weiß das schon immer so genau... Mike


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April 2, 2019
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There is no jewel case version of Depeche Modes Delta Machine only a very good Russian Unofficial copy that is very hard to find. I hate digipaks to, so normally photocopy the back in colour and add the booklet from the digipack. It normally works and if you are careful you can not tell the difference. (It worked for Master of Disaster) It also stops the disc marking, I think it is a ploy by the record companies to get the public to replace badly marked discs that they have used a lot. If someone knows different please tell me because if you have to replace discs that can not be eco friendly. Making the plastic boxes recycle friendly would be better.

Depeche Mode - Delta Machine chancroid99

March 9, 2019
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Is this album available in any version/release/country in a traditional jewel case with tray liner and booklet? I hate digipaks/digibooks/sleeves/etc. and try to source jewel case packaging for all my surround, high resolution albums, but this is one of the two (the other is John Hiatt's Master of Disaster) that I cannot find a single jewel case version. If anyone knows please comment here, thanks!

Depeche Mode - Delta Machine as reviewed by Jack_Wagon

September 9, 2015
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Totally agree with the OP. Sounds amazing!

Depeche Mode - Delta Machine CRUSHTRASH

November 17, 2014
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Slightly odd packaging, as the OBI strip extends to a full back panel, with Japanese and English tracklisting. The OBI, and CDs, both are manufactured in Japan, but the main booklet appears to be standard US format (as per the second pair of pictures). It's like an additional element of packaging was purely done for this release.
Nice touch is both CDs come in LP-style thin poly sleeves, which helps protect them from scratches.

Depeche Mode - Delta Machine discogscide

August 3, 2014
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After a year and a half, I still do not know what to make of this record.
Great title, great artwork and a bunch of songs that could be much better.
The best tracks for me are: "Angel" and "All That's Mine". Real DM school here, back to old times!
My greatest frustration was production decision on shoving an overloud distorting guitar on "Soothe My Soul" chorus.
Mastering is much better than previous 2 albums. I hope they keep turning the volume down for more dynamics!

All I know is that I will definitely stop collecting DM material if Ben Hillier is back again.

Depeche Mode - Delta Machine Neasden

October 8, 2018
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Spirit is not good because of production.
It's not good enough because DM is lacking good songs.
Still, Spirit is superior to Delta Machine and Sounds Of The Universe.

Depeche Mode - Delta Machine Misannthorpe

August 29, 2018
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Well you got your wish and there's been a change of producer. What's the verdict now; is/are the producer(s) to blame or are Depeche Mode just spent? If anything, I think that the Spirit album proves just what a good job Ben Hillier did, over his 3 albums.

Depeche Mode - Delta Machine olivierrof

September 6, 2014
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You are right about that! The band should change the current producer!!

Depeche Mode - Delta Machine as reviewed by gwoosh

July 29, 2014
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Well - last year when I listened it first I did not get into it.
I thought it's a piece of boring, uninspired dullness that no-one ever really needs these times. It thought, guys, quit DM and leave your glorious past as is, without distracting your glory with new oeuvres.

Maybe the expectations. Even though I thought I don't have any expectations anymore from their records post 'Ultra'. Maybe because I know them from their first release and I felt disappointed by the most stuff the last decade. But still I always gave them a try... call it melancholic nostalgia... heroes MUST be GOOD... whatever.

It took me some re-iterations of 'giving it another try'.

And now - more than a year later I went more calm to give it a complete run again - three times in a row. A short break. And then I let the vinyl roll the whole evening 'til three o'clock in the morning.

I LISTENED without prejudice then. And I admit to say that it grew and it settled and it touched me and now, now I need to say that I am quite impressed by this record. Very difficult to explain and not sure what happened inbetween. So today I find it's a strong album.

Depeche Mode - Delta Machine as reviewed by GalaxyExplorer

April 22, 2013
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My first impression is not good. It has all the trademark dismal DM mood, which has become a tiring, full-on paranoia at this point. It's a dark album, but what DM album isn't?

The biggest problem is that it's also dull. Very few tracks grabbed me. Too many similar tracks. It's even less interesting than Sounds of the Universe.

Depeche Mode - Delta Machine DerBaq

April 22, 2013
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The vinyl version has a awesome sound and good songs on it!
I definitely recommend this album!

Depeche Mode - Delta Machine as reviewed by Crijevo

March 30, 2013
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"Violator" is both, a masterpiece and the curse of DM - although I remember at the time, I didn't like it on first listen. Especially "Personal Jesus"... but then, it started growing on me. The sound was heavier, but they kept their electronic pulse and treated it with great care. Maybe it was still the bloody 80s, Alan Wilder, François K. and/or Flood, cannot tell - "Violator" was the perfect record, made at the right time. I respect them for not repeating the formula with "Songs of Faith and Devotion" onwards, but to this day, while SOFAD remains by far their most mature (and also most "rock-ish") album, Depeche began to fade in and out of their own focus. Not that they made any wrong moves - with "Ultra", "Exciter" and "Playing the Angel", the post-Wilder trio continued to grow, but they also continued to drag along.

