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Excavation (Part 1)8:09
Excavation (Part 2)4:13
The Mirror Reflecting (Part 1)3:10
The Mirror Reflecting (Part 2)7:07
The Drop12:56

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6 versions
Cover of Excavation, 2013-04-15, VinylExcavation
2×12", 45 RPM, 33 ⅓ RPM, Album
Tri Angle – TRIANGLE18UK2013UK2013
Cover of Excavation, 2013-04-15, CDExcavation
CD, Album
Tri Angle – TRIANGLE18CDUK2013UK2013
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Cover of Excavation, 2013-04-15, FileExcavation
9×File, MP3, Album
320 kbps
Tri Angle – TRIANGLE18DUK2013UK2013
Cover of Excavation, 2013-04-15, CDExcavation
CD, Album
Tri Angle – TRIANGLE18US2013US2013
New Submission
Cover of Excavation, 2013-04-00, VinylExcavation
2×12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Album
Tri Angle – TRIANGLE18Canada2013Canada2013
New Submission
Cover of Excavation, 2013-04-15, CDrExcavation
CDr, Album, Copy Protected, Promo
Plastic Sleeve
Tri Angle – noneUK2013UK2013
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oip_1's avatar
amazing album, perfect candidate for 45rpm pressing and it sounds enormous
KOCMOHAYT's avatar
Listening to this record in the middle of the night, alone with couple of candles is really immersive and could change lives. It is necessary to let go and give yourself to music, letting it take you away to dark and mysterious places.
JoDaSoj's avatar
This is 100% ASMR,bass head fuckery, I'd write more but my eyes have rolled back in my head and I can no longer see my keyboard.
blondy23's avatar
Mine plays at 33rpm all sides and 33rpm on all 4 labels
Zeughouse's avatar
„Sides A, B and C play at 45 RPM, side D plays at 33 RPM.“ – Is that correct? On all four labels is written 33 rpm.
finefuzz's avatar
Man, does this album sound fantastic on vinyl, and these are thicker pressings than I would have expected.
scoundrel's avatar
For their debut on the highly-lauded Tri Angle label, the Haxan Cloak do some deep EXCAVATION. And by deep, I mean dark. And by dark, I mean dark. The album moves from the heavy hits and whirring on the intro "Consumed" to the atmospheric soundscape of "Excavation (Part 1)," which has a subterranean thrust, while "Part 2" becomes more industrial with its textures. Both "Mara" and "Miste" offer a hint of melody, particularly with the latter before it resolves into growls. The two part "The Mirror Reflecting" again follows the structure of the earlier "Excavation," splitting between dark ambiance and a more active, skittering industrial sound as it settles into a melodic whirl. "Dieu" goes to work overtime at the robot typewriter factory, and "The Drop" closes the album on a note that almost sounds Boards of Canada-like. before it switches back to a gelatinous dirge. A richly-textured album.
Cardia1's avatar
This is a High quality dark music Album, also with some emotional moments that oppose to the dark side. The whole Album shows how powerful a human mind can be and how far it can reach within the black world. track 7 and 9 are my favorite. Highly recomended
b00gielove's avatar
Like staring into the abyss of death.
pwyatt's avatar
This is my favorite album so far of 2013. Beautifully crafted and executed. It is a beautiful, tense album.