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Mechanic Ballerina3:27
Computer Love3:55
Dance And Death3:40
The Computer Generation4:09
Silicon Valley4:06
Electric Lady3:15
I'm A Machine4:06

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5 versions
Cover of Jyl, 1984, VinylJyl
LP, Album
Inteam GmbH – ID 20.005Germany1984Germany1984
Cover of Jyl, 1984, VinylJyl
LP, Album
Thunderbolt – THBL 036UK1984UK1984
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Cover of Jyl, 1984, VinylJyl
LP, Album, Test Pressing
Inteam GmbH – ID 20.005Germany1984Germany1984
New Submission
Cover of Jyl, 2020-09-08, VinylJyl
LP, Album, Reissue, Remastered, Stereo
Minimal Wave – MW075US2020US2020
New Submission
Cover of Jyl, 2020-09-08, FileJyl
10×File, FLAC, Album, Reissue
24 bits
Minimal Wave – MW075US2020US2020
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Jarren's avatar
Excellent reissue, well worth picking up if you don't want to spend $100+ on an original NM/NM German / UK press.

The booklet is fantastic too, nice to see Minimal Wave give this incredible album the treatment it deserved.

Now we need to see the same done to Angela Werner's first two albums. Sure, they're German language but I think the demand would justify 500 copies of each (especially Angela²).

Maybe a double album gatefold release?
Minimaal's avatar
Edited one year ago
It's happening !!! Wow i follow the MW label since MW005 - Pavillon 7b in 2007.For sure she has a great knowledge and good tastes - her releases were not always top quality soundwise but she managed to put out some cult titles and of course i bought them all... for the first 10 years of activity, she was literaly on fire but in the past 4/5 years, i felt she was releasing less and less groundbreaking stuff (with a couple of exceptions)
This year she came back with 3 insane titles (at least, there is a fourth that i never heard coming out only on tape) : Daily Fauli ( btw already sold out from the label, i've been told - announced many years ago, when i read it was confirmed for may 2020 i was like "whaaaat?" l've also heard from danish friends approx in 2014/15 that the musician didn't want to reissue anymore ) , Portray Heads ( Whaaaaaaaaat?!! - even more shocked than Daily Fauly, literaly a dream comes true ... also a double vinyl co-production with the awesome Bitter Lake label, specialized in japanese new wave obscurities) + this one Jyl, which was also announced years ago but for some reasons wasn't released and in those cases the artists usually changed their mind - so i thought also this one was lost.