My personal problem with DM is their ongoing visual aesthetic predictability ever after, that's remained for 20+ years, ever since they started working with Anton Corbijn. I agree that Corbijn's assistance at first was a necessary injection of fresh blood (and I love his sharp grainy b/w photography) - Corbijn truly helped repairing the group's public image (teenage posters, videos, memorabilia, etc.) at the time - but the sleeve for "Violator" was/is the very last visual experiment that truly worked, perfectly encapsulating the beauty of the group's morbid and subversive side with that of a mainstream, omnipresent electro-supergroup.

Of course, by accepting Corbijn's visual side of things (already during "Black Celebration"), DM started to play safe more and more, and in a way it somehow started to affect (or present) their music part of the story as well. Gone is the grandiose epic photography/design (previously courtesy of Brian Griffin/Martyn Atkins), gone is the tasty subversiveness and morbidity of their pop-appeal in that context... what remained was just the dull "darkness" of a cliché that is "sex, drugs & rock'n'roll". In their case, it's been coined a phrase "Pain and suffering in various tempos". Even though I didn't lose my respect for most of their ongoing music adventures, and continued to listen to everything post-Violator (although more of curiosity than anticipation), their previous album "Sounds Of the Universe" was an insult and remains the one I love to hate tremendously, and blame it for everything monstrously predictable about DM in recent years.

As I said, while "Violator" encapsulated the beauty of DM of the time (and the rose symbol was the pinnacle of this audio-visual success), SOTU encapsulated the sadness and what turned into an unimaginative audio-visual (electro-blues) franchise ever since SOFAD - and the one that made me really suspicious about "Delta Machine" (especially when I saw the sleeve design, which even managed to overshadow the dull visual dilettantism of SOTU - and of course, the moment "Angel" and "Heaven" leaked online, I felt very sad - considering the whole of the new album, these two songs remain the weakest of the lot, despite their "energy", "blues" and/or "soul" factor).

Surprisingly, however, the new album managed to resurrect some of the grace DM had back in their ultimate glory days - unlike SOTU, "Delta Machine" is a decent return to form, just as it is a sort of a farewell (from Mute to Columbia, to start with). They grew old, and they don't hide the fact, admitting they gave their best, learning from past mistakes by falling into music industry traps around them - got badly hurt at one point but stood up and fought their own demons along the way. The pathetic side in terms of "soul", "love", "angels" and "heaven" became too audible, but musically they still struggle/manage to keep some of the balance between DM they once were and DM they are now.

Four tracks from the new album are amazing ("Secret To the End", "My Little Universe", "The Child Inside" and "Broken" which is dangerously close to a Marc Almond's "A Lover Spurned" re-write, only without trumpets and with delicious hint of "Blasphemous Rumours"), while the rest is, let's say, respectfully "generic" minimal electro-rock DM stuff of recent times. Whether it's good or bad thing, each fan will decide for himself.

My personal impression is, some of this could have been an even better offering if released as Martin's solo album ("The Child Inside", the album's finest moment, is the most beautiful example and one of his best songs to date, where the electro-blues thing shines with inmost beauty), although Dave's vocals are impressively strong and resonant all the way through the album. Of course, neither Martin nor Dave, will ever manage to escape from eachother, let alone the DM stigma - it is a deserved institution with loads of past masterpieces and their decent immitations to choose from.

Depeche Mode - Delta Machine theodisc

April 9, 2013
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As you say neither Dave nor Martin will ever manage to escape from each other. That really depends on how you see their musical relationship. As for Martin releasing solo tracks that he writes, one can see why he has done covers when any self-written content he would have written for us as a solo project would be judged by many as DM, unless it was markedly different. I think Delta is their best album after Violator. 10 out of 10 in my book, a blesssing after the roidkill that was Sounds of the Universe.

Depeche Mode - Delta Machine as reviewed by alexownworld

March 28, 2013
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I used to perceive albums of any artist as a whole piece of art believing that Artists/Producers created them as something unit and any skipping/reordering of tracks is some sort of a violation of creator's intention which should not be done. But when I first happened to listen to SOTU I started thinking that 'Programme' button on CD player remote control might be useful while playing the album. There is a lot of good tracks on the album but the album is too long for comfortable listening so some tracks (especially terrible 'Hole To Feed') should not be on the album. I believe this was the Producer's mistake. Therefore this year, before any details of the coming album were disclosed, the only think I was hoping for was that Mr. Hiller is replaced by someone else with new approach to DM music, so that the new album is not spoiled as its two predecessors. Unfortunately no change happened and the gentleman is here again.

So what do we have now?
Negative first. The 'Heaven' single is terribly boring. The song might be a good one to appear on single b-side but not on the album (especially on its first half). And it was very strange choice for the first single. I even thought that I'll never buy the album because of the track. And am I alone here who can hear distortions in the right channel somewhere in the beginning of Heaven (around 1:00)? All in all the sound on the album is too loud. Well, it could be justified if one plays the album on some lo-fi devices like iPod, but why on CD? Also the album is too long (58 mins) which is not suitable for comfortable listening. Why not to make great sounding 45-min album if DM have enough material for that? Worst tracks on the album (of course imho) are Angel, Heaven and Goodbye which easily might be moved to Deluxe Edition CD2. The other two ('Slow' and 'Broken') are not really bad but simply there's no room for the songs left on the album (therefore to be moved to CD2 as well).

