Norma Jean BellCome Into My Room


You Belong To Me (I'm The Baddest Bitch Remix)4:36
One Of Those Nites7:56
Yes I Am (I'm Gonna Get You)4:56
Your Perfect3:03
Feel What I Feel4:32
Late Night Show6:34

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    Cover of Come Into My Room, 2001, VinylCome Into My Room
    2×12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Album
    Peacefrog Records – PFG015LPUK2001UK2001
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    Cover of Come Into My Room, 2001-10-09, CDCome Into My Room
    CD, Album
    Peacefrog Records – PFG015CDUK2001UK2001



    • BenJBX's avatar
      Note the videos attached to this must be taken from the CD ... the vinyl version doesn't have all the skits, samples, radio scans etc between the tracks. Also I might be wrong here cos i haven't listened to it in ages but I don't think the vinyl version of Nobody has the sax on it.
      • stam25's avatar
        Yeah still sounds as good today as upon release.All tracks dancefloor friendly-particular noteworthy the TP track worth the purchase price alone.
        • kool_fraser's avatar
          Edited 18 years ago
          Oooooooh yeah. This album is a very tasty slice of late night deep house music outta the D. The title, "Come into my room," really starts to make sense the more you listen to the album.
          The phrase itself has obvious sexual connotations, and this is embodied in the music itself, being sooooo sensual and very, very sexual. The other metaphor of the title is embodied in the unique character of the music. Norma Jean is not asking the listener to come into any old room, any interpretation of house, but into her room, her interpretation of house. One really feels that one is entering into a new and discrete musical space through listening to the album.
          The album, produced and mixed in the main by Moodymann/KDJ clearly sounds like some of his productions, but hey, if the music is going to have a lack of originality then I don't mind if it's KDJ's fault!
          As for favorites on the album there are many: the first track, "You belong to me," is very silky, slowly carressing the ears with sensuous musical texture; "One of those nights" is in a similar vein but with a more jacking beat and a nice bridgy breakdown with the classic KDJ vocal skit and party sounds, and the title reflects the pairs preoccupation with long hot sexy nights! The Theo Parrish production on the album, "Late night show," is perhaps the only dissapointment on the album, not because the quality of the music is poor, but more because one expects nothing less than greatness from the man from Sound Signature, and this is sadly not what we are here delivered.

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