The Black AngelsIndigo Meadow

Style:Psychedelic Rock


Indigo Meadow
Evil Things
Don't Play With Guns
The Day
Love Me Forever
Always Maybe
War On Holliday
Broken Soldier
I Hear Colors (Chromaesthesia)
Twisted Light
You're Mine
Black Isn't Black

Credits (11)

  • Matt Cliff
    Artwork [Drawings]
  • Christian Bland
    Christian Bland
    Design [Graphic Design]
  • Stephanie Bailey
    Stephanie Bailey
    Drums, Percussion
  • Charles Godfrey
    Charles Godfrey
    Engineer [Assistant]
  • Christian Bland
    Christian Bland
    Guitar, Bass, Harmonium, Vocals, Autoharp, Organ [Gibson G101], Electric Piano [Hohner Pianet N], Celesta [Jenco Celeste]
  • Kyle Hunt
    Kyle Hunt
    Guitar, Bass, Organ [Rheem Mark VII], Organ [Gibson G101], Organ [Vox Super Continental], Organ [Compact Duo Farfisa], Synthesizer [Moog Prodigy Bass], Keyboards [Manetron], Percussion


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    Cover of Indigo Meadow, 2013-04-02, VinylIndigo Meadow
    LP, Album
    Blue Horizon (3) – BHV-16790-1US2013US2013
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    Cover of Indigo Meadow, 2013-04-02, CDIndigo Meadow
    CD, Album, Stereo
    Blue Horizon (3) – BHV-16790-2US2013US2013
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    Cover of Indigo Meadow, 2013, CDrIndigo Meadow
    CDr, Advance, Album, Numbered, Promo
    Blue Horizon (3) – noneUS2013US2013
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    Cover of Indigo Meadow, 2013, CDIndigo Meadow
    CD, Album
    Pod – PODCD0785Australia2013Australia2013
    Cover of Indigo Meadow, 2013, VinylIndigo Meadow
    LP, Album, Test Pressing
    Blue Horizon (3) – BHV 16 790US2013US2013
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    Indigo Meadow
    CD, Album
    Wise Records (6) – WISE-1US2013US2013
    New Submission
    Cover of Indigo Meadow, 2013-04-02, CDIndigo Meadow
    CD, Album
    Wise Records (6) – Wise-001Japan2013Japan2013
    New Submission
    Cover of Indigo Meadow, , FileIndigo Meadow
    13×File, FLAC, Album
    Blue Horizon (3) – none
    New Submission


    • tod_is_dead's avatar
      Edited 3 years ago
      LP copies at participating US record shops,came with a black lite poster of the album cover,at the bottom, it says"LISTEN TO THE BLACK ANGELS",these posters were given away on release day,I do not know how many were made,but probably not many.
      • okaycpu's avatar
        I love this album, but you really have to crank this record to get it sound halfway decent. Not very dynamic. The only thing this has over the CD is that the clipping is absent.
        • randyshone1's avatar
          This is the best Black Angels album to date! Dripping lush tones with heavy riffs. 1960's modern at it's finest! Keep the wax coming.
          • streetmouse's avatar
            Indigo Meadow, filled with spacey hypnotic splendor, channels the mystic ethereal delights of The Doors and early Pink Floyd, overflowing the grooves with a heartbeat pounding bass that inches along like some dark foreboding undercurrent onto which 60’s era wobbling fuzzed out guitars and tribal drumming unearth a time and state of mind that’s nearly been forgotten. The Black Angels have learned, or perhaps have been given the gift of transcending both time and space, enticing colours out of pure oxygen, and compressing the atmosphere while setting controls for a acid-laced spiritual overdrive that will jettison the listener to a place beyond their scope of being.

            The tone-arm had barely lifted before I was swept with the intoxicating notion that Phosphene Dream had been their Revolver, and that as The Beatles had done so many years ago, The Angels have taken a sonic step from the realm of easy psychedelic pop to a Beatle-esque Sgt. Pepper journey [with the emphasis on 'journey'], one filled with personal and social implications that would, and hopefully here will, set a new generation at the steps of musical enlightenment and wonder. Indigo Meadow is much more psychedelic than neo-psychedelic ... with the band sounding less sinister, and no longer assaulting the listener with their visionary concepts, choosing more to nudge the listener, almost unknowingly, into their sphere of influence ... and what a wonderful place it is to be.

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