Magnesium Flares
Shape Wipe
In Time
Believe Porpoise
3/10th Of The Population

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    Cover of As Is., 1997, CDAs Is.
    CD, Album
    Asphodel – ASP 0971US1997US1997
    Cover of As Is., 1997, VinylAs Is.
    2×12", 45 RPM, Album
    Asphodel – ASP 0971US1997US1997
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    Cover of As Is., 1997, CDAs Is.
    CD, Album
    Asphodel – noneUS1997US1997



    • leonardstilwell's avatar
      Awesome album. Just wish 'Tombs and Tombs Only' was present on the 2x12.
      • Earl_Greco's avatar
        This album can be played at both 45 and 33 RPM and still sound great!
        • jonarmst's avatar
          The opening "space vibraphone" loop on "Magnesium Flares" still sends chills up my spine every time I hear it. Ouch, this was 20 years ago? One of the defining tracks from my peak "going out' years and still worth a listen. Beat archaeologists that are discovering these guys would also do well to seek out Lloop "Bulbbs" which was a side project of We member Rich Panciera. The saying "those who burn brightest, burn quickest" seems highly applicable to this musical outfit -- they released a slew of rock-solid, highly innovative material from 1997-2001 and then seemed to promptly disappear into the aether.
          • OCCIDENTAL's avatar
            Truly interesting album. I recall seeing the video for 3/10th Of The Population on MTV's Amp, back when "Music" TV still showed music videos.
            • breakntology's avatar
              If these cats don't know how to make amazing electronic music, I'm not sure who does... Trip-Hop, Drun'n'Bass, Ambient, they come through solid every time. I'd say there're underrated to not carry 5's all the way across...
              • Sahar's avatar
                This is a weird album in some ways, but it's also a good one. It mixes sevreal flavors of sound pretty well.....a dash of drum and bass, some downtempo, good sample work...and just plain old strange stuff. Shove in a blender, tap the pulse button a bit, and there you have it. Definatly worth a listen.

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