Positive. Fortunately the most of tracks on the album is surprisingly good (unlike the bloody 'Heaven') so that it became more obvious that the 'Heaven' is someone's bad taste joke. 'Welcome To My World', 'Secret To The End', 'Alone' and 'Soothe My Soul' are just fantastic! 'My Little Universe' is weaker but I love its minimalistic sound. It all shows that DM are still (or again became to be) capable to create great music! Also, it's strange thing but few tracks from CD2 ('Happens All The Time', 'All That's Mine' and especially 'Long Time Lie') are MUCH better then the boring tracks mentioned above. So I decided to re-order the tracks on the release and below is presented my view of how the Deluxe Edition should have been compiled:

CD1 (46:40):
1. Welcome To My World
2. Long Time Lie
3. Secret To The End
4. My Little Universe
5. The Child Inside
6. Soft Touch/Raw Nerve
7. Should Be Higher
8. Alone
9. Soothe My Soul
10. Goodbye (not good track but there's no better closer for the album)

CD2 (28:40):
1. Heaven
2. Angel
3. Happens All The Time
4. Slow
5. Broken
6. Always
7. All That's Mine

Just try it and perhaps you'll agree with me.

Depeche Mode - Delta Machine alexownworld

September 9, 2013
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Hi. Thanks for your reply. Of course we are all different and what I wrote was just my opinion. Yes, I really think the album is too long and the fact spoils the album as other albums of DM (PTA and SOTU) and many albums of other Atrists... Psychologically for a human being it's easy to keep attention on something upto 45 minutes, it's a real fact. That's why the duration became a format for LP record, for a school lesson etc... It was a standard before the CD appeared with its 74/80 minutes space, when many artist started to release 70+ mins albums. Thanks God now many people understand it and 50+ mins album is not very often case. Look, even if an Artist has 60+ mins of excellent material it's better to keep some of it off the album for later use on singles or a new album. With the Delta Machine it seems like DM (or Mr. Hiller) decided to release absolutely all recorded tracks, no matter how good/bad they are.. Just listen to the new Pet Shop Boys album Electric. It's 50 minutes 9-track album only but it sounds great and very complex, not boring in any single moment at all. So, all I want to say is that DM just need and deserve much better producer!

Depeche Mode - Delta Machine theodisc

April 9, 2013
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"Also the album is too long (58 mins) which is not suitable for comfortable listening." You bring up many good points which I agree on but really? You are condeming so many albums and deriving yourself out of many listening excursions if you are tramelling yourself down to 'comfortable listening sessions drilled in by time constraints'. I think that Violator is way too short and wish that Alan Wilder had not been allowed to decide that Happiest Girl should have been removed from it. I do think that Delta Machine is definately their second best album after Violator. I like every single song, even having caught myself tapping my foot to Soft Touch/Raw Nerve after the false ending. I'm with you on Hillier tho and wonder how much of Floods mixing mixed out his handy work if it was possible. Yes Heaven is a slow track and I much prefer the Owlle mix, which should have gone on the album instead. 10 out of 10 and a thankful 10 out of 10 after the scotched up mess that was SotU.

Depeche Mode - Delta Machine as reviewed by adam01

March 26, 2013
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Depeche Mode ‎– Delta Machine

Upon first listen via iTunes streaming, I was a little underwhelmed. Then the vinyl dropped on my turntable and I played it through three times in a row.
This is a fine LP and has many different vibes going on. The strangest thing for me is the order of the songs. I feel like the album gets stronger as it gets near the end. The first song seems a little out of place on the album, and especially as an opening track.
The production has more weight the the previous two, with the low end being mastered much better.
Another interesting element is that some of the best songs on this LP were not written by Martin, rather, they were written by Dave. The best track on the LP "All thats mine" was written by Martin and Dave. It has a classic feeling that I generally hope for with each "new" DM album.

Other stand out tracks are "Slow", "Broken", "My Little Universe", "Should Be Higher", "Alone" (a super good track) and "Happens All The Time" (written by Dave and one of the best songs on the album).
In my opinion, the track "Sooth My Soul" is really bad. It has this uber pop feeling that does not sound like DM, and out of place within the context of the entire LP.
Over all, "Delta Machine" is a solid LP that demonstrates that these masters of their craft still have the spirit of creation riding within them.

"All That's Mine" and "Happens All The Time" should have been comercial singles for this lp. They are the best tracks by strides and miles of everything else on this LP. They would have been a good bridge to the younger generations who are not familiar with DM's music.

Depeche Mode - Delta Machine Jimmie2

March 25, 2013
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I'm not sure what to make of it. Multiple playings will allow the cream to rise, but I fear the charting in the US will be all in one week and disappear as usual.

Depeche Mode - Delta Machine melmaq

June 26, 2014
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Who cares? This is electronic music, not rock music.