Oöphoi & Ran KirlianThe Physics Of Heaven

Oöphoi - The Physics Of Heaven album cover
Style:Ambient, Drone


White Shores I20:10
White Shores II9:12
The Golden Fields5:48

Credits (4)

  • Ran Kirlian
    Ran Kirlian
    Composed By, Performer, Synthesizer, Sampler, Bells, Shaker, Voice, Sounds [Field Recordings, Additional Treatment], Mixed By, Mastered By
  • Oöphoi
    Composed By, Performer, Synthesizer, Sampler, Singing Bowls, Voice, Sounds [Field Recordings]
  • Ran Kirlian
    Ran Kirlian
    Cover [Cover Art]
  • Oöphoi
    Cover [Original Images]


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    Cover of The Physics Of Heaven, 2013-04-20, CDrThe Physics Of Heaven
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    Altera Orbe – AOR0017Spain2013Spain2013
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    Cover of The Physics Of Heaven, 2013-04-20, FileThe Physics Of Heaven
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    Altera Orbe – AOR0017Spain2013Spain2013
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    • Sergelenkov's avatar
      Impressive, sad, meditative album with light spacey sound. If you like music by Oophoi (Gianluigi Gasparetti) - listen to one of his last works with Ran Kirlian.
      • richardgurtler's avatar
        Edited 9 years ago
        Oöphoi & Ran Kirlian "The Physics Of Heaven" CDr

        This collaborative project was released by Altera Orbe at April 20, 2013, just one week after the passing of Gigi, the grandmaster behind Oöphoi. The semi-finished recordings for this album were sculpted by Gigi at his studio Kiva during 2009-2011, while Ran Kirlian brought this highly ethereal effort into its final shape at his Blue_Room studio during 2012-2013. Italian Gianluigi "Gigi" Gasparetti aka Oöphoi needs no introduction here, he is one of the most respected drone virtuosos, who has left us tremendous amount of unforgettable aural meditations and who will always live in the memories we deeply treasure. Ran Kirlian, one of the driving forces behind Altera Orbe label, is one of the rising stars of the compelling Spanish ambient scene along the likes of Max Corbacho, Bruno Sanfilippo, Landru and Joxan Ruiz.

        "The Physics Of Heaven" album immediately attracts with its impressive cover artwork, based on Oöphoi's original image with some additional manipulations by Ran Kirlian. The voyage launches with "Breath", which dives straightly into monstrous chasm of waving voice-like drones, monotonously embracing and guarded by distant rumbling metallic eeriness and organic traceries. 10 and a half minutes long drone wizardry, transporting into superiorly magnificent realms. "Ascend" takes us directly into a towering spiral journey, continuously expanding and excessively drifting through spatial immenseness. Grandiosely reverberating mind-bender!!! "White Shores I", the longest composition here with 20 minutes in length, unfolds into gorgeously graceful dimensions, where ebbing and floating washes are merged with soothingly sweeping ocean waves and seagulls calls. A beautifully continuous and mesmerizingly contemplative images are emerging and carrying the listener away into magically eternal domains. A deeply sophisticated atmospheric bliss, a journey into a vast emptiness of unexplored nothingness, an ultimate magnum opus!!! Exploratory odyssey culminates and reaches "White Shores II" and then tardily fades away into tranquil sublimity of celestial grandness. Relentlessly amorphous and warmly luminous!!! "Transmigration" shifts into monotonous shadowy drone terrains, rather monochromatic with flood tide of intenser, slightly fearing soundwalls. Profoundly mindscaping experience awaits!!! "The Golden Fields" close this exceptional journey with drones swerving into tremendously heartening metamorphosis, where light and dark colors compassionately coalesce together with soothingly encircling field recordings and emit marvelous gleam of blissfulness. Pure magic, thank you so much!!!

        "The Physics Of Heaven" is absolutely essential, spiritually powerful recording, uniting together two kindred spirits, who explore the continuum of life and death. Ran, we are very grateful for bringing this album to us, Gigi would be really proud of it!!! The memory of this wonderful person will always be in our hearts. Gigi, we all miss you greatly!!!

        Richard Gürtler (Sep 14, 2013, Bratislava, Slovakia)